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I use to identify as really skinny, then I studied fitness, won a bodybuilding contest, continually learned from failures & successes. Now I do 12 week fitness cycles. I've recorded in Jay-Z's studio, reached the top of the indie Hip-Hop charts with Mez (J. Cole's engineer), got an award from president Obama for positive use of Hip-Hop, facilitating difficult discussions & eroding stereotypes.

I've lectured on Hip-Hop, the nature of Creativity, and Performance psychology at Yale, Trinity, University of Hartford and many others...

But my favorite thing is guiding Artists to turn what they Love to do AFTER work, into what they Get to do FOR work. The RapOet Self Suffice as seen on Netflix, NPR, New York Times, etc. I'm a husband and father with my house, cars, bills, all paid for over 10 years without a boss! ✌🏽❤️ To learn more about getting paid to do what you love follow @MIFTkhaiim on instagram - http://www.instagram.com/MIFTkhaiim


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intermittent fasting
Hi Delaine, I've been Intermittent Fasting for several years. Losing weight is only one of the benefits. Congratulations on starting the journey. Let me know what questions you have.

I do a 16 hour daily fast which just means
1. I stop eating by 9
2. I start eating after 1 (today I didn't start eating til 5)
3. I drink water in the morning
(no tea, coffee, etc. don't believe people who say it's still fasting lol.
Despite what they CALL it, our bodies don't care what we say,
they simply detect if something's there to stop "autophagy" (killing precancerous cells, burning fat, etc.) and trigger metabolism (signalling the body that there's food coming in).
4. I actually exercise while fasted, to increase burning fat
5. I also do some type of quick exercise even if it's just 30 seconds before I eat, to help make sure the calories are going to muscle and brain, instead of fat
6. After the fast, when I have a plate of food, I tend to eat carbs first, then protein, and fat last.
7. If I need more calories less than 3 or 4 hours before sleep, I'll aim for carbs ideally. (Eating fat makes it harder for your body to benefit from fasting, once you're in sleep mode). But when I'm awake in the afternoon I have lots of great plant-based fat (avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc.)

1. First week I felt hunger pangs (this is because of hormones like leptin and grehlin that tell your body it's not getting food when it's used to so you need to hurt and go on red alert lol)
2. Once you know the pain is not harmful or starvation, I started recognizing that feeling as an alert, feeling gratitude to my body for trying to protect me, but also feeling grattitude for myself for letting fat cells die.
3. After a week, I didn't feel hunger pangs anymore
4. Realized how powerful WATER is
(people have gone for over a month without food, but only lived a couple days without water. Besides that, your brain, your digestive system, and so many things work with water. Thank God fasting doesn't require you to stop drinking water. I drink 2 cups as soon as I wake up (which also helps keep you full) and about a cup every hour.
posted 18 May 2020, 17:13
How can I get motivated to work out every day?
First of all good for you for remembering that you loved working out every day! Secondly, good for you for recognizing that you stopped when your father passed - you've got some wisdom.

You say you now have to force yourself to work out 1-3 days a week. We all do... but there is GOOD force and BAD force (like in Star Wars). So did your dad use to force you in a good way? Did he motivate you? Did he work out to? Did he oppose working out? What was the connection between working out and your dad? Ask yourself more questions.

And just know that
1. You did it before, you'll do it again (even better)
2. Once you're doing it regularly again - for you - you'll be unstoppable.
posted 14 Feb 2012, 23:08
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