kingkeld's Journal, 01 March 2012

It's not even 6 AM and I am DONE with my 30 minute bike ride! I decided to get it done before I journal, to have it done and out of the way. I'm hoping to go to work a little bit early, with the clear intention of leaving a little early. Hopefully my calender will allow me to do so - I honestly don't remember what I've got going on today - but I think I'll be okay.

I slept like a baby again - two nights in a row. It's such a nice feeling.

I dropped another 200 grams today - not as much as I hoped for (though I know I shouldn't complain - I'm doing great this week), but I am constipated for a few days now (again!) and have not had any #2's since Monday. Highly annoying, and starting to really bother me. I'm bloated and it hurts. I really don't want to do laxatives and stuff like that, but I might have to. I'm a regular (no pun intended) user of psyllium husk and prunes, and it's worked wonders for me for a while. Just not right now. I think I'll simply be patient and see if nature doesn't fix it for me soon.

Yesterday was another day well within RDI. I've done great all week. The only snack I allowed myself was post-dinner low calorie ice cream. I had a large portion, as the calories are only about 25% of regular ice cream. It's really good, too. I like it just as much as the much heavier ice creams. If only it wasn't so damn expensive.

Food in Denmark is VERY pricey, and a special product like this costs and arm and a leg (one liter/quart is almost 10 US dollars!), but it really helps me get treats and stick to plan.

It's REALLY helping me at work to NOT give in an have any little treats or snack that are not a real meal. It seems to me that once I have "a little" of something, then the cravings start. I have some VERY reasonable licorice pieces at work - less than one calorie per piece, but I know that once I have one, I get the taste of it and I want more. It's disappointing, of course, to not have even that first one - but the satisfaction of going through the day without giving in and wanting more, more, more is so much bigger than the letdown of not having any. And seeing the results on the scale this week is just mind blowing. It's good to know that I can push my weight down like this when I need it - especially through maintenance.

This gives me confidence that if I stay at the right RDI (which equals what I burn) through maintenance, I can fairly easily adjust what ever water weight I might gain now and then, and get back on track in a week or two should it be necessary. Of course, this is only speculation so far, but it seems to work right now. I think this is what I am doing now.

Thanks to everyone giving me hints on the sushi adventure I'm going on tomorrow. I appreciate it. I'm still not sure what I'll do to do completely to my own satisfaction, but I'm sure I'll work it out. The key thing is to not go nuts in the soy. I can do that, if I put my mind to it. I love soy sauce and wasabi with my sushi, but maybe it's just smarter to not have the soy and stick with ginger and wasabi? I will look in the little local "ethnic market", and see if they have low sodium soy. There is none to be found in my town, sadly. Then we'll see if I like it or not. Who knows.

Friday will be my Indulgence Day. This, of course, is a problem in regards to my weigh-ins, as I normally lose half a ton between Friday and Saturday - especially when I rock out with The Black Peanut. Rehearsal is canceled on my part, as it's Daughter's birthday, and I am curious to see how this will change my Saturday morning weigh-in. Of course, I am NOT expecting a new low this week - this would mean a three kg loss in two days anyways and that's not gonna happen - but it'd be nice to be a good chunk lighter than now. I don't expect it to happen though, but that's okay. Another week, and I think I can probably do it with determination and a little bit of luck.

I posted a new topic in the forum yesterday. It's about taking photos with items equaling the weight you've lost.

Whenever you reach a milestone in your weight loss journey, go find something that equals this weight and take a picture of yourself holding it. Then post it in the forum. Let us all see!

It's a GREAT motivator for both yourself and others, and it really give you an idea of how much you've accomplished. I highly recommend it.

This was actually a trick I learned from my deal, old mom. Oh, how I miss her sometimes. I wish both her and my Dad were around now to see that I FINALLY lost all the weight. I know they've been worried about me through most of my life - and sadly they never got to see that I finally did it.

My brother was always the skinnier one (though he also had a chubby phase through his younger years - but not like me), and now he's actually bigger than me. That is so surreal. I've always looked at him as being tiny, but now I see that it's not the case. He's just "normal".

Today I am thankful for:
- Morning stationary bike race already done!
- Black Sabbath live on DVD. :) Rock and ROOOOOOOLL!
- Meat/Vegetable loaf for dinner tonight. Wife and I are trying a new dish, invented from what's left in the fridge. :)
- All your awesome help and comments on yesterday's journal. Thanks!

