kingkeld's Journal, 13 September 2012

Good morning buddies!

Yesterday went great!

I had my meals, didn't feel that I missed out on anything, and really enjoyed my day.

We went to visit Daughter's school yesterday, it was an afternoon thing, and they had invited us to stop by in the afternoon.

Daughter had school until 6 PM, and we decided to wait with her and accompany her home. It was nice to see the school, who were REALLY impressed with her talents. They kept bringing her stuff up as examples. :)

They had invited us to have sandwiches, since it was a day-in-the-day affair. We had accepted, but when it came down to it, the sandwiches did not look appealing to me. Too much dressing, and too much bread. I simply decided to skip.

I had absolutely no problem doing this - and I hope this is a sign that my head is starting to be more in the right place.

Coming home - which wasn't until 7 PM, we still hadn't had "real" dinner, and the ladies were hungry. We really didn't want to start cooking big time, and the ladies felt like hot dogs.

I didn't want the breads and all that, so I basically took a large frankfurter (registered it as two in my food log, just to make sure), and combined it with a coupld of eggs and some frozen veggies. Not bad at all. Actually, it came out as a really nice little quick meal.

I'm glad I avoided all that bread yesterday, especially coming home and reading Sarah's LONG comment to my journal. Thanks Sarah! I do think she's right - try to stay away from rice, pasta, potato and white bread. It's just pretty hard to do. MANY meals here have those things. I try to cut it down, but it's gonna be there every frickin' day, more or less.

I'm sure there is something about it.

This is something that actually interests me - the whole "is a calorie a calorie" thing. I am still sure that this IS how it works, for me. If you consume less calories, you will lose fat. It's simple as that.


If you consume higher carbs, like the "four whites" before mentioned, then your cravings will bug you. They will make you prone to not follow your diet, and they can make life downright a living hell if you're trying to lose weight.

So, an obvious choice can be to cut them out, or at least cut them down and learn to manage them. I have definitely had too much of these things lately, it's something my family likes, it's easy, it's traditional food here, and it's cheap. What is there NOT to like? Oh, right... the carbs. :)

So, I will try to cut down on them somewhat. I will try to focus more on other things, and when they're unavoidable I will minimize it and also remember why I feel what I feel. I think simply understanding what is happening to our bodies can help us counter-react to it.

Today is my long day at work. I have PLENTY of work to do, and I'm gonna have to go in late. This is NOT good on a day like this, but it is what it is. I have a troubled drain in the bathroom, and we need the janitor to come fix. He won't be here until 9, so work will have to wait a little bit. Oh well.

I did get a good, motivational kick in the rear this morning, getting on the scale. Sure, my weight is still way too high, but I am down 800 grams since yesterday - and I will give that credit to doing good. :) I'm gonna put my finest efforts into doing things right again today and keep going at it.

I wasn't too good on my water intake yesterday, but I do thing I had enough overall. The thing is, when you're away from home, work and those other familiar places, I feel that water is always harder to get by. I did bring a bottle, but it only lasts for so long. Still, nice results.

Also, my buddy JP wrote to me yesterday, asking why in the world I would start skipping Indulgence Day, when I know it works. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

You know - I think he's right. I think I might be looking too hard for things to change, to do right, when I should simply just do right. I know what to do, I made a working system. Let's put it in gear.

So, Indulgence Day is back on (at least until I change my mind again!!!) and I will make sure to do well on that day, still focusing on eating right, and not go nuts in bad stuff. And if I do, then at least it's Indulgence Day and I will have to deal with a little beating on the cravings. I do think it'll be easier to handle, with a new focus on things thanks to Sarah.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Buddies!
- A great night's sleep. Again! :)
- Morning coffee!
- Daughter! It was so nice to see her new environments, and hear them speak so highly of her. :)

