CalorieKiller's Journal, 08 January 2008

Well, today is official Jenny Craig weigh-in day. I've not set foot in that office for 3 weeks. I'm nervous. I think my weight today is 193 point something. We'll see if a "last chance workout" can push the envelope. I'm nervous today as well...lot's going on in New Hampshire and I'm getting depressed that Obama seems to be exceeding Clinton in the early caucuses. An informal victory for him, but still driving momentum into his campaign. I believe Hillary is such a strong and gifted person, it disappoints me that people feel so much hope from Obama. He is a brilliant, visionary type of guy...but right now we need someone who can step in immediately and hit the ground running. I'm so concerned about the state of our politics in this country, and globally. It keeps me up at night thinking of what kind of world my son is inheriting...and how proud I used to be to call myself American. Now, when I travel, I can honestly say I feel some shame. If Huckabee wins I will have to move to Spain, I'm afraid. I guess I liked Obama a lot more before he started shamelessly exploiting his convenient friendship with Oprah to sway uninvolved and lazy voters who would prefer to allow a celebrity entertainer tell them what to do. How did we get to this place? I'm depressed about it. Probably why I've been spooning cake into my mouth all morning.

The good news is that I got some new furniture delivered today and I love it. I guess that is something to be positive about. Hope everyone else is doing brilliantly, and losing a mint. In fat, I mean.

I'll check in after the weigh in.


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What is your political standing, out of curiosity? I don't get involved really, I've never voted, but I guess I would have to say I'm conservative.  
08 Jan 08 by member: Lotus
I honestly never like ANY of the presidential candidates. When I vote I usually go for the "lesser of evils", there is never someone I truly believe in running for president. There isn't one that stands behind ALL of my beliefs. Don't stress, though. We do have it a lot better here than in other parts of the world.  
08 Jan 08 by member: sararay
It's really interesting to hear about your political views. We're getting a lot of media coverage over here, but obviously that's not the same. I'm personally routing for Hillary, just because I think it would be exciting to see a woman running your country - I'm sure that would go a long way to sorting out some of the problems! Enjoy your new furniture, and stay away from the cake - Obama's not worth it! :) 
08 Jan 08 by member: Lucybell33
I might stress out if the world set in the hands of one individual person (like the President). Luckily, he has to answer to the Congress and House of Representatives. The bad news, is that our future lies with a bunch of crooks, not just a handful! Unfortunately, I feel your angst as to where this country is heading. Obviously, there is a swinging change in how things are being done, and it's going on right under our eyes. I mean, do we REALLY vote for who's in office? I used to think that it was popular vote that chose our President, but as I get older and deeply involved in conspiracy theories, I wonder about the what-if's! I never thought Hilary would make it to the top step, simply because she's a woman. This country is not ready to answer to "a woman" president. AND I don't think that America has come far enough to vote in a black President either! I see prejudice all around me and the numbers are actually staggering for this day and age! It leads me to believe that we'll end up with another Republican for President, and someone wanted it that way! I know...we all have our opinions and it's usually a topic of taboo, although I don't know why! I'm up for a debate any time! matter of fact, if we all felt open in our opinions, maybe the world will be WORTH inheriting when our babies are older! You know what scares me? the world of computer technology! There was an article in the paper last week about a bio-chip small enough to fit comfortably on the head of a pin, and capable of holding the entire contents of the Hebrew Bible!! Phenomenal!! Scientists have also found a way to attach biomolecular chips to our DNA!!! Ok...not only can they trace our every move at his point, but are now also capable of attaching any kind of information inside us permanently! Yikes! thanks for the opportunity to vent some of MY fears!  
08 Jan 08 by member: BadAndee
LO BadAndee, you sound just like my dad. He used to scare us with stories of "communists" taking over the government and tracking our ever movements through computers. There a a lot of conpiracy theories out there, and who knows, some of them are probably true. But life's too short to worry about things you can't change. I know people are probably going to think that means I don't care about what happens to the country, I really do, A LOT! But I do feel like I have enough to worry about without having the weight of the country on my mind as well. But I do like to hear different opinions, whether I agree or not, it's an interesting subject. Maybe I'll vote this next time, but I am going to have to read up on the candidates, I don't even know who's who! LOL I'm a bit clueless huh... 
08 Jan 08 by member: Lotus
I have been watching a lot of the debates, and quite honestly, I don't think ANY of them have what it takes to be the President of the United States. SCARY!!! 
08 Jan 08 by member: graciepoo
Well im observing from the UK and Im rooting for Hilary. I agree that it would be exciting to see a female lead the country, especially where your current president comes across as a bit chauvinistic. Apologies to any Bush supporters here, but in the UK he is viewed as a massive prat. In our Uni house we have a poster with loads of "Bushisms" on it - basically really stupid things that he has said. But its ok, because we know you think that about Blair and G. Brown. I dont think I am mature enough to worry that much about politics, I think that will come when graduate and will have to pay taxes! 
08 Jan 08 by member: Juno


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