Have a great Thursday! Tell someone that they look great today - and mean it! Life is good!
174.8 lb Lost so far: 166.9 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 01 March 2012:
1415 kcal Fat: 48.74g | Prot: 75.98g | Carb: 161.84g.   Breakfast: Egg, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Rye Bread (Reduced Calorie). Lunch: Langtidskogt oksegryde. Dinner: Mixed Vegetables (Solids and Liquids, Canned), Meat Loaf, potatoes. Snacks/Other: Kakaois, Kakao (pulver). more...
3092 kcal Activities & Exercise: Bicycling (moderate) - 13/mph - 30 minutes, Desk Work - 6 hours, Sitting - 4 hours and 10 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Standing - 5 hours. more...
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The problem is, I can't lift 60 lbs. I guess I'll just have to stand beside it. LOL! You're just starting your day and I'm just ending mine. I'm not sure whether to say good morning or good night. :-) You sound so upbeat. I love it. Thank you!!! 
29 Feb 12 by member: Johanne
Good post King, I like the idea. I may try that at the grocery. I just bought an ice cream machine because my selection here is not good for sugar free/fat free. I did now know they had made advances in ice cream makers where you no longer have to use salt and ice, they have special bowls you freeze. Anyway, if you have access to amazon, perhaps you can check out the Cuisinart. Sounds like it may pay for itself quickly. Good energy today. Have a great day.  
29 Feb 12 by member: posterchild66
Thanks, JP. I will check it out asap.  
01 Mar 12 by member: kingkeld
How cool that you are now smaller than your brother. I haven't seen my brother since I started my weight loss journey (when I went his 70th birthday party) I hope to visit this year - I am sure he will be very surprised to see the new me - he may not recognise me!! He has recently put on a bit of weight around his middle.... And is not so active now, since he had a stroke a few years ago. So I am looking forward to visiting - once hubby retires and we have more time :-) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
SkInny - It's SO MUCH FUN meeting people who haven't seen me in a couple of years. They are completely baffled! I'm sure you experience the same. 
01 Mar 12 by member: kingkeld
Wow your doing a great job! Got the bike out of the way already, so wish I could say that! A good home made Ice Cream I like to make is simple low in calories. Just peel and freeze some fresh bananas, after there froze throw them in a food processor or blender, add 1/2 a cup of fat free milk or 1% if you perfer. Blend until smooth. It's a great treat. Low in calories, tastes creamy, with out all the guilt, plus it's very good for you! 
01 Mar 12 by member: angel_face0145
Your new forum post sounds brilliant - what a great idea! I had never thought to visualise my loss like that. I don't even know what I could find which is holdable [sic] that equals my loss so far! 66lbs is a lot to carry...I don't know how I ever managed. I look forward to seeing everyone's photos :) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Sheonamcc
In spirit your parents see your achievements and they are guiding and supporting you from above :) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Lindsay6384
I love reading your emails. It's like a short self help seminar. They carry such an impact, even if it's only in one sentence. Hope you had a great day!!! 
01 Mar 12 by member: coachcj8
Great job, Keld. Loved the forum topic too. Have a great day. 
01 Mar 12 by member: Helewis
You gotta have the Soy! How often do you have sushi! Ya, yu might retain water, for a day or two, but it is water. Enjoy yourself and make the sushi your indulgance this week?! 
01 Mar 12 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Isn't great sleep the best thing ever? I feel almost invincible after a good night's sleep. Maybe not enough to jump on a bike at the crack of dawn though. *lol* Keep fightin' the good fight. :) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Angel Face
Well, I guess I'm the only one posting who thinks sushi should be banned from the planet, lol...I dared to try it once, couldn't get it swallowed. As for soy, I'm glad I don't like it since it's so salt-laden. I'm anxious, though, to hear if you get the low sodium stuff, and whether or not you like it, or...can "tolerate it". For myself, I'm not giving up my regular Coffee Mate because I can't abide the reduced fat stuff. I will truly just do without if I'm faced with the choice... So, let us know, kingkeld, we'll all be waiting to hear about your celebration! Whatever you decide, just have FUN... 
01 Mar 12 by member: Baxie
Baxie. I used to hate sushi because the first time I tried it it was GROSS. But then I realized it was because I just tried the wrong thing to start off with. My favorite now is Kappa Maki (cucumber rice and wrap) and Shrimp Tempura Maki (fried shrimp rice, wrap and an amazing teriaki drizzle) and Tuna Maki. My husband loves the Spicy Tuna called Red Dragon. I think there is a sushi out there for everyone if you are willing to try a couple. BUT if you don't like it just think how much money you are saving because sushi is expensive. LOL 
01 Mar 12 by member: wichitaks
True that, wichitaks...the expense I mean. I also hate "fads" of almost any kind, so when everyone is going crazy over pretty much anything, I find myself turned off by whatever it is...Remember the old saying "if your friends were all jumping off a cliff, would you do that, too?" (moms love to say this. I've said it to my own kids). Around here, the big deal for awhile was going wine-tasting every, yeah, NO. Guess I'm just a rebel at heart :) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Baxie
I love rebels It is never boring when you are hanging with a rebel at heart!!!! Hope you have a great day 
01 Mar 12 by member: wichitaks
I hope this doesn't affend you, since I don't know what your beliefs are but I would think your parents are watching over you and are very proud of what they see. We all can see that you not only lost a TON of weight but you are healthier and just as important you keep so many of us inspired and motivated. That is something that many can not do but for you it's seems like it is just natural. You write in your journal and it just motivates us to keep going hard. That is a gift. Enjoy your indulgence day. Think of it this way, the sooner you have your indulgence day the sooner you bounce back from the it to a new low =) Wish the Birthday Girl a Happy Birthday from the FS community. 
01 Mar 12 by member: M.Trublu
Yeah...what ^she^ just said :) 
01 Mar 12 by member: Baxie
Trubulu, fact is that in my (lack of) belief, my parents are NOT looking down (or up, for that matter...) at me. But a dear statement like that would NEVER offend me. It's a nice thought to bring to the conversation regardless. Besides, everyone here on FS have so much in common that I don't ever see religion becoming an issue. I'm very thankful for that. We all have the right to believe what we want. It doesn't make anyone more or less in my eyes...  
01 Mar 12 by member: kingkeld
I can't wait till I'm down 43 lbs - my 4 year old weighs that and it will be a great reminder in many ways! People who can get going in the morning amaze m. I'm such a night owl that seeing the sun rise is great as long as I haven't been to bed first.  
01 Mar 12 by member: Dani_Suave


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