kingkeld's Journal, 29 March 2013

Disclaimer: I am currently doing a SUPER LOW calorie diet. I am only doing this a couple of weeks, going off and on it as I see it developing. I need to emphazise that this is not something I generally recommend doing. This is something I am doing to learn about hunger, behavior and other things. If you do want long, sustainable weight loss, then you need to work with an efficient diet, like consuming about 500-1000 calories less than you burn on a daily basis. I'm hoping that we can all learn things from these experiments, but please be VERY cautious if you decided to try what I try. Consider me the lab rat. We don't know the results. :)

Good morning!

Oh, WOW!

So, the scale stopped moving for a few days, and I was starting to wonder whether I had fastened myself into a weight loss halt. Well, it turns out to NOT be so. At all.

Today, I reach a remarkable new low. A new low that is a whopping 1½ kilos under the one from last time.

This means that I over the course of the last two weeks have dropped about 15 lbs. Wow.

I can literally feel and see a difference. It's wild.

Now, through the comments of my previous journals of the last week or so, I have seen some concern about protein levels, losing muscle, etc.

I am totally with you on this. I am aware of it. Yesteday, I basically finished all my meals and ended up only having consumed 400 calories. I knew this was too little, and I needed protein. So I decided to have half my protein bar, which would cost me approx. 150 calories, as an evening snack. I cut it in little pieces, about 30 or 40, and had it while we were watching a movie. It was a great snack, and I put some effort into making it last the entire movie. It takes a little focus. I'm usually the type who finished the Movie Theater Candy during the trailer show. This game me a little extra protein, and was probably a smarter move than eating an apple or two.

I try to put in a good chunk of protein with my food - mostly via meat and eggs - but I am most likely running low. It's virtually impossible to be high enough without going higher than 600 calories.

It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for the experiment, and for the lower weight for right now.

My fat% IS "high" compared to other days today at 9.8% - which is perfectly normal for a day with such a drastic weight drop. The percentage will always go up accordingly.

I managed to go full force at the gym - except for the machines that are too hard on my back. I don't FEEL a decrease in muscle. Nothing significant, anyways.

I also managed to go for a walk with my gym/walking buddy. Ten full kilometers. It's nice to just go walk, chit-chat, and enjoy the ride. It might not be the most hardcore and efficient workout, but it still burns about 700 calories (according to Endomondo), and it keeps me away from the couch and boredom.

It's a welcome distraction.

Today, I'm gonna go walk again. It's a bit more of a challenge, as we've got snow again. Snow on frickin' easter! I can't believe it. Last year, we were barbequeing... :/ I really need some spring and summer weather soon, or I'll go crazy.

Still, I'm gonna put on an extra layer of clothes, and I'm gonna walk. I want this.

I've been contemplating starting on the couch-to-5k program again. I did start last year, but I don't think I really felt ready. I would really like to go do it again. I just need to weather to be a little more stabile before I go do it. I don't want to have any kind of snow or ice around me, I don't want to risk any injuries, broken ancles and the like. I need it to be a little more dry out.

I really would like to do it, and I know I can. I already run to the gym - which is like three minutes and nothing to really brag about - but I would love to be able to go for a full five kilometers. This would be a great summer project.


I'm still shocked with the new low. I can't believe that it's a massive 3 lbs lower than the last low. It's 5 lbs lower than yesterday. It's crazy.

I'm actually getting closer to the goal that I was supposed to reach for the surgeons, when I did NOT workout.

I think that if I just keep going this next week as I have, up till the checkup, then it'll be more than okay. I feel that I am already qualifying for the checkup, but it'll be fun to actually reach the goal. I'm gonna go for it.

First up, though, tomorrow, is Indulgence Day. It'll knock my weight up a little, but I'm gonna focus on the mission, enjoy some good food and some "food freedom" tomorrow, but no excess fat or processed sugars. I'm weenede off that for now and I don't want to re-introduce right now.

Then Sunday, I'll be back to 600 calories and I'll go with that all the way through Thursday.

Friday is the day of the checkup. In one week from today.

The plan for Friday is pretty simple:

I have a LOOP CHECK, the weigh-in at the gym scheduled. To do this, I can't eat, sleep or workout three hours prior. I want to do this when they open, so there is no breakfast for me until AFTER workout. Then I will have the numbers recorded, along with my "final" weigh-in at home.

