CalorieKiller's Journal, 16 January 2008

Welp. I seem to have a serious case of the "I look decent now, so what's the rush?" stagnation syndrome. It's funny how your definition of acceptable changes as you get older, or maybe because the highest weight you've ever been had gotten so out of hand that now it doesn't feel so bad to weigh 192 lbs. I mean, I'm now only 20 lbs overweight according to my height, so I tied with the rest of America, more or less. It certainly has dissipated my urgency. But I'm nowhere close to my goal weight (which is low end of my range). So how am I going to manufacture the morale to get this done? I really need to do some soul searching and refocus with the same energy and drive I had in the beginning. I have every confidence that I'll continue to lose weight and get to my goal, I just don't want it to drag on and on. I think once I've lost about 10 more lbs I will feel a lot closer to the prize. At that weight I will fit into all my clothes at least. I'm a solid size 10 at 180.

Anyway, I figure this is probably boring for you all but it occurred to me and I feel like I need to do more reflection and journaling to get myself back on track. Maybe I'll post to the community and find out how people stay on track after they've started looking almost "ok" again...
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You can get to your goal, don't give up! Look how far you've come. You're a brilliant person, think of some creative ways to "reward" yourself for each milestone that you reach along your journey! Non-food rewards of course! :D Once I lose 10 more I'm getting a new bra and undies set, maybe a nightie. Too much information, I know, I know..LOL! 
16 Jan 08 by member: Lotus
It definitely gets harder to maintain the motivation as you get closer to your goal weight, and probably well below the average weight of the general population. I've had several people express surprise that I've still got quite a bit more to lose - and I've got more than 20 pounds to go to just get to the top of my healthy BMI range! It would be very easy to ease back now, but I think the way of looking at it is that you've come so far, why stop now? The quicker you get there, the better, and just think how it would feel to think - "I've don't need to loss any weight at all", rather than "if I could just lose another 10-20 pounds I'd be perfect"!! I agree with Lotus on the rewards strategy - I really look forward to my 1/2 stone beauty treats - it really helps keep the motivation going! :) 
17 Jan 08 by member: Lucybell33
Oh, CK, i know how you feel, i did too when i had lost my 35lbs a couple of years ago. Don't give in!! Keep your focus, buy yourself a pretty spring/summer dress that you aim to fit into. I got complacent, then frustrated as i couldn't budge the last 3 lbs to goal (155) (have no idea why)and so i "took a break" and over the course of 18 months put it all back on! It's so frustrating cause like you i was so focused and worked so hard and now i'm finding it harder to find that "mind set" to get back on track. On the other hand, reward yourself and recognize your accomplishments and beauty. After losing 35 lbs, i knew i was smaller and everyone told me so but to me, in the mirror, i still saw a "fat" person. It's a fine line and hard to achieve that ability to love yourself at a healthy for you weight and maintain it and yet, i hear that it IS possible. Let me know WHEN you get there!! xoxox PDTL  
17 Jan 08 by member: princessdropthelbs
Thanks guys -- you're all right and I won't quit. It's more like I'm slowing down I guess. I seemed to have more intensity and drive at the beginning and I'm just curious how I might light the fire again. The rewards thing doesn't totally work with me for some reason. Probably because I've always done what I want to do regarding spoiling myself (probably why I got overweight in the first place). Now, material rewards of any kind are just sort of...ho hum. I ruined it for myself I guess. Maybe I'll think of some sort of travel or spiritual's a good idea.  
17 Jan 08 by member: CalorieKiller


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