ChrisComedy's Journal, 01 January 2015

Recently had a battery of tests at a hospital ER because of growing concern over my weakness. Lying on the gurney, I looked at my BPM on the SmartHealth watch and it was the lowest I had ever seen: 60. Typically while doing stand-up comedy, over 100. Go figure...

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In a relaxed state, no stressors or physical exertion. Normal. If you're up you're being physical, your heart is pumping like mad, knowing you've got to pull it off and make people laugh. Add stress. Your bpm is fine. We take our bp daily, particularly me because of the stroke. I've had my bpm in the 50's while relaxed. Want to make yourself even crazier, take your bp with your legs up as in a recliner then do it with them down. You'll see a difference. 
01 Jan 15 by member: ClassicRocker
I can see it going up in front of an audience. Changes all the time depending on what you are doing. It goes up with exercise. My doc had me keeping track every 2 hours a couple years ago, as mine was high in her office. Luckily no high bp problem but all breathing/asthma related, it goes up with breathing Issues. It's now controlled with asthma meds that are working.  
01 Jan 15 by member: wholefoodnut
This time last year my bpm was usually over 100. The last time I had a check up it as in the mid 60s. Sounds good to me! 
01 Jan 15 by member: lettygaylor
That difference between 60 bpm while lying down compared to 100 while amped up on the stage sounds completely normal to me, Chris. I find that I pop into the cardio zone for brief periods while just doing housework. I'm fortunate to maintain a 45-52 bpm resting heart rate. It's interesting to track it on Fitbit. 
01 Jan 15 by member: Draglist
Thanks for the informative comments, everyone. 
01 Jan 15 by member: ChrisComedy
Deleted the first spam I have ever seen on FatSecret. Hope it's the last. 
01 Jan 15 by member: ChrisComedy
The one about the Audi? I used to contact FS and they did it.  
01 Jan 15 by member: ClassicRocker
Holy cow, Chris! I am on a first name basis with the admins here as I report spam consistently (although it's been pretty rare lately). I did report that one today, so they will get to it within 24 hours. It was all over the place, not just on your post... 
01 Jan 15 by member: Draglist
that is wonderful rate... Mine is still a bit higher than I would like.. The more I loose and work out the lower it is getting 
01 Jan 15 by member: Rains120
I would think lying on an ER gurney, getting tested for mystery malady would be more stressful than stand-up comedy. Guess not. 
01 Jan 15 by member: ChrisComedy
Oops didn't see that one, I report them when I see them.  
01 Jan 15 by member: wholefoodnut
I find that my BP really does not get affected as much by psychological input as it does with good old exertion. I was surprised today to see that even during and after push ups and tricep dips, I didn't get above 70. Only walking around really does it. 
01 Jan 15 by member: Draglist


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