I will then, most likely, consider myself DONE with losing weight. I will jump straight into maintenance mode (assuming that I'm A-OK with the surgeons).

I will have a little bitty breakfast at work, probably just an egg or something, and that's about it. Then, Wife and I will be going out for a lunch before we go to Roskilde to go for the checkup. Again, I will maintain my low calorie ideology, for one particular reason:, it's not the surgeon's weigh-in. They don't weigh in. They visually evaluate. They touch and feel and evaluate whether they can work with the skin or not.

No, the reason is that we're gonna go celebrate (or "non-celebrate", if I don't qualify) at the best steak/rib house around. This is one of my favorite places, and Wife's favorite place. They do amazing ribs, and their food is sooo good.

Well, I'm gonna go there, and be conscious about things, but TOTALLY enjoy that I can eat what I want this evening. It's a special evening, and it's gonna be all good.

If I feel that I go too nuts, then I'll call it Indulgence Day and go normal on Saturday.

Then, of course, comes the next debate. What is "normal". Essentially, my scales, including the one at the gym, suggests that I should consume 3,000 calories per day to maintain my weight. I feel that this is HIGH. It sounds terrifying, to be honest.

My plan is to start with my 1600 calories. Reintroduce that. Then give it a week, including an Indulgence Day. Then, assuming my weight is good, I will go for 1800. Then 2000. You get the point.

It will be a new plan, new rules. But I gotta maintain the low weight for the actual surgery, then we'll take it from there.

Anyways, I'm babbling, and Daughter is waiting for me to go to the gym.

Today- I'm thankful for:
- A MASSIVE new low!
- Omelet!
- Gym - and a walk!

Life is good!

For those, who are wondering/concerned about my protein, I can tell you that I today will have about 56 grams of protein. It's not a lot, from what I remember we should generally eat 1 gram per kilo body weight, but it's not all bad either. This is the general level I am at every day doing my extreme dieting these days. I don't think it's all that bad.

I did my workout. I had no decrease in strength still. I'm still doing at level 9 on all arms, with the exception of a few that are higher. Same with legs, though the levels here vary a lot from machine to machine. I haven't decreased weight on anything still, other than to protect my shoulder and back a little.

I have planned a walk with my buddy. We're meeting in two hours for a minimum of 5 kilometers. :)

Life is good!

I just wanted to record also, that I have not felt any kind of hunger so far on this little journey. The closest would have been yesterday, after about 8 kilometers walk. We had about two kilometers to go, and lunch was waiting at home. I did feel hungry, but I don't think it was an actual physical hunger. I think it was much more the fact that I knew that lunch was waiting for me when I came home. This would easily make me feel hungry. It wasn't any kind of big deal, and in no way bad enough that I felt that I had to react to it. It's just something I registered and dealt with.
186.7 lb Lost so far: 155.0 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   losing 35.5 lb a week


