kathleeng48's Journal, 30 June 2018

I am really angry at the scale. It is too soon for a plateau. I am 100 percent compliant and started exercising, not heavy duty, but enough to burn some calories and do my body good. To not see any reward is a pain. I don't even allow myself the glass of wine I am always entitled too with my leftover WW points and I don't push to add food at the end of the day even when I have points left. So I am upset. Will it affect what I do? Well, not exactly. I will look at foods that may not agree with me, diet wise, and eliminate some of them. Off hand, I don't know what they can be, but I will look. I will stay on the program because it is healthy, and heaven forbid I stopped. I would be a blimp. I know I can lose faster on Atkins, but I can't stay on that for the rest of my life. This I can. So I plunge ahead.
226.4 lb Lost so far: 14.6 lb.    Still to go: 78.4 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet Weight Watchers   gaining 0.6 lb a week

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you don't log food and calories so I don't know if anyone can really help with suggestions. Just be supportive. and yes if you have dropped your calories below maintenance level do moderate exercise and you are still not losing weight or body measurement, the food sensitivities can definitely come into play. I am keto and I had a low carb tortilla the other day to test if it would have an effect. even being 900 calories down, the next day my weight went up. it was all water and it took 3 days for my weight to go back down to normal. and yes it is hard to test food when you don't prepare it yourself and can not be selective and limiting on what you eat. I had the yeast problem a few years back and my doctor put me on a very limited food diet. no nightshade veggies, just basically chicken and rice. once my body calmed down we tested one food a day. when I had a reaction which could be anything from brain fog to gritting my teeth, removed the food. Good luck on the process. 
30 Jun 18 by member: baskington
I eat only one Lean Cuisine meal a day and lose weight every day I stick to it. I'm hungry as hell, but I've lost 20 pounds in 3.5 weeks.  
30 Jun 18 by member: trinityfirestar
wow that is some serious will power 
30 Jun 18 by member: baskington
There are weeks I am furious with the scale too but I know my body well enough that even though I'm not taking a break from my diet, my body is doing it's own adjustment and in another week it will surprise me with a "whoosh" and the scale will show it. I'm just impatient but still trying to understand the eccentricity of the human body when dieting. It is what it is. As a control freak I have to realize this is one thing that I can't control. 
30 Jun 18 by member: BlueFront
I recently went through 6 weeks of that, I lose weight pretty easily, so I was very frustrated. I had changed some of my meds and thought maybe that was part of the problem. I never did figure it out and came to the conclusion that at 67 and in pretty serious health problems that my body is just tired and unpredictable. I finally started losing again and I'm hoping to continue. I will pray for you. 
30 Jun 18 by member: sross512004
Don't worry - probably just water. The scale will catch up soon. I'm starting to actually look forward to mini-plateaus because I know the next week will be astonishing. LOL The scale says I lost nothing last week but 4 pounds this week. Hilarious. No, I lost 2 both weeks but retained water last week. Don't fret. Water is heavy. Just keep sodium to reasonable levels and drink lots of water and the scale will be your friend once again. :) 
30 Jun 18 by member: LZenn
weight loss is not linear. stay on track and you will get the woosh that bluefront mentioned. that is if you're in a calorie deficit. 
30 Jun 18 by member: Diablo360x
You can outlast your stubborn body. Keep on going. 
01 Jul 18 by member: Draglist
Thank you all for your amazing support. In response to some of the comments and questions, I do not log calories, and certainly not on this site since I log points and everything that goes into my mouth plus activity on the Weight Watchers site. At age 70,I have also accepted the idea that we all have food sensitivities. I know that despite having low to average blood pressure, I react when I eat a lot of sodium, especially seafood. Too bad they taste so good. I am at a point in my life, at age 70, that I prefer salt to sugar, but I don't use a lot. I can identify with other "control freaks." I really try to be perfect when I do things so I expect a perfect result. I Know my body, especially since menopause which hit me at the very early age of 43 along with a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. That is when I quit working for Weight Watchers after ten years of keeping my weight off. I never went on maintenance. I gained weight staying on it. I knew I would starve myself if I stayed. I have never been a fast loser and never had so much weight on me since age 50, but I will plod on, using my willpower, which has always been excellent, to help me succeed, even if it is not when I expect to. I also remember from years ago that a gallon of water weights 8 lbs- or maybe it was even less. At that number, it does not take much to show a weight gain. So I am hoping in a week or two I will show a two or three pound drop to make up for the past few weeks of practically nothing. Thank you all for your support. 
01 Jul 18 by member: kathleeng48
It is an unfair struggle. You are doing well with a good attitude. It is a long term life long environment to play in. Keep positive. I too focus too much on the scale when it is not moving. Tell myself it will eventually. 
09 Jul 18 by member: WetTshirt


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