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College Student. Daughter. Sister. Sister-In-Law. Girlfriend. Proud Aunt. Golfer. Runner. Music Lover. Ex-Smoker. Food Enthusiast. Personal Chef. Shoe Addict. Just to name a few; the list goes on...

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175 - Pedicure
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155 - Full Body Massage!
145 - New Bikini
135 - New Wardrobe!!

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Recovering Nicotine Addicts
A little funny thing.. Have you seen those Nicoderm commercials where they say no to a smoke, and then that little band pops up singing " uh! I just wamt to celebrate, I just want to celebrate.." ..... Yeah well I do that Smile every time.
posted 12 Jan 2013, 10:52
Recovering Nicotine Addicts
Thank you everyone. I think I am getting into the right groove. I have accepted what has happened to me, and am no longer dwelling in it. I don't think I will go back to smoking to lose this weight though.... Lol. ToHave, I hope you find the strength to quit again! And for good this time! Now you know what to do to avoid the weight gain. I definitely shouldmhave educated myself a little more before I quit. Seen a doctor or something. But I just woke up one day, lit a cigarette as normal, smoked half, and put it out. That was my last puff of a cigarette. It was an "on-the-whim" decision... One that I DO NOT regret! Only1, My mother had thyroid issues, but I guess I don't really understand the relation of thyroids and weight. I can't really afford a doctors visit at the moment.. If I continue to bust my bum, and nothing happens, then I will see a doc. Until then I will just pray. And Tiger, I hope that's the case! Oh boy do I. It is logical... That is something I can discuss with the doc, when and if.

Wish I could find some useful, factual sites about what to do AFTER you quit... There's a ton on how TO quit.. Lol
posted 12 Jan 2013, 10:50
Recovering Nicotine Addicts
I meant to emphasize that I am only somewhat struggling. Besides what I said above, I excersize more than I ever have in my life, and eat the healthiest I've ever eaten. Not to mention, I'm no longer a smoker! I know if I have the strength to quit cold turkey, I can do anything!
posted 09 Jan 2013, 16:37
Recovering Nicotine Addicts
Wow thanks for the replies! I am somewhat struggling right now.. My main issue being not losing any weight. I failed to mention I was over weight (170) in a depressing relationship. When I got out of at relationship (Feb. 2011) I lost about 35 pounds by April 2011. Kept it off for over a year with no problem and without trying. Which brings me to my worries. Why is it not happening like that, now?! Ugh! This is my only struggle. My appetite is not longer a problem for me. I am not thinking about food 24/7.. I did like tracking my diet everyday, but my main problem was it took too long to enter things in. Maybe that's just me being slightly lazy..... That is something I will definitely work on. And pgwagner, that is an impressive and inspiring story! Congratulations on everything you have overcome and I wish you the best for the remaainder of your journey!
posted 09 Jan 2013, 16:35
Recovering Nicotine Addicts
Recovering Nicotine addicts: I need your help! I quit smoking 20 weeks, 6 days, and 2 hours ago. I was an average pack-a-day smoker (to a pack and a half a day) until my last year or two, I was close to two packs a day. I am 23 (24 in April) and smoked for nearly nine years. Obviously lighter smoking in the early days, but that didn't last long. When I quit in August 2012, I did not think I would face weight gain. I was small (jeans size three) and active and other than being a smoker, very healthy. When I started to gain the weight, I didn't think much of a few pounds.. Then I started noticing certain shorts weren't fitting right, and certain parts of my body were showing that wouldn't normally be. Once I was into a size five, I still didn't have much concern because my weight would fluctuate from time to time, no big deal. Plus gaining a few pounds was way healthier than continuing the wrath of cigarettes. After about a month or so I noticed my morning and afternoon, "restroom breaks" weren't happening anymore. Period. I would go several days without being able to go .. I was working on a golf course doing grounds and greens keeping. I suffered from heat exhaustion once due to over-exerting myself on a 114 degree day (good ole' Oklahoma for ya). So my boss told me I needed to start taking salt pills and adding a tremendous amount of salt to my diet. I did as told, and made it through the summer. 20 pounds heavier!!! Then I switched to a country club (one of the best in the world by the way) and they fed their employees a BUFFET for lunch everday. So not only did I get a wide array of lunch options, but they were all free! And quite tasty.. Those size five shorts quit fitting and now all of the sudden I am in a nine - eleven! At this point I go into shut down-denial mode and continue my bad eating habits. I realized one day when I was on my third plate of LUNCH, that something was wrong with me. Then I had to get new pants for work, because I literally ripped the butt of one, while I was at work, and popped the button off of another. When I went in the fitting room and looked at my fat, disgustingly, intolerable body... I melted down... The size 13 khakis did not fit. I could not believe in the course of mere months (four to be exact) I had gained 40 pounds. Yes! Forty stinking pounds!!! I saw a doctor (check up) the beginning of December and stepped on that scale. That did it for me.. I knew I had gotten heavy (heavier than my boyfriend, who was heavier than me in the beginning). I made a radical change in my diet, and lifestyle. I work out 6-7 days a week doing cardio and strength training. I eat maybe a fifth of what I was eating, portion wise. And 90% of the time eat things that are really healthy and good for me. I used to be small, and I used to eat healthy. That was once my lifestyle. The problem I am facing is getting rid of this weight. My restroom breaks are almost back to being regular (once to twice a day). I have managed to completely halt my weight gain since I started my transformation, but I don't know what to do now. I think I have a different perspective on my weight loss than most people do. This took me 20 weeks, 6 days, and 3 hours to gain. 40 pounds. How do I get back to the old me? And why is it not happening as sudden as the weight gain?
posted 09 Jan 2013, 10:53
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