Morning Buddy - Have a good weekend. 
29 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
What a great drop! And I like all of your disclaimers - especially for those reading that may be new at this! Definitely good to get that out there about what you are doing. I can't give enough praise to couch to 5K program. I seriously was NEVER able to run, always struggled even as a very very active child. I spent about 24 weeks (instead of 12) on C25K and have been running ever since, now getting ready for a half marathon in 3 weeks. You can do it!!! 
29 Mar 13 by member: Bkeller1023
Fantastic drop...since Oct 1st I have been on a low calorie high protein diet started my journey with 500 calories and have been up it the calories evry month I am still pretty low compared to a lot of people's intake staying from 800 to 1200 no higher and have dropped 78 lbs in 6 months..I do have at least 70 to 80 grms of protein and I think that's really important when doing a low cal eating plan otherwise you will not loose weight...Keep up the journal's I love reading them and you are def an inspiration to so many. 
29 Mar 13 by member: carrieEL
Wonderful Keld. You sound great. Snow? Oh it could happen here too but fortunately isn't happening right now! We often have snow in March, April, even May! Rain in our forecast but we've had some lovely sunshine and 50 degrees Fahrenheit!  
29 Mar 13 by member: madaboutmoose
Wow...such low calories...I'm just following a maintenance diet for my goal weight, which sets my calories at 2300...or with lite exercise 2600...not sure which machine told you 3000cal, but it must be assuming a heavy exercise routine since your goal weight is 10lbs under mine. Good luck with the "experiment", but I'm not've been playing this game longer than I have. Later buddy. 
29 Mar 13 by member: madjak30
Actually, the experiences I get from this are ALL positive. I feel really good both physically and mentally. I am in no way hungry - and I no longer find it hard to fit a full day into my 600 RDI. It's just a matter of playing your cards right. Obviously, I can't do 600 per day every day for eternity - I wouldn't need to and I wouldn't want to. If I truly end up being done with losing weight this coming friday, then I think I will simply start with implementing two 600 calorie days, like my Rollercoaster Diet suggests. Then I will figure out how much I can (and should) eat on the other days to maintain. Once I know this, I will work on getting my grip on this new number, and stick with it. I did a new calculation of my BMR using, and they suggest 2800 calories per day including exercise on the level I generally do. This would mean that when I incorporate two 600 calorie days I would end up having 3680 calories available per day. Essentially, that would be daily - DAILY Indulgence Day. That sounds wild and scary. LOL. Still, if I have that kind of calories available (which I doubt), I think it's just a matter of living appropriate. I have some thoughts on some good ground rules that I'll share in a journal one of these days. I can't spill all the beans in the comments, now, can I? LOL.  
29 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
My food thought process for the day to lose the pounds: SO, let me tell you what is actually working for me this time. I am eating a LOT most of the time when I have it figured out. Some days are better than others, I have to plan and it gets easier and easier every week. I TRY to have 30% protein, 30% carbs, the fat just falls in line if I focus on lean protein. I also am trying to keep my sodium under 2000. The key word is TRY! I often have more carbs than protein, but if I don’t focus on lean protein for every meal, I fall very short and my carbs get too high. I am basically a low carb, no processed, low sodium diet. I am still working on getting healthy fats into my diet… Nuts are a binge food for me, I will eat the whole bag. I think this diet is what they are doing on biggest loser, or very close to it. Here is my thought process for planning my day today: If I focus on LEAN protein not processed every meal, the weight is finally falling off (never fast enough, but I have been fairly consistent this time with two pounds a week! YEAH... When I skimp on the balance, I am more hungry. SO, today for breakfast: (which is my typical go to breakfast) 3 servings of 100% egg whites, pour in a bowl with a squirt of butter spray, nuke it WITH A COVER (cooks more evenly) for 2 to 2.5 minutes. I then put a half serving of some sort of cheese and sometimes put on a piece of fat free cheddar to add to the creaminess. Today, I tore up a half piece of flatout flatbread (super high in fiber low in carbs) and put it back into the microwave for a few to melt the cheese. This is so filling, I usually have a whole piece of flatout, but I already had rye crisps early in the morning cause I woke up way too early! SO, then I blended in my bullet blender a few cups of baby spinach and a half cup of frozen strawberries, add a few splenda and drank my fruit and veggies. It actually tastes really good. Sometimes I put a scoop of 100% whey protein powder in or banana or what ever. For lunch today, since I won't have time to sit down, I am going to have a spinach/strawberry/chocolate protein smoothie. I didn't start doing the spinach till about a month ago. Someone here on FS said it was good and I was tired of eating bowls of veggies! It gets a little tiring when you want to eat healthy and you have to chew and chew and chew on cups boring broccoli. LOL. SO, protein smoothie for lunch... I have a piece of fruit, maybe a small apple around at all times and I need to pick up some more grapefruit. For dinner, Hmmmmm. Ok, think... I need to think lean protein FIRST, then the rest will fall in line. If I don't I will end up with too many carbs.. So, I keep beef patties, single slices of fish, usually steel head trout, filet steak and chicken breasts in the freezer. Dinner, lets say I want chicken, OK, I