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299.0 lb
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200.0 lb
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170.0 lb
Still to go: 30.0 lb
I'm a work-at-home writer and editor, recently downsized after decades in journalism. The first six months of unemployment, I cried and ate. And got married to a wonderful man who loves my thighs just as they are. I finally realized I could be a freelance writer/editor after all; I'd wondered for years about that! But staying at home made me sedentary, and it got to be uncomfortable just to take a walk with my honey. I'm at my highest weight EVER. In 2001, I successfully lost about 60 pounds with a diet based loosely on the Suzanne Sommers / Fit for Life concept -- lots of fruit and salads, biggest meal at noon, light supper, daily swimming. I felt so good after that; but I broke my ankle and while recovering, had to eat whatever anyone would bring me. Then I moved to Florida. I have gained about 10 pounds each year I've lived in Florida (5 years and counting). My children have grown up and moved on; my daughter also struggles with her weight. I REALLY dislike how I looked in my wedding pictures; a great day, but a really blobby bride. All that planning and expense, and I can't even stand to look at myself in the video. Plus, it was a beach wedding and about 110 degrees that day. What was I thinking? My goal now is to lose enough weight so I can be comfortable and active again, travel with my new hubby, not get exhausted, feel alert, and feel comfortable enough with myself that I can start a public speaking career -- yes, stand up on stage in front of other live people, confident that I look "ok." I am addicted to makeover shows on TV. I want my own new self, and I want it now!

akimbo's Weight History


last weighin: losing 1.9 lb a week Down
last weighin: gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
last weighin: steady Steady
last weighin: steady Steady

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cals: 246kcal | fat: 14.92g | carbs: 7.77g | prot: 19.62g
Belgian Waffles
A great substitute for waffles.
cals: 195kcal | fat: 15.08g | carbs: 12.35g | prot: 4.85g
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dessert
A yummy substitute for that Reese's craving!
cals: 363kcal | fat: 5.51g | carbs: 62.62g | prot: 16.83g
Baked Oatmeal
A family favorite and healthy way to add oatmeal to your diet.
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Need to find others with over 100 pounds to lose...
I'd love to lose 100 pounds. That would put me at my high school weight. I would be happy to lose 60-70 pounds. I did this once before, but I broke my ankle and it crept back on while I was recovering. This time, I need to do it as a lifestyle change. I'm no kid anymore and I can't eat like a teenager. I want to be a good example for my own kids, now just out of their teens. I think if we just keep on keeping on with controlling our appetites and making ourselves exercise, we'll eventually be as slim as we want to be! My doctor recommended gastric bypass, but I'm saving that as a last resort. I'd rather keep all the organs I was born with and just learn better habits.
posted 08 Nov 2007, 12:03
I guess I will be the first to post on this diet
I've been following the anti-estrogen diet now since Oct. 16. It's not hard to find ways to make interesting foods out of the allowable food ingredients: cottage cheese omelets, vegetable soup with V8 broth, yogurt fruit smoothies. The hardest part was to stop eating after my fish-and-steamed-veggies dinners. For the first couple of weeks I really craved sweets and had to eat some raisins. But now I'm noticing that I'm losing a lot of fat from my abdomen -- pants fitting entirely differently! Are you still following this diet? Is anyone else?
posted 08 Nov 2007, 09:42
Sweet Tooth
I think sugar-free things actually make it harder to give up sugar. Try to go a couple of days eating nothing sweet at all, except fruit. It sort of resets your taste buds. After a few weeks of no sugar, diet soda tastes WAY too sweet to me. Grapes taste sweet to me now. The idea of eating something really sweet is sickeningly intense -- like, I sometimes crave salt, but wouldn't want to fill my mouth with salt. That's how eating a piece of candy would feel now. I think if I DID eat something sugar-free, I would soon crave the real thing again. So just try to adjust to "nothing sweet" for a while, to break that craving.
posted 08 Nov 2007, 09:36
Me on a diet Ha
My husband said it takes 21 days to change a habit. So you have to be pretty committed to making it through the first three weeks (and when you screw it up, you don't necessarily have to start back at zero. It's not AA) I found that after 21 days of being really strict with myself, my appetite has decreased so much and I've lost my taste for sweet, carby things. This is just the way I eat now. I had no urge to even try the Halloween candy. If you can do it for one day, you can do it for 21 days. After that, dieting is a piece of cake. Um, sorry. After that, it's a half a grapefruit.
posted 08 Nov 2007, 09:31
getting started
I don't have a scale or know my weight, either. I'm not going to find a scale and weigh in until I've been on this diet six weeks, because I don't want to hear any ridiculously BAD numbers connected with my body. Besides, I can tell I'm losing weight (after 12 days) because I can button my favorite black pants now. After 6 weeks, I should be able to pull those pants on and off without unbuttoning them at all! Rolling Eyes Til then, weight is just a number -- like age. I'm focusing on changing my eating habits for life. So just get started, and the devil take the scale. Do it one day at a time. Eventually, your new body will be obvious.
posted 26 Oct 2007, 12:20
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