CalorieKiller's Journal, 04 December 2007

Finger Flab

I've lost 52 pounds so far in this journey. As such, many things are different for me. This includes the clothes I fit into, of course. And the amount of food I consume. But also simple things like the depth and breadth of the cavity formed on my side of the bed, and how much water is required to fill my bubble bath.

But what, confoundingly, has not changed is the size of my fingers. They still look like 5 little stuffed sausages! And since I was around 3 months pregnant, my engagement ring will not come off. I'm happy it got stuck "on" and not "off" but I'm starting to feel claustrophobic. I cannot remove this sucker still, and I really, really want to clean the diamond. Which, by the way, is a Movado signature cut, 125 facet, NO CONFLICT 1.06c. beauty. Not that this important (but it so is!). Anyway, I'm befuddled because I weighed more than this the last time I was able to remove it.

If I'm being paranoid I'd say the fat has sort of "settled" into my fingers. And as most of you know it is NOT for a lack of typing. So...what the hell?

What do I do? Finger exercises? Typically in a normal day if I DO do finger exercises (such as, in traffic) it's not that finger, if you catch my drift. And with all this otherwise progress, what cruel twist is this that my hands look not unlike two inflated gloves? Sigh. I guess I'd rather have a smaller butt than smaller fingers but I'm ready for some more universal evidence of my toils. I'm ready for digit droppage people!

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How bizarre - sounds like fluid retention concentrated in your fingers! Maybe the weight of that diamond pulling them down?? ;) I'm sure they'll sort themselves out before long - just give them a good wiggle every day!! :d 
05 Dec 07 by member: Lucybell33
I've noticed that when I'm cold... my rings almost fall off, what if you took some water pills and used some lotion? Probably tried this already huh?!?! I will think about this one.... 
05 Dec 07 by member: lorik
Hm, I have that happen, but like lorik said, if it's colder I notice they can come off. Speaking of different things that changed when someone lost weight. At my WW meeting a year ago this woman told a story about her weight loss, she'd lost so much weight that when she got in the car to go to work one day she couldn't reach the pedals - turned out, she'd lost so much "butt weight" that she had to move the seat up! :) 
05 Dec 07 by member: biblioholic03
Yeah, I actually also had the same thing happen. I had to move my seat forward too! 
05 Dec 07 by member: CalorieKiller


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