log it into FS and look at where my calories and percentages fall for the day, then I think what veggie, and what fat. I might want parmesan cheese to make a chicken Parm, I bust out my small George Forman grill and cook it up:-) while cooking a veggie. I love broccoli. I sometimes cook a whole bunch, blend it and use chicken stock as base with onion and stuff. Then I have a warm bunch of goodness I can enjoy without having to sit down and eat 4 cups of broccoli! LOL Thank you everyone for your great comments yesterday!!! Last night I was going to go to the gym for the spin class again. At around 4 my eyes started to ache. I kept flipping in my brain weather I should go work out. I had to ask myself, am I making excuses or is my body telling me I should not go… Hmmm. That is really hard to tell! Reading my bodies signals on eating has gotten much easier but the physical signs are a little hard. I took Wednesday off totally so I figured Thursday I can be back to kicking butt. WELL, by 5:30 my eyes were really hurting, then massive headache, then couldn’t stand light. I took some Tylenol PM by around 8 and it didn’t do a THING! I took it again at 3am! I think I fell asleep at 4am maybe… SO, my body was telling me not to go. I went to the eye doctor today and the good news is my eyes look great. He thinks it is a symptom of the lupus/autoimmune thing. GREAT! Now all these symptoms I have had over the years are sort of making sense. I went back to my doc yesterday and asked her what I can do to get better sleep. She didn’t have any suggestions. SERIOUSLY! I told her what I had tried and she said she didn’t want to give me any sleep aid. I would like something for at least the emergency times I am UP all night! It is better to sleep and be drowsy than to be up all night and exhausted! She just lost my vote as a good doctor. I am going to find another. I am not drinking, I am not a drug seeker, I am just trying to get better, geez. My workouts have been going well, but I know my knee and shoulder have not properly recovered from my surgeries from 2004. When I do zumba, my shoulder clicks and pops, and range of motion isn’t 100%, my knee is weak. When I do my PT exercises from post surgery, my shoulder clicks and I am just not sure what I should be doing , I can tell you perfect form, but I don’t know where my exact weakness is exactly. SO, I called a physical therapy place near me and they said I needed doctors orders. Well, I won’t go into that, but I made an appointment for my internist and am getting orders on Monday!! WHOOT! I only need a few sessions for instruction, but after that I will probably be able to rehab and work out better. I want to start lifting again so badly! You know, the more muscle I have the more calories I can burn, the more I can eat, the better I will feel!!! I am excited about that. YEAH. That’s it for now, an amazingly lovely day today. I am really sick of doctors but this should be my last month and then I will just probably need my rheumatologist from time to time. Next stop neurologist, new rheumatologist and oh shoot, ya, get that mammogram done when boobies aren’t swollen! 355 tower road I have had sever eye pain/headaches and scratchy eye history of Lupus. I called at 9am as a new patient to get an appointment. The girl on the phone asked me what the problem was and then said she didn’t want me to wait. She wanted me to talk to his tech first so they could try to fit me in. I said it wasn’t an emergency since my 8 hour severe eye pain light sensitivity went away at about 4am! I was told the tech would call me back. She called me back within an hour and got me in right away. I did wait a while for the doctor because I didn’t have an appointment. He was polite, communicated well, thorough, read back what the assistant wrote about me to make sure he understood exactly what the problem was and proceeded to do the exam. He also seemed to have a good grasp of autoimmune diseases and I left there very confident with the outcome! I have been to a LOT of doctors this last month and his office, staff rose far above the rest. Thank you. Today I have 108 g protein at 860 calories so far. Pretty balanced, small lunch cause I ate it at Costco at the sample stations LOL. I should have gone back for another sample of tilapia! WOW, lots of info on your journal today! AMAZING NEW LOW!!! YIPPIE! I wish your weather would warm up, mine has been super cold till yesterday. BTW I’m not concerned at all about your program! You know what you are doing and you are lifting! Shoot, today I have 108 g protein at 860 calories so far. Pretty balanced, small lunch cause I ate it at Costco at the sample stations LOL I was grateful they had food out cause I was waiting for a prescription and I didn‘t get breakfast cause of the last second doctors appointment. I should have gone back for another sample of tilapia! Is your indulgence day going to be full calories after your 600? You might not feel like the full amount this weekJ I love your protein bar cut up idea, I will have to try that when I start getting out! It is a great emergency food (I could have used earlier today). I average 900 a day all month. Some days less, some days more. I probably vary by 500 calories. I eat depending on how I feel and what my body is telling me. If I am hungry, I eat, if I am weak, I would eat, but I have not been weak at all. If I don’t stick to a schedule, my body says, hey you, eat something won’t you! LOL Couch to 5 sounds like a good goal! When will they do the surgery once you finally get approved. You will have recovery time. Weighs are your best friend for long term muscle and metabolism build. You inspire me, and your journals have helped me figure a lot of numbers and stuff out! Cheers! 
29 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Hey Kingkeld, Thanks for stopping by! So happy for you that life is treating you well. :) 
02 Apr 13 by member: moondove


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