ChrisComedy's Journal, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  
31 Dec 14 by member: VeggieJunkie
that is funny. i stopped eating chinese food on my diet i know you cannot lose weight eating out chinese; it was part of my weight problem greasy, starchy, sugary, meaty, way too much carbs; high calorie chinese food. stopped eating that stuff although it tastes really good. 
31 Dec 14 by member: johnmarth
You can get healthy Chinese food for a buck off a cart on Canal Street in NYC Chinatown - but not your typical Chinese American restaurant. 
31 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
Happy New Year!  
31 Dec 14 by member: springskinny
Happy New Year!!  
31 Dec 14 by member: kattay
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wish I lived in NYC to find that place ;) Gotta find one like that here in Florida :D 
31 Dec 14 by member: AutymAngyl
You too! 
31 Dec 14 by member: XshapeshiftX
You can actually find healthy "Chinese" food in any city. The key is either woking it yourself, or having Asian friends so that the restaurant staff is willing to make your food to order. That doesn't include those awful Buffet joints. 
31 Dec 14 by member: jeannieselby
I used to think all authentic Chinese cuisine was healthy until I had Chinese astrophysicist for a housemate who fried everything in pork fat. 
31 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
lol - as with any food it's how you use it that makes it "unhealthy". Have a very Happy & Healthy New Years. Scary as I have the day off - so I'll be home cooking my own meals. Thankfully I'm not big on sweets as has been given all kinds of treats from vegan cupcakes to Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. Think it's time to "clean" the fridge - works out 2 ways both for exercise, and a fresh start for 2015. The "homeless" at all the intersections will be getting some very interesting donations from me in the coming weekend.  
31 Dec 14 by member: jeannieselby
i don't eat peanut butter either it has a ton of fat and huge calories it once was a staple in my former diet. i agree since i went on my new diet i'm going to throw out all the foods that are accumulating in the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator; with my diet makeover i have no desire to eat all those old foods that i didn't know were not good for me also the meat, and all the noodles are going to the salvation army. my diet now consists of only healthy vegetarian foods only. fruits, veggies  
01 Jan 15 by member: johnmarth
i'm also donating a gallon of olive oil, corn oil, canola oil, and pounds of brown and white sugar. 
01 Jan 15 by member: johnmarth


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