kingkeld's Journal, 26 March 2013

Good morning!

Wow. I slept GREAT! I don't think I woke up one single time througout the night.

I woke up to quite a weight gain this morning, but with quite a pleasant surprise on the sideline.

See, I gained a full kilo. This brings me to 87.8 kilos, which isn't half bad. Considering my super low cal days I'm doing, I'd hoped for a loss today, but clearly this isn't fat gain.

So, my focus is on the fat percentage today. Yesterday, it was 10 point something I don't remember. But today, it's 5.8%! Hot damn!

I looked back in my weigh-in history, and the first time I reached this number, actually any number in the 5% category, was new year's eve 2011/2012. It's THAT long ago. At that time, I weighed in at 82.6 kilos - five kilos less than today.

I think the numbers are fairly comparable, even if I am five kilos heavier today, for a couple of reasons:

- I work out now. Muscle mass.
- When I look at the fat percentages recorded the days before and after, it looks like it's a wild drop one day just like the one today. The day before it was several percent higher, just like today.

I know I'm not only 5% fat. It's not a valid, scientifically correct number. But it is a number that shows me that I'm going in the right direction - and that's good enough. I am glad I recorded these numbers first time around so I have them to compare with.

Now, here are the news that I am even more excited about:

Today, I am wearing my green pants!

Last time I wore these pants we on the day I traveled to the hospital to have my skin removal surgery.

Coming home, I couldn't wear anything tight, to protect the cut and because of all the fluid. After the fluid settled, I was too fat for them.

They're a size 29. :) WOoohooo!

Yesterday, I realized that I needed to punch a new hole in my new belt. There are no more holes and it was too big. I did that. Then I realized that my jeans were getting a little too loose. I bought these jeans a couple of months ago. They're size 33.

So, two sizes - four numbers - down the last two months. The effort - both the workouts and the last week's intense dieting has really shown results. FINALLY. I've been waiting for the for what seems like ages.

Wearing these pants today DEFINITELY makes me more comfortable with meeting the surgeons on the 5th of April. I know I'm getting there, and that I have lost quite a bit of fat as they have asked me to.

Also, let us not forget the fact that on New Year's Eve 2011/2012, I was in the blue ticker area! :)

Now, of course, the trick is to keep it off, and do good through Easter.

Easter plans? None really.

Wife and I are planning on a tv-show marathon. 32 hours with an excellent Danish tv-show called Matador (translates to "Monopoly", as in the board game). It's an excellent show about life in Denmark in a little town around World War 2. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, this of course equals 32 hours of sitting. It also equals 32 hours of wanting to munch on something. And this is on days where I am allowed 600 calories a day.

I think I need to REALLY be cautious here. On the other hand, I have a feeling that it might actually be EASIER, as I do not have ANY snack option. Not having the option to snack means not starting at all. If you don't start, you don't need to stop. Right? :)

Let's see what happens.

I will of course have my Saturday Indulgence Day no matter what, but it'll be with no processed sugars as last time. I'm on a mission here, dammit! :)

I have even prepped a little, as I know La Familia will want to have some reasonable meals through the holidays. That's fair. I can't hold everyone back from a little enjoyment through the holidays.

So, yesterday I cooked pasta with a meatless tomato based sauce. There is virtually no calories in it - it's SUPER low. I made a HUGE portion, and froze down several dinner sized portions of, in separate bags.

The plan is to generally follow the eating patterns of the family, but if/when they want a dinner, lunch, whatever that has more calories than I can "afford" right now, I will simply opt for the tomato sauce. It works perfectly well as a soup, without the pasta. That's how I had it yesterday, and it was excellent.

I'm pretty confident that I can and that I will do this. These last days' results are really pushing me forward, and I want to keep riding this wave as far as I can.


"So, how's the back, Keld?".
Thanks for asking. It's better. It's still aching, but it's better.

I was a little disappointed with my workout yesterday - I couldn't give my all because of it. I was scared to pull something bad, so I had a LOT of focus on the back - and that is how it needs to be until I don't hurt any longer.

I can easily pinpoint where the pain comes from. It's a lower back ache, and I can literally feel the muscle that is strained. I have no fat on my lower back, so it's sitting right under the skin. It's good, because I can easily get to massage it a little when it bothers me, and muscle rubs dig in there easily.

