kingkeld's Journal, 25 March 2013

Good morning!

I'm sorry I missed you guys yesterday. One thing took the other, and before I knew it, it was evening and almost pointless to do a journal. I figured I'd rather to a two day recap today.

So, Saturday I had my LONG awaited Indulgence Day.

After five days of only 600 calories, I really wanted a day where I could let my guard down. The result? I ended up having 2000 calories of my 3500 allowed ones. I stayed away from all the processed sugars, but did have a little of my sugar-free, low fat ice cream. Actually, a nice portion.

Other than that, the calories were spent on proper food - lots of meat, veggies and fruit. It was a good feeling.

Sunday morning, I weighed in two kilos up from Saturday. That's pretty much what I see on all Indulgence Days. Nothing to worry about.

The days too a little calculating and planning. It was hard to fit all the foods in there. Wife wanted pork chops for dinner, and it was VERY hard to make that happen for me along with having a breakfast and lunch as well, while staying within the 600 calories.

Wife ended up changing her mind, making picadillo instead. I did NOT push her to do this. I would have been fine with the chops. I'd just adjust something else.

However, doing that she made it so much better for me.

The day was spent with Burnin' Live! practicing. We're getting better and tighter. It was probably the best practice we've had altogether. We played 7 songs, which is a record for this band. Some needs work, but we're getting there. Our new singer is also getting his footing, and it's all coming together nicely.

I hope that I can present a reasonable recording one of these weeks. Maybe within a month or so. We're not quite there yet, but we're getting there fast.

So, today is Monday. 600 calorie goal again. It'll be like this all week - all the way to Saturday, when I'll do my Indulgence Day again.

The gained weight from Saturday is already coming down nicely. Today, I'm at 86.8, just 600 grams from my low on Friday. I like seeing the weight coming off again so fast.


There is a real challenge ahead though. Easter. We don't have any lunches, brunches or anything else planned, fortunately. This should make it easier to not eat more than I really want. However, it also means that there isn't a whole lot to do. It means no work from Thursday and through Monday. All these days (expect Saturday) will be days where I will spend the most of my time at home, probably watching movies and just hanging out. Sure, I'll go to the gym and stuff, but there won't be 8 hours of work to occupy my mind.

This IS gonna make me want to snack. And when you do 600 calories days, there REALLY isn't room for snacking. I'm gonna have to load up on cucumber and radishes, just in case. :)


My shoulder feels like it's back to normal. I think It's good. It's ready to do some more lifting and pushing, and I can keep going with my workouts, I think. I'm still gonna take it easy on it for a while though, make sure that it recovers right.


My back now hurts.

I lifted my bass cabinet from my apartment on the 3rd floor down to the street yesterday. I do this every Sunday - or at least I have done after the workouts made me able to do so - and though heavy it hasn't been a really hard thing to do.

However, I think I strained my back a little yesterday. The cabinet is, after all 100 lbs dead weight. It's HEAVY to carry around.

My back was aching most of the day yesterday after doing this. Of course, it was also a day where I was constantly moving at Burnin' Live! practice.

Coming home, I was hurting kinda bad. I took some pain killers, and I could tell that stretching and relaxing helped.

I don't want to skip workouts because of this. I think I will simply like I did with the bad shoulder. Identify the machines that could potentially hurt me, and take it easy on them. Then evaluate how it went.

So, that's the goal today. Workout, but with caution.


Work today should be reasonably accomplishable. I have a few things to do, but nothing over the top. I have music planned, and I am all good to go.

I figured that it would be in the right spirit for the week counting down to Easter to play some Judas Priest, so I have a playlist with them prepped for work. :)


Looking at the weight numbers, I'm amazed how much I have moved forward this last week. ONE week ago, I was 5 kgs (11 lbs) heavier. And this is still not the lowest I've been the last week.

I hope I can go as long on the low cals as I did last week, and potentially one more day. Don't worry - I will take care of myself doing this. I will keep in touch with myself, and make sure I get the things I need. I will eat healthy. I will drink plenty of water. I will work hard on identifying how I feel. If I at any point feel drowsy, dizzy or bad in any other way, then I'll eat some more. Health first, absolutely.

However, it would be nice to get a little closer to the goal before my doctor's appointment on the 5th of April. It's right around the corner.

I'm planning to sign up for another LOOP CHECK - the checkup at the gym where they weight you and measure body fat, muscle, and (not least) metabolic age, and have that done on the 5th, the day of the hospital visit. It'd be an interesting day to have recorded. I'm gonna sign up for that today.

...and of course, it'd be awesome to totally ROCK that weigh-in! I know I can do it.