Life is good!
195.1 lb Lost so far: 146.6 lb.    Still to go: 7.7 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entry for 13 September 2012:
1305 kcal Fat: 60.28g | Prot: 109.35g | Carb: 76.85g.   Breakfast: Egg, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Rye Bread. Lunch: Egg, Mixed Vegetables (Drained Solids, Canned), Olive Oil. Dinner: Mexican Style Stewed, Seasoned, Ground Beef and Pork (Picadillo De Carne De Rez Y Puerco). Snacks/Other: Apples. more...
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Good to hear you did well yesterday Keld. Hey, indulgence day can be whatever you want it to be. Beer, Bread, Chocolate, or just 3 cups of beets! I remember when I thought my indulgence day was 3*RDI! I had trouble eating that much. Good to hear your daughter is doing well, I assume at college or university. I have avoided carbs after 5PM, or basically after lunch since this journey started. If I do have rice it is a very small portion. Usually my dinners consist of just what you had, veggies and some protein. Surprisingly filling, and no cravings after dinner once you adapt.  
12 Sep 12 by member: posterchild66
I completely agree. I have my 1 peice of toast with my eggs in the morning and have steak and salad usually for dinner. Lunch I try to limit my simple carbs and keep some good protien flowing to keep me feeling full. I dont NOT eat carbs, I try to limit them to around 100g a day and find if I stay in that range I am able to keep myself in check. Today is not a good carb I had a big burger on a big bun for breakfast. BUT I know what works and Ive come so far now to slip back into old habbits. as J I Joe says, " knowing is half the battle" LOL Glad your well Keld and glad what i said made some sense to you.  
12 Sep 12 by member: sarahduke
I think that is very sensible, cutting down on the carbs. Even though I love fresh crusty bread, I am very aware of the size of the slice I cut myself, as I know too much bread and pasta, doesn't do me any favours. When you look at some people's food diaries, when they say they are having trouble loosing weight... You usually find they are eating way to many carbs and not enough protein. I have read a number of articles, that talk about "carb addiction", they even describe some of the symptoms.... feeling shakey and faint, when they haven't had their "carb shots". This morning in the UK they are talking about bacon and salt intake.... They say bacon is second only to BREAD, for our excessive salt intake... That could have a lot to do with fluid retention. I have to admit, I didn't realise about the amount of salt included in bread (although I guess it depends on WHICH bread you buy). Enough from me.... Breakfast is calling .... Have another great day x 
13 Sep 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
LOL....its a mans perogative to change his mind ;). Just do what makes you feel good. Without really meaning to do it, I have stopped eating bread & cake during the week....there just never seems to be time to eat it. Breakfast is weetabix with jogurt & fruit, lunch = salad, dinner = fish, maybe 1 or 2 little potatoes & lots of veg. I helped me to feel less sluggish & bloated as well. Hope your drain gets fixed. Have a great busy day :) 
13 Sep 12 by member: schmetterling34
I think I should start trying that too. I think I may be addicted to carbs as described by Sk1nnyfuture, haha. I just can't resist the smell of freshly baked bread. And I love my potatoes too :( dang it... Well, I shall attempt to see how much of it I can start cutting out... 
13 Sep 12 by member: KitsuneSilver
I was on the same wavelength as JP reading your journal yesterday. Last year this time you were just about where you are now, and lost another 30 using the indulgence diet. You know that works, why not look at this as the same problem? 
13 Sep 12 by member: JenKatja
Thanks for the reminder on carbs. It's so easy to get off track. I love your indulgence days and knowing that they work. :) You'll get back to your goal weight before you know it.  
15 Sep 12 by member: just.keep.swimming
Keep tweaking Keld. I think you have been feeling like a man suddenly freed from prison and don't know what to do with yourself and all your freedom ... food wise. Please look into avoiding grains. They are here too... in every dish, in every restaurant but I am seeing changes already. Fat free just doesn't work. If our bodies use the fat for fuel instead of carbs (sugar) you turn into a lean mean fat burning machine. HA! Now that has YOU written all over it.  
15 Sep 12 by member: Mom2Boxers
Hey Keld! Seems I been missing your journals lately - and yes, I totally agree with Sarah's entry from yesterday, and the comments today as well. I started keeping my net carbs around 100 or below -net being total carbs minus the fiber count. So, my carbs are typically fruit, veggies, a little dairy, nuts, and a little full grains cereal (1/3 cup) - but no breads, crackers, pastas, rice, white potatoes, wheat products, etc. I will eat a small baked sweet potato since it seems to have a lower glycemic index and satisfies the need for something carb. Since I have managed my carbs better, the cravings are basically gone and I am continuing to lose and feel good! 
15 Sep 12 by member: HCB
Ditto the other comments on carbs, but there are other good reasons other than the insulin response to watch those carbs, especially sugar. 20% of glucose, and 100% of fructose is processed in the liver. Glucose is the "sugar" in bread, potatoes, rice, etc. And sugar, or sucrose, is made up of a glucose molecule bonded with a fructose molecule. When they are broken down in the liver, there is a whole chain of destruction that occurs. It will lead to higher LDL and triglycerides, fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, gout, inflammation. Inflammation is the source of many long term health issues; heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and more. I always associated the carbs with problems with insulin, but until I understand the broad spectrum of destruction presented by many of these foods, I was not nearly as motivated to remove them from my diet. If you want a better understanding of what is going on I highly recommend watching Dr. Lustig's video on YouTube called "Sugar: The Bitter Truth". It was a major shift for me to really understand what was going on. Glad to hear you are moving in that direction. The more my diet is focused on protein, fat, and lots and lots of veggies, the better I feel. My energy level is more constant, and the cravings are occasional whispers. Easily managed in comparison to the past. 
16 Sep 12 by member: yduj57


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