However, the muscle is so hard that it almost feels like bone, at least to my fingers. I'm pretty sure it's not bone though. I'm no expert on anatomy, but as far as I can tell, this is a muscle. Probably a small tear/strain like the one I had in the shoulder. The should is fine now, by the way. Thanks for asking. :)


So, today is a slightly busier day at work. That's probably a good thing. It'll occupy my mind.

Yesterday was a little too slow for me, and I had the munchies bad. Some of the companies that we work with brought over eater eggs loaded with chocolate and other devlish stuff. It took a LOT of convincing for me to not dig in, but I did good. I'm pretty proud of that. I was at some point even there with one chocolate egg in hand, and I decided to go give it to my coworker instead. These are probably my favorite chocolate eggs, and they are damn hard to resisit.

I'm glad all the candy is gone. They better not bring more today! LOL.

I have a couple of intervews to do, and just general catchup on little things. The day should go fairly smoothly, I think, and it's all good. I'll be looking forward to it.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Green pants! Yay!
- A fat percentage of 5.8! I did NOT expect this today.
- A positive outlook for the day.
- The spontaneous decision right now to go take a long walk before work. I'm gonna put on some music, and go burn a few calories, since today is a no-gym day. :)
- Did I mention the green pants? I've been trying those on at least once a week for the last nine months, and not until today do they fit. Not even close. And they're not even tight! :)

Have an awesome day! Life is good!

193.6 lb Lost so far: 148.2 lb.    Still to go: 6.2 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 15.4 lb a week


Wow, a journal full of positives! You're on a high and on a roll - keep it going :) 
26 Mar 13 by member: Earthlady
Congrats on being able to wear again your green pants! I guess it's a nice feeling :) enjoy it!! 
26 Mar 13 by member: Lizzie983
Too bad I didn't make it for St. Patrick's Day. :D 
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Impromptu walk was a full hour - 5 kilometers. Endomundo says 420 calories burned. That's pretty much my intake for the day. LOL.  
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Hi Keld. Maybe look into some strechting for your back. I had a pain for a couple of days, thinking my kidney was hurting, but it was the muscle that comes up from the hip & goes over the kidney aera that got stressed. After my PT stretched me( it felt like he was breaking me in half LOL) I felt like a new woman!! WOOHOO for the green pants! 
26 Mar 13 by member: schmetterling34
WOOHOO indeed! Today is a day full of WIN! I feel super energized. Regarding stretching, I'm already doing it, and it helps a lot. :) Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it.  
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Me I didn't want to get up lol despite have a reasonably good sleep. Anyway I am out but can't do anything Because I left my purse at home by accident. Damn was looking forward to hair cut and shopping, how's your day goin? 
26 Mar 13 by member: nicolaaaa1976
Day is going great here! The sun is HAMMERING down, so even if it's cold and one needs a jacket AND a sweater, you can't help being in a good mood from it all. I'm right on target on my calories, will be looking forward to chicken soup tonight, and LIFE IS GOOD! 
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Love this journal! Happy! 
26 Mar 13 by member: jessabridge4444
Green pants and new beltholes :-) good for you! 
26 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
I hear a little "Nutty Professor" coming out in you. It is amazing how all of your data gives you so much power! 29ssssss Wow! A thought for your 32 hr TV marathon - get a set of steps and do step exercises while you watch. Enjoy your Easter! 
26 Mar 13 by member: Neptunebch
Neptunebech, it's not a bad idea, but I know I wouldn't be doing it. Instead, I am setting myself up with a gym partner and a daily walking partner for the holidays. I know that'll work.  
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Allright, done eating for today. I even managed to queeze a little plum into my food diary for dessert. I'm feeling majorly snacky though, and I can't let it happen. I am killing it with a nice, hot cup of tea. A couple of sweeteners in there. It's massively helping. Wife made AWESOME chicken soup with TONS of veggies. It was soooo good. I can't wai tto see what tomorrow's weigh-in will be like. Less weight or less fat percentage, I wonder? Life is good.  
26 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
WHOOOO! GREEN PANTS, and size 29, that is AMAZING! I was feeling munchy yesterday, and kept feeding myself good stuff, then started with the big gulp of water and HOT TEA and a bath, and it settled a bit! I love your statement "I'm on a mission here, dammit! :)" I hear ya! You are on a mission, I feel the same way, this is it, you are strong, building muscle, a hottie for your wife! Energized in life! YEAH! Let the sun shine in!!! hope your back feels better asap! have a great walk! 
26 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic


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