kingkeld's Journal, 26 July 2013


It's almost 4 AM. I'm on vacation from work, and STILL I can't sleep in. Wife is fast asleep, but the cat is up, snuggled up in my lap as much as she can, trying to make it harder for me to type. After all, not a bad way to start the day.

I'm mostly up because my stomach is hurting. Sorry for bringing this up, but it's all part of the weight-loss journey, I think, and something that I am trying to analyze on. And something that we don't always like talking about.

The big #2.

I haven't had one for DAYS now. It seems to happen a LOT more sporadically after I started the "2 meal solution" feeding plan. It doesn't happen to the point that I have had to take a laxative several times, including this morning. This is something I do NOT like to do, as I think it shouldn't be necessary.

I like this way of eating, I feel that it's much more efficient and fits my plans and schedules a lot better than "normal eating" (whatever that really is).

However, I also feel that the drains have been backed up quite often, and that is quite annoying. I sometimes go for 4-5 days without really going #2.

Of course, I have tried all the "known" remedies. Prunes, teas and all that jazz, but it doesn't really affect me, and it definitely doesn't change anything.

Still, I'm surviving. I just don't want to get addicted to laxatives, as I hear one can get. That's not the place for me. :)


So, AFTER the laxative, I'm down a measly 400 grams today. Honestly, I'd have thought I had dropped more. Fat% is down to 6.1%, which is nice and indicates more weight drops to come. That's always good. Today, I'm at 82.3 kilos, and there is absolutely NO CHANCE that I'll reach anything like a new low or even a satisfactory weigh-in tomorrow. That's ok.

I feel that it's been a rough week when it comes to counting calories. Looking back, I really haven't done all that bad, but still. I feel that it's been a struggle, and I feel that I've been stumbling through the week in regards to my food.

Today will be no different.

Wife, Daughter and I are going out tonight. Tonight is our "town festval outing", and we've booked tables at a local BBQ. The menu is BBQ beef and turkey, roasted potates, potato salad, salads, and desserts. All comes with beer.

There are plenty of things to make wise choices from, but it's a $40 ticket to eat there and there is no chance that I'm only gonna do a little of this and a little of that, just to sample. Not at that price.

I will, however, eat focused. I don't want to be overly stuffed going home. I will do a very light lunch (and of course no breakfast, as always), and basically use ALL my calories on dinner. This will give me much more wiggle room to get out of it all in one piece.

It's a day that I'm equally looking forward to AND dreading.


Yesterday, I did great. I ended up having just a little over 1500 calories of my 2100 allowance. Well, when I say 2100, it's somewhat a modified truth, as I save up 200 for Indulgence Day. So, essentially I'm allowed 1900 if I want to stick 100% to plan.

Still, I made it just fine and with NO slipping anywhere. No candy, no ice cream, no chocolate. Just like I should be doing EVERY DAY, but haven't as of late.

I do see that the foods that I did have yesterday weighed me down a bit. One of the things I had was a MASSIVE large home made smoothie/shake. No sugar, but lots of fruit and protein powder. I was hungry for something delish, and this was a great choice, even if I didn't see results.


I did great on the exercise yesterday. Check out my Fitbit stats. I was working the gym last night, and I was so tempted to do my workout. It was DEAD there, and I could have easily done it without disregarding my work and without my workout getting interrupted.

I chose to NOT do it, as it was my recovery day. Also, I know I won't be going for a workout through Saturday and Sunday, so I figured it'd be better to go Friday, to spead it out a little. Otherwise it'd be a three-day rest period, and that makes me restless, to be honest. Weird. I must REALLY like those workouts, huh? Hey, that's a good thing.


So, speaking of results... I don't expect to see ANY change tomorrow, because of the dinner tonight. Not only don't I know what is truly in the food - the salads and mixed dishes in particular. I can ballpark it, but that's about all. And of course, I expect the food to have a LOT more salt than what I'm used to.

I hate this. I hate that they always stuff the food with salt for "added flavor". It really annoys me. A lot.

It makes dining out really hard for me sometimes. I know I can go places and be perfectly fine on the calories, and still gain massively overnight because of salt. Why oh why must they do this?!

Of course, one COULD just opt to not go out and eat, right? Right.


So, this morning we'll be heading to the gym. It's 5 AM now, and there are still a few hours until they even open. I might end up going for my walk first, while Wife is still asleep. It'd be a good way to spend the time until she wakes up. And then again. I can't get to my clothes as I don't want to wake her up. Dammit. I'll have to wait.

It should be fairly easy to get my steps in today. I seem to be walking and moving quite a lot these days, and if we're gonna be in the streets to look at the festivities, then we'll also get to walk a little extra there. I think it's just a matter of generally being active. The long walk might not even be necessary today.

Still, I like the walk. I like the way it clears my head. I like the alone time where I am just me and the music, book or what ever I listen to. Or just me and the wind.


