babyjacksgranny's Journal, 21 May 2018

I really do not understand how some people will lose all this weight like they r pouring it out of a bucket and I continue to be on the same course of not losing hardly anything! I don’t know if I’m not eating enough calories or what ! I will continue on this journey because it is one of the best “diets” I have ever been on. It is a way of life now and I guess I am going to be one of those people who will lose like a turtle 🐢
229.4 lb Lost so far: 69.4 lb.    Still to go: 54.4 lb.    Diet followed reasonably well.
on diet babyjacksgranny's own diet   gaining 0.4 lb a week

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Don’t compare ur self to others, a lot of people go to extremes to lose weight. don’t worry of how fast u lose weight, worry about... is this something I can do the rest of my life. u are making lifestyle changes, because if u go back to eating like before ur diet, u will gain the weight back 😳 
21 May 18 by member: rosio19
Are you getting enough water? Are your macro percentages where you want them to be for your way of eating?  
21 May 18 by member: cjodyssey
Eating the way I should. I’m really going to start pushing more water 💦. I know it is really better to lose slowly, but it is like “what am I doing wrong?”. Watching what I eat and keeping track with the app. my husband is going to start next month so going to try different keto meals to keep him interested! Keep those fingers crossed 🤞  
21 May 18 by member: babyjacksgranny
I can't look at my eating plan as a "diet". It's a lifesyle change. For a healthier life. I say just choose what is going to work for YOU so that you are happy and will stick with it. And ALWAYS under a doctor's care. This is the perfect place to only encourage each other. 
21 May 18 by member: vlspiers
I know for me that it is a little bit at a time - this is acceptable as I am in this for the long haul. I wish you all the best on your adventure.  
21 May 18 by member: tahoebrun
check out the half hour diet (it isn't so much a diet as common sense) My neurologist, Dr Cyril Burke wrote it, free website artice. Annoying truths are the worst! your on the right path, slow and steady is best. Don't choke your husband when he loses faster than you... it is tough being a woman lol 
21 May 18 by member: semisweetme
I perfectly understand. When you've worked real hard and have been so good. . . you want to see significant results. I get it. Keep hanging in there. Keep trying. We'll all get to our goals eventually. 
21 May 18 by member: tclogan
slower losses are supposed to be better. If I lose 1/2 a pound a week I am happy. That would end up being 26 pounds for the year. Slow losses help you to develop better eating habits. Do not get discouraged. 
21 May 18 by member: new clothes 140
It is very frustrating when you feel you are doing everything right and the scale just doesn't agree. You have come a long way and weight loss does slow down. There are some things you can do to shake things up a bit though. After losing a few pounds you can redo your macro numbers and calorie allowances on another online site (, keto calculator, etc) but not FS. Upping exercise and non caloric liquids help. If you can fasting, or one meal a day, or zig zagging your calories over a week. The zig zag method is basically have low calories one or two days and then have large calories the next day to average out over the week the amount of calories allowed for the week. Slow losing is good, not losing at all I would rather avoid :) Just don't give up. 
21 May 18 by member: kattay
I was stuck in a rut and was eating healthier and exercising and just not losing. So, I took a look at my calories and adjusted them, and now I may eat 50-100 calories less a day, still eating healthy and over 1200, and I started losing. It's amazing how little adjustments can make a big change. You will figure this out and keep losing. Keep moving forward! 
21 May 18 by member: mars2kids
That proves me that even though I'm anorexic, my brain isn't wrong! 100 kcalories are a lot! 
21 May 18 by member: HumbleDeer
WE all go through this at some point. I lost about a pound a week so yea, its not magic. Like Olympic Athletes, we don't see the years of struggle it takes to win a medal. 
21 May 18 by member: FloridaAngel
Your profile says "Babyjacksgranny's own diet" is "private," there's no info on your food diary, and I'm not sure of your age. Without additional info, it's hard to say what, if anything, might need to be adjusted. You recorded a substantial weight drop over a period of years at the start of your weight-loss journey, then, it's been up-and-down within a range of 15-or-so pounds. It doesn't seem that you have a medical problem preventing weight loss. Commitment and consistency with an eating plan may be issues. I'm 64-1/2 years old. I was diagnosed with T2DM in 2001, already having been taking Rx's for hypertension, high cholesterol, gout, and advancing arthritis for years. I started at 285 lbs. in 2003, having been that weight for over 10 years. I lost 75 (25 at a time over the next two years in a low-carb low-fat diet), and then "stalled" (ignored my diet!) between 210 and 235 until 2017. Last year, I lost 28 lbs. on a LCLF high-protein diet, then regained 15, again "stalling" (eating whatever I wanted!). I said I wanted to be thin but couldn't find an eating plan I could stick with. Just three weeks ago, after a lifetime of playing around, trying everything for short periods of time, and ever-increasing weight, I began researching LCHF diet with moderate protein and overnight intermittent fasting (IF). In three weeks, I've lost 11 pounds, reduced all my meds, and feel satified. If I'm hungry, I eat LCHF food -- REAL foods. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat. I'm committed to seeing this through! I suggest researching LCHF eating style ( has everything you'll need), planning your meals a day ahead on the FS Food Diary (so you have what you need on hand), and then recording everything you actually eat throughout the day. I boldly predict success! Grab hold, hang on, and put this effort your first priority. You can do it! 
21 May 18 by member: Miraculum
I wish these posts would record paragraph breaks! Long posts are hard to read! 
21 May 18 by member: Miraculum
Ugh I’m right there with ya! Frustrating!! 
21 May 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie
I am 49, and had trouble loosing 1/2 pound let alone more, my weight was 239 and now i am 172, and loosing slowly but healthy, its all about nutrition and body responce/ metabolism. so what i did was take out carbs , only intake 50 gms of cards a day and did 3days a week weights, no need for fast cardio. Walking is good. And it works. After years of frustrations and loosing a pound on any diet. All i had to do was control the card intake. Breads, pasta, rice 🍚 , and sugar, even some fruits 🍌 like banana, oranges, strawberries. They all have natural sugar that converts to carbs quickly.  
24 May 18 by member: DaianaAzpil


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