kingkeld's Journal, 15 May 2013

Good morning!

Wow, yesterday was a long day. I didn't get enough sleep the night before, and though I started out feeling great, I got tired fast during the day. I did to a little extra exercise though, to help me through today.

I felt that I most likely wouldn't want to walk today, but rather stay home and then hit the gym. At the same time I really couldn't see myself missing out on the exercise and - not least - the calorie burn.

So, I decided that it would be smart to do an extra five kilometer walk yesterday, so I wouldn't have to go today. This way I might feel that I didn't pitch in all that much today, but at least I know that the calorie burn is the same as had I simply gone today. Smart move, Keld. :)

For once I got a little hungry through the day. I think I just didn't plan my morning right. I simply got a can to chopped tomatoes, spiced it up and had that for breakfast. 2nd breakfast was an apple. No proteins in sight - and I felt that.

Today I had my vegetable/tomato soup, along with a slice of ham or two. It will fill me up a LOT more. It's still gonna be an apple for 2nd. breakfast, though I am still debating whether I should change that out for an egg. Not sure. The egg will probably fill me up a little longer, though it's smaller.

Phew, sometimes there can be quite a bit of planning to do these Low Cal Days. It's not too hard to do, but the planning once you reach 4th day gets a little tedious. I really don't want to be eating the same thing over and over again, but that's usually where I end up. For one day, maybe even two, that's okay. But I'm doing this all the way through Friday, and it's getting boring.

I am looking forward to lunch through. We had taco salad yesterday. Basically a lettuce/tomato/cucumber/onion salad with added taco shell (which I'll skip), cheddar cheese (which I'll skip), ground beef cooked in tomato/onion, salsa and jalapeños. It's SOOOOO delish!

This will fill me up nicely.

Tonight I'll be working at the gym, from 3 PM, so I will be needing to bring dinner. I'm planning on simply getting a pita with ham to bring there. Maybe actually toss away the pita and just have the filling. It'll save me 150 calories, and I can use them on something much heavier on protein. It'll help filling me up.

So, how about the weight today?

Well, there's a new low again, at 80.5 kilos. Fat percentage is at a nice low 6%. Not bad at all.

I can see changes in my face. I noticed it yesterday, that I'm a little more "boney" looking. I'm okay with that, but it's not a goal to be there. I'm perfectly happy with the way I look.

Actually, I've gotten quite a lot of compliments lately, towards my muscle builing. I've actually had several coming up going "damn!". LOL. That's kinda funny. I mean, I can CLEARLY see that my body composition is changing. I don't have the scrawny baby bird look, but look a LOT more fit than I did last time I lost weight. It's awesome. Sure, it's hard work, but now it's so much habit that I feel that it's just something I gotta do - even to the point that I am STILL considering whether I should go walk, even if it's technically already done. I can't help thinking that I could add five kilometers (and 350 caloried burned) EXTRA to my burn of the day.


I slept like a rock, by the way. I passed out before I hit the pillow, I think, and it was a great night's sleep. The only downside to it is that it's been hard for me to wake up this morning. I know that a walk would help that, but on the other hand I don't really feel like it. Still, that shouldn't be the excuse.

Feeling the soreness from all the exercise yesterday, and the outlook to a LONG day again, tells me that I should probably save my energy.

I'll be going to the gym at 7 AM to do my workout, then work until 3 PM, then straight to the gym again to work until 9 PM. It's a LONG day ahead of me, but it won't feel like it. Working at the gym is a lot more fun than it's work. I'm looking forward to it - and hopefully I can promote my class a little. It seems like it's when I am there that I get new clients, so it's all about being there.


Today I'm thankful for:
- New Low!
- Just a few days until vacation!
- Morning coffee! I have a hard time waking up this morning.
- Working at the gym tonight! Fun!
- Wife!

Happy Wednesday! Life is good!

177.5 lb Lost so far: 164.2 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 3.1 lb a week


Did you say 17lbs in a week? What diet are you on? 
14 May 13 by member: djhouse925
What an accomplishment to end up with so much energy that you have a 2nd job for fun! And it feeds your class to boot! 
14 May 13 by member: Cthulhu
So this is a diet you made up yourself? 
14 May 13 by member: djhouse925
djhouse925, I assume that you're referring to the status on my bio page, losing 17 lbs per week. Don't trust everything you read. :) However, I am able to lose weight rapidly when I want to - but it takes a LOT of determination, and all the right tools. It takes experience to do this. :) What I do? I count my calories. I try to have a fair balance of carbs (50%), protein (25%) and fat (25%) as a general guide line. I drink oceans of water. I shift my calories back and forth, from 600 calories days to 3500 calorie days. It's all pre-calculated so I always know what I'm doing, and I never eat more than I'm allowed. And when I DO eat more than I should, I register every sinful calorie of it and compensate the next day (or days, depending on the damage). It's nothing more than sticking to your diet. :)  
15 May 13 by member: kingkeld


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