MightyFull's Journal, 24 April 2018

I need some serious support with will power. I have compared my will power lately to the sturdiness of a willow tree branch. Particularly with food - I have been eating too much and with a frenzy-like consistency. For example, within a 3 hour time frame just Sunday, while at my sister's house (she was not home-I was washing sheets for her) I ate (embarrassed) 3/4 bag of M&M White peppermint candies, a full bag of extra buttered microwave popcorn, 4 peppermint nougats, a packet of sweettart ropes, 2 handfuls of lightly salted almonds, 3 popsicles, and 1 fudgesicle, and drank 1 liter of ginger ale AND 5 carrots. I literally brought the carrots over saying to hubby, that before I ate crap that I was going to eat the carrots first. Truth: I ate the carrots last. Felt TERRIBLE. Should not have eaten anything for the next 5 days, but ate a bit of supper (venison loin) around 9:30pm. Wasn't hungry, just wanted it, and just ate it. Woke up this morning absolutely not hungry. Worked out and then ate a regular person's breakfast - cereal with fruit. Drank 32 fl oz water. Drove to work and then as soon as I walked into the office, I wanted to start munching. WTH????

Today I "packed" my lunch even though I am working from home. This is what I can have. No more. Great snack/dessert - blend a frozen banana, serving of chocolate protein powder, and 8oz of unsweetened almond milk. Drink 1/2 of it, and put the other 1/2 into a freezer safe container and put in freezer for 4 hours. Then later in the day, you can have a good-for-you frozen treat!

BTW, all the crap mentioned above? Yeah, talk about a belly ache for now the 2nd day. It was well deserved and is reminding me why I shouldn't do things like that to myself. #bellyache
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The binge urges are hard. So hard. I clicked on your food log and saw that most days you are getting a good amount of protein and eating really well! You should be so proud of that! We all fall down once in a while, but it looks like you've been consistent overall, so don't beat yourself up too bad. As for the urges, is it easier for you on those days you have more protein? If no, have you though about cutting your carbs a bit and adding more fat? That's been known to help curb cravings. Have you tried adding a multivitamin? They help me stay on track. Best of luck while you figure out what your body is asking from you. Hugs. 
24 Apr 18 by member: Toumina
Why, oh why, does your sister have so much junk in her house? Tsk. Too much sugar just revs up something in your brain like "yay, let's party!" and you don't want to stop cuz sugar means happy things are happening! For me, sugar begets desire for more sugar. Hang in there - the bellyache is for a reason which is don't eat junk food! 
24 Apr 18 by member: abbadabba


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