I'm working at the gym this afternoon. Days are REALLY slow there right now. People have other things to do - enjoying summer. That is totally understandable. It gives me a very quiet day up until we go for dinner. At least, that's what I'm expecting. This will also give me a chance to do some steps on the elliptical, maybe 30-60 minutes. This will be good for me, as I could choose to skip my walk and spend a little more time with Wife.


Tomorrow will be the next food challenge. The wedding we're attending. It's a pot luck wedding, and there is NO telling what foods will be there. The good thing is that more than 60 people will be bringing dishes, so it should be easy to find SOMETHING that I find acceptable. Again, I will go for a more than reasonable lunch, to make room for dinner.

There will be no Sunday weigh-in, as I am not gonna be sleeping at home. Maybe that's a good thing. :)


Sunday I will make damn sure that I am 100% on track, and I will have to REMAIN on track from then on and until at least the 9th, when I go see the surgeons. I need to make sure that I am as light as possible for that meeting.

It's not really a requirement from them, but it's a requirement from ME. I want to be showing off from my best side. I want for it all to look good. I don't wanna go in there with a much stronger/fit body than last time, only to have gained fat/water along the way, having it look sloppier than it usually does. NO way, Jose.

The worst thing is that I am running short on time on this little project. It will take full focus for the (almost) two weeks that I've got to do this.

Of course, I'm not just gonna pig out today and tomorrow, and the start compensating Sunday. I will have to be a little focused these next days, going through the challenges of dining out and all.

I'll have to register my foods. I'll have to do right. It's in no way an impossible task. I can do this. The big challenge is to stay away from sugars. I did so just fine yesterday. I can keep doing it, when I put my mind to it. It's hard to do in the beginning, but I seem to get a better grip after a few days (unless I fall in instead!).

We've all seen how hard headed I can be, both in good ways and in bad ways. Let's count on the stubbornness to come help me reach my goal. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- the option to go back to sleep later.
- Coffee
- A 400g drop in weight, even if I was hoping for more.
- A fun night out tonight.
- Working the gym this afternoon.
- Wife
- Kitty Cat for keeping me company through writing this journal.

Have a great weekend! Life is good!
181.4 lb Lost so far: 160.3 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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Have you ever tried ginger chews? 
26 Jul 13 by member: FullaBella
Morning Keld. It's a bugger when you can't sleep as long as you think you want to. And I hear you on the TMI stuff. Lots of people suffer from this. Dieters and non dieters. When I switched to calorie counting rather than strictly low carb I added a high fiber cereal to my diet - do you get that stuff there? We call it Allbran my Kellogs I think and it does the trick for me. I would have thought with all the fruit you eat and veggies that you would be okay. And I am sure you drink water? So who knows why our bodies do what they do sometimes. It is danged uncomfortable when you can't 'go' when you need to. And I am surprised that prunes don't help - they are natures drain cleaner - lol. I also hear you on all the challenges you are facing right now with summer and vacation etc. Especially when you have the surgeon's appointment coming up. And paying $40 for a ticket you will definitely want to eat your money's worth. You are doing what you can though. Monitoring and being careful and doing damage control. You said you have two weeks left. So you will just have to 'be good' for 2 weeks. I ate that 'be good' crap - that's not life. There should be no good or bad with food, right? If you have the calories for it, it's okay, so no 'bad'. I have always said that. It becomes 'bad' when we eat too much of it. And yeah, added salt, what the hell's with that? !!!!! Enjoy your day, enjoy your week-end, the wedding, the BBQ, all of it. I know you are getting frustrated with all of this mental struggle but it will be okay, especially when you get back to work and you just have to not go out for 2 week-ends. Perhaps not easy but if you really want to reach that goal by the doc's appointment, perhaps you do just have to be a hermit for the 2 week-ends before your appointment. Mind you, wouldn't that weight then be an 'artificial' weight as you can't maintain that lifestyle? Is your goal weight too low? Just thoughts, not judgements Keld, never judgements. You have come too far for someone like me to 'judge' just asking questions and putting thoughts out there. Bottom line, have a freakin' awesome week-end. Salut.  
26 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum
One way to get #2 moving that I found is to soak a couple Pruns in your coffee. The them steep for a bit, then eat the Pruns and drink your coffee. Someting about that combo always gets me moving. Oh and I've also found that if my water (pure water, not other liquid)intake is down then that too affects #2. I never hear you talk about drinking water, so not sure if this could be a factor as well. Hope something helps!  
26 Jul 13 by member: Rubie-sue
Good journal my focused buddy, and I hope things start "moving" for you.  
26 Jul 13 by member: Neptunebch
Also wanted to ask if you can get probiotic yogurt there? Activia is a popular brand here and they advertise that it 'regulates' you within 14 days and I can say that it does help :) 
27 Jul 13 by member: sarahsmum


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