Essentially, I just have 10 days I need to do this. I can handle that. Then, of course, on the Friday of the weigh-in I will not be eating breakfast, as the rule of the whole thing is no eating, no workout, no water for three hours before the weigh-in. The weigh-in is at 7 am, so no breakfast. I can handle that. This is the GYM weigh-in I'm talking about.

There is no actual weigh-in at the hospital. Or, at least, so far there hasn't been. They simply ask me about the numbers, and I tell them. I like that they trust me on it, but I also need to make sure I respect it and tell them the truth on this. Otherwise, they don't know what they have to work with, and that could affect the end result, which is on MY body. So no matter the weight, they'll obviously know the right numbers.

I'm excited about it, and I'm looking forward to going. But I'm also looking forward to being able to relax just a little more on my weight loss journey. 600 calories a day is frickin' HARD to do for a long time. A day here or there, like my modified Indulgence Day, isn't too hard. But every day, one after the other, is tough. There is a lot of preparing involved if I want to reach the goal. I'm okay with going just a wee bit over the 600 cals, but I really don't want to if I can avoid it. I like to reach the goal I set for myself.


The 600 calorie goal comes from the modified Indulgence Day diet I was working on a couple of months ago. I haven't forgotten it, it's just put aside a little while I qualify for surgery.

I can easily see myself living after those rules in the future.

The idea was basically to have one or two days of 600 calories (4-500 for the ladies). This, combined with a couple of regular weight loss RDI days and an Indulgence Day would give a lot of health benefits, according to that "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" Horizon tv show. And if looking at weight loss, it could easily be implemented.

Also, once I am done with losing weight - which should be really soon, I can use a couple of low cal days to keep myself in check. It would help my metabolism to stay afire, and it would help me keep my average calorie intake down, even if I am a little more laid back about things.


That's anothing thing to consider. "Being laid back about things". It's DANGEROUS!

I've lost all the weight once. I was at 75 kilos for one day. This was wild. I don't think I want to be all that low, but 80 would be nice. I know that I feel better when I weigh less. Of course, I have to consider muscle mass too, but 80 kilos WOULD be nice.

Once I am there, I have to keep a KEEN eye on the weight. Much more than I did last time. It crawls back on SO easily, and I do not want to have that happen. If I gain weight, then I want it to be muscle. Not fat.

My game plan for this is (obviously) to keep doing workouts. Keep training. Keep pushing the muscles. And keep eating well. I think I can handle it - if I eat reasonably well, and leave room for a little fun food here and there, along with a few low cal days, then I think it's totally accomplishable. Of course, there is only one way to know. Do it.

I had all these nice theories last time, and I totally blew it. Let's not do that again.

I suppose, if all else fails, I know how to drop a few kilos by now. LOL.

Today I'm thankful for:
- Back on 600 calories. It's a challenge, but I feel that I'm working for my results. It helps me focus.
- Going to the gym. Gotta be careful with my back, though. FULL FOCUS on the workout.
- Daughter waking up early, on her day off (she's on easter break for a full week!), just to go to the gym with me. Nice. Dedicated. I like that a lot.
- Morning coffee.
- A good night's sleep, though I did wake up early.
- Wife, even if she made donuts when I was out of the house yesterday. Oh, and fresh baked bread. She made that too. I had none. NONE. How's THAT for discipline! LOL.

Happy Monday! Enjoy the week! Life is good!
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WELL hi stranger! Long time no chat! I’ve been on a very similar path this last week...funny how that works out. I’m on a 30 day cleanse. Isagenix Protein shake for 2 meals, 2 100 cal snacks and a light meal, 400-600 cal. One "Cleanse Day" where you only drink this IONIX tea, water and some juice that’s full of weird stuff, but it’s not bad.. lol - cleanse day I took in 105 cal I think. I’m amazed how full of energy I really am, how much I’ve been doing. I literally scrubbed my house from top to bottom and worked out HARD like I did in the beginning. I think your right, we get lazy, to relaxed like we know how to do this and have done it. WRONG it means we need to do MORE and work HARDER and EAT LESS because we've done so much already. kick in the pants time! I’m on day 7 of my 30 day cleanse, and I’m down 6lbs- that’s fantastic! I don’t know if the weight will continue to drop like that for much longer, can’t see it, but I’m ok w another 10 leaving me for EVER 
25 Mar 13 by member: sarahduke
It's good to hear that you're in the zone! :) I read an interesting thing about alertness when we eat less. Essentially, when we starting using our stored resources (aka fat, muscle, other things) to compensate for lower calories, then the inner caveman wakes up and tells us to go hunt. We get some extra energy to accomplish this, to avoid starvation. To me, it makes perfect sense. We think we should get tired and lazy, but it's actually the opposite that happens - for a while. Make sure you do things with a good chunk of common sense along with it, and we can push ourselves a LOT further than we think. You sound like you're doing it! 
25 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld


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