Fattiegurl's Journal, 18 April 2016

I am removing the clothes that no longer fit out of my closet, it is depressing. I have let my weight jut ballon, I have gained 30lbs since my wedding in July ...amazing . I am ashamed of myself, but I will take this as a catalyst for change I will force myself to record my calories, exercise and my mindset. I will force myself to write out why I feel like I am deserving of eating things that I know will cause my body harm. I won't drive without a seatbelt but the way I eat is like jumping off a cliff everyday, Im lucky my parachute is still functional
yesterday I ate an
garlic rolls
salad with protein dressing everywhere
ice cream sundae with a brownie
WTF thats gross an I need to change, I would like to have a child but to have one at this weight Im scared with age would lead me towards pre eclampsia .

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You've already taken the most important step. You've realized there's a problem and you want to change. It's all up from here, girly. Chin up 😁 
18 Apr 16 by member: Christinemeowk
Just don't allow yourself to get so lost in the mindset that you break. Bad days happen, bad meals happen, injuries happen, and what separates most from a healthy lifestyle is not how they eat and exercise, but how they react to setbacks. If you have something bad, don't toss the whole day out the window. Learn from it at that time and move forward healthier for the rest of the day. Just know that you have support here and that most of us understand and have dealt with it. Good luck though!!! 
18 Apr 16 by member: karateorangutang
All that self hate and yesterday pondering is bullshit. We're human, we eat. You know what to do. Just decide what you're going to do NOW, and do it. 
18 Apr 16 by member: jimmiepop
Seconding what Karateorangutang said. You have the viewpoint, so you know you will get it done!  
18 Apr 16 by member: PokeyJack
How committed are you to your current diet/WOE choice? Sounds like you may be carb sensitive and have a sugar addiction. Check out LCHF. Most of us following this WOE lose weight effortlessly with no HUNGER! Message me privately if you like. 
18 Apr 16 by member: OutlanderFan
Don't let yourself get overwhelmed by how much you want to change. You have listed already several great steps to work on--logging your food and exercise, writing a journal. Set some short term goals for yourself--that always helped me feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you will lose those first 5 pounds. Maybe you will say no next time the opportunity for ice cream comes up. (It seemed nearly impossible at first, but now my family can have their evening ice cream and I am content to sip on a cup of tea in the same room!) Building new habits, one at a time, will make it easier to shed the bad habits and will eventually grow into a new, healthier lifestyle for you. Best of luck to you. 
18 Apr 16 by member: izzypup68
Joining the FatSecret community and signing up for the 6-week Memorial Day challenge is a really good start. You go, girl! 
18 Apr 16 by member: carol in kinderhook
I also think that you should check out the LCHF lifestyle (preferably a ketogenic lifestyle). Outlander wasn't lying when she said that you will lose weight without feeling hungry. I think that you will find that you can still eat primarily what your new spouse eats, with making only minor adjustments to the menu. I think that that is a very important point when you are married or have a family while you are trying to lose weight. 
18 Apr 16 by member: Mousy1109
A few days of LCHF will make your carb cravings vanish. It's amazing and a real breakthrough in dieting! 
18 Apr 16 by member: erikahollister


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