jsfantome's Journal, 25 February 2011

Kinda irritated at myself...but just being too hard on me I think! Got such great news from the dr.'s last week, on the heels of losing 2 lbs, and put the two back on through water weight and over carbing!

My FOCUS,...needs focus!

Much Love.
143.0 lb Lost so far: 62.0 lb.    Still to go: 8.0 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
on diet Atkins   gaining 1.8 lb a week


You're still doing fabulously well simply "focusing on focusing'! I know you're going to be right back on track!!! And congratulations on the great news from your dr.! 
25 Feb 11 by member: Mamadukes6
Sweetie, you are being way to hard on yourself. You have accomplished so much in these past 2 years and you are such an inspirations to so many of us. As long as you continue to eat healthy and feel good, your golden. Hang in there and don't fret on those 2 LITTLE pounds. Water is nothing, now fat on the other hand is something, but it's not fat hon. Just a bit of discipline to get the over carbing under control and your there.:) Have a wonderful day sweetie and stay safe with that storm that's on its way.:)HUGS:) 
25 Feb 11 by member: LauPug1
Paula, your a human last time I heard! You are a fantastic one at that! Beating your self up is not going to help, unless you want a sore bum! Lol you have enjoyed your self and got back on track! Congrates  
25 Feb 11 by member: Mccmad
Your focus button broke and is in the process of being repaired.. Hold please... lol seriously though Paula, you have proved time and time again that you can and will push through. 
25 Feb 11 by member: pixidaisy
I'm just coming to grips with some definite patterns I see going on in me. I am proud of the changes I have made so far, don't get me wrong...but if I don't do the work to really work this thing through all the way to being FREE of the control of food in my life... than it's only a matter of time before I lose total focus, and binge til my heart's content! I still overeat. Granted it's usually low carb foods. But when I try to eat just 4 oz.'s of meat, for example... I am still wicked hungry. Or so I think I am. When I went out to celebrate my good news...why did I pick food to celebrate with? I am smarter than that! I know my weaknesses! I had already had my BIG MOTIVATIONAL speech w/ myself to stay in Induction, to remain focused, and to finally get these last (now 8 lbs) OFF! But no, instead, I lose two, and go out and reward myself, with food, and gain two. These are crappy habits to live with. I refuse to live on this rollercoaster, even at 140 lbs. Granted it's easier to live WITH than at 205, but it's the same repetitive yo-yo. Still work to be done...mostly on the mental game... need to process ...which I am doing here... and that truly helps me! So, thanks for listening!!! 
25 Feb 11 by member: jsfantome
Pixi - I will for sure figure this thing out. Might take awhile, but I am one DETERMINED woman! I'm a fighter...and I want this change in my life to be permanent! Much Love. 
25 Feb 11 by member: jsfantome
Paula yes your being toooooo hard on your self. You have lost sooooo much be proud. I am proud of you and I can't wait until you can say the same for me after I lose at least 15 more pounds.. Love ya....Bren 
25 Feb 11 by member: BHA
changed my pic to a pink Kirby... just in the mood! 
25 Feb 11 by member: jsfantome
love ya paula!!! but try adjusting the vertical and horizontal controls lol!!!! your focus puts most of us to shame the girls are right you are golden! 
25 Feb 11 by member: restlesshope
J.S. perhaps these words may help? [b]Feeling Great is Relative[/b] When I continually think healthy thoughts and repeatedly use powerful words my body, mind and spirit are aligned with ease, when this occurs new connections are made and I am healthy,radiant and free, I tell myself the best day to be healthy is today, the best time to be healthy is now, I can't help feeling great, I feel great, I love life, I am safe, I am free, I fill my mind with powerful thoughts and my body responds, as I move forward, I focus on the light at the end, and I open up, I allow the healing thoughts passage into my subconscious mind and as these thoughts go deeper they become hard wired, because everyday I begin to experience greater health with ease, because every day in every day, I become more and more healthy, now I go deeper, now I take a stand, Healthy, Restore, Replenish, Rejuvenate, Repair, Reorganize, Rejoice, NOW, I Love Life, I am Strong, I am Free, Rejoice now I have the Power to Heal, I am filled with vitality, vibrant energy flows through me, I am completely fulfilled, I am alive! My mind and spirit and body are one. Towanda!  
25 Feb 11 by member: Lisa Online
Restless..thank you! And Lisa, WOW, that made me feel better ...just reading it! Much Love. 
25 Feb 11 by member: jsfantome
Paula, you have been through a lot with all these visits to the Dr and all. Still you managed to stay within 2 pounds plus/minus. I think most people would started eating just from all the stress you have been through. I think you are being hard on yourself. Going out to dinner with family for celebrating is more than just about food. It's about being together with loved ones and enjoying each others company while you are being catered to. Most people in the world celebrate this way. I'm not saying it is okay to go out and binge but nothing wrong with celebrating by going out for dinner with loved ones. You are at a point being 5' 7" and 140 it is gonna a little challenging to lose weight at this point. Anyways, my point is don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy your weekend and take care. Much love, Sophia 
25 Feb 11 by member: wantachange
Thank you Sophia! I really do hear ya! And everyone else too! And I don't mean to be 'fixated' on it... What goes up, will come back down... and onward we go. Hope you enjoy your weekend too! 
25 Feb 11 by member: jsfantome


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