Della Wang's Journal, 14 August 2018

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Never seen a meal like it. Trying to guess origin. Maybe Korea Restaurant style. 
15 Aug 18 by member: Diddlee
Enjoy 😋 
15 Aug 18 by member: rosio19
15 Aug 18 by member: drshellking
wow yammie can I come for dinner ... lol  
15 Aug 18 by member: Kungfu Popa
Why is this okay to post on a site where people have great weaknesses when it comes to food? Seems like posting drinks on a AA site. I think this is insensitive. Is it just me? Please consider some of the struggles of others.  
16 Aug 18 by member: adamevegod1
People are only allowed to post mediocre meals on this site. Nothing delicious. lol 
16 Aug 18 by member: Diablo360x
adamevegod1: you're gonna have some difficulties coping here! Look at it this way-people post food as a way of showing how you can lead a healthy lifestyle with GOOD food.  
16 Aug 18 by member: Kahaz
Also, Della: that looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. 
16 Aug 18 by member: Kahaz
So advertisers have it all wrong, posting endless food images have zero impacts on triggers. Humm. It doesn't affect or those highly disciplined in exercise, or what they eat. Weightlifing machines like Diablo360x who need to feed the body isn't the same as a postmenopausal 300 lb woman, or depressed man who has food addiction issues, but who cares about them as long as we are happy and can cope. Cheers.  
16 Aug 18 by member: adamevegod1
One year ago, I WAS a 275 pound post menopausal woman! Still menopausal, but down a lot. I love seeing how people are doing what they do. (20 years ago, before my autoimmune disorder with attendant arthritis hit, I was a 'weightlifting machine'! And nutrition was a huge part of that, too). Della: sorry for the post hijack! Keep on doing you. 
16 Aug 18 by member: Kahaz
So the 300 lb women only pays attention to what’s convenient is what your saying  
16 Aug 18 by member: rosio19
She’s not gonna pay attention to the part of eating with moderation,exercising, eating only when hungry, no need to stuff ourselves, blah blah  
16 Aug 18 by member: rosio19
@adamevegod1 why does the food in this picture bother you so much? Am I missing something? It's clearly for two people or more, and none of it looks crazy to me. We don't typically insult people's posts on FS.  
16 Aug 18 by member: mrsroboto
My concern would be more that the goal weight is under 100 pounds...just sayin' 
16 Aug 18 by member: HCB
Discipline requires a lot of training. It's tough living in a world where we're surrounded by temptations and no one seems restricted but us... alone.... while everyone else can do whatever they want.  
16 Aug 18 by member: chrisw77
The difference is, you have a goal to achieve, so put the blinders on and do what you need to do to reach that goal! Even if it means scrolling fast past some of the pictures on FS 👍 
16 Aug 18 by member: chrisw77
Not everyone here has the same goals. Some folks are trying to gain weight, some lose weight, etc. if it’s bothersome, scroll past.  
17 Aug 18 by member: drshellking
Food images are everywhere. Unlike an alcoholic, we cannot go without food, so we have to learn to live with it and work our program with it. I am doing cico, basically, and my body is past its prime. But you know, it is what it is! i still am interested in how others eat. I'm still interested in food.  
17 Aug 18 by member: jengetfit123


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