BK2526's Journal, 26 September 2020

To do skin removal or not. That is the question.
(Just my two cents & takeaway from my experience.)🤓👇

Skin removal is NOT a weight loss surgery or a quick fix! If those things are in your head when you’re considering the procedure, don’t do it!
Will you lose some weight after having some skin removed? Yes. Duh. (But don’t expect some dramatic scale drop. You’ll be bummed out). Are results immediate? Yes. Duh. Skin was removed for goodness sake.
It does not make it either one of those things, though.
I worked hard to get where I’m at. Physically and mentally. I developed the right tools. I implement those tools daily.
My skin simply lacked the elasticity to bounce back. Prior surgical procedures AND I lost a lot of weight so being with the VA, it was offered. It’s their dime so what the heck?! BUT this is not a free pass. I have to continue to workout and do well to maintain this. If I don’t, I’m right back to square one with no option for another such procedure because my skin is thinner which can lead to breakdown. And it would’ve been a big waste of time which would lead to regret. Two things I have low tolerance for is wasted time and regret.

I have heard plenty of people talk like abdominoplasty is a trick to “lose fat”. Again, I don’t suggest you consider a procedure like mine if you’re looking for an easy way out. Take into account your recovery time, your eating patterns, your activity, your overall health. If you’re looking to remove a good deal of extra lax skin and everything else is on point...
Go for it.
I don’t regret it at all.
Just do your research.
I put in the work. I didn’t cheat the system.
I simply enhanced the hard work I’ve done and now I have a flatter tummy free of hanging skin. I had A LOT of progress prior and I’ll have A LOT of continuing progress. And for those who have some negative nonsense to say about skin removal procedures...
Oh well. It’s not your body. It’s mine. Don’t want to do a procedure like this..
Um, don’t. No one is asking you to or making you. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Diet Calendar Entry for 26 September 2020:
818 kcal Fat: 10.95g | Prot: 41.96g | Carb: 149.68g.   Breakfast: Breakfast Bars (Oats, Sugar, Raisins, Coconut, Include Granola Bar), Starbucks Nonfat Caffe Mocha (Venti), Great Value Frozen Tropical Fruit Mix, Del Monte Banana. Dinner: Kroger Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenderloins, Dole Spring Mix Salad. more...

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I would love to but I'm chicken shit. ;) Congrats on your success! I've not seen anyone on FS so quickly make progress (and keep it). ❤ 
26 Sep 20 by member: davidsprincess
Lol. It is a scary thing to do. The recovery time alone is a hurdle. I’ll have to admit that I looked funny walking around after, all bound up, and I couldn’t just sit. I had to go all MacGyver and construct things to hold onto so I could lower my body down. And thank you, DP!💞 From a no nonsense person like you, I sincerely appreciate that.  
26 Sep 20 by member: BK2526
You said it perfectly and I could not agree more. I said the same thing that my tummy tuck, skin removal, abdominoplasty what ever we call it is not why my body looks the way it does. My nutrition and exercises is why I have ab definition. It was there, under the skin. I cringe when women think tummy tuck is the answer. No honey, not stuffing ya face is the answer. Exercise is the answer. It’s not for everyone. I’d love to see you before and after pics but respect your privacy. DP you would get amazing results but then just like me we have the skin on our arms too. That surgery I am NOT willing to go through with, seen way too many horrible scars.... BK, you summed up tummy tuck/skin removal better than I’ve ever seen!!! Thank you!!! 
26 Sep 20 by member: Lowkeylife
26 Sep 20 by member: wifey9707
I don't regret mine either. I ended up gaining a bunch of weight a few years later. It is way more uncomfortable to gain weight as the body isn't as elastic. I am grateful that this time around I don't have the loose skin problem. I would also add to your list of experiences that loss of skin sensation is disconcerting. I have gotten used to it and it isn't enough to wish I hadn't done it. 
26 Sep 20 by member: 59Carol
I’m 56yrs old I’ve had five children and yes I could use a tummy tuck if I want to wear a two piece bathing suit but I don’t so as I lose unwanted fat my tummy looks worse BUT it’s also a reminder of where I was : 196 lbs and unhealthy to now 6 lbs from my goal 165lbs, it’s not a size 9 but not a size 22 any longer, Follow your heart on your decision. 
26 Sep 20 by member: TinaAG
There is a matter of how much skin is needing to be removed. I lost 160 pounds and then had a tummy tuck because the skin flap literally had to be folded into my jeans each time I zipped them up. It was disheartening. This time I have lost 85 pounds and the tummy tuck has held up. No folding of skin into my pants. It is a drastic solution to decide to surgically remove the skin - make sure it is worth it. It was worth it for me. 
26 Sep 20 by member: 59Carol
Thank you for the insight!😊👍 
26 Sep 20 by member: Shrewdness
BK, excellent reality check! Loved your being so forthright in the procedure. Those who believe in the magic fix are not living in reality. Brava 👏👏👏 
26 Sep 20 by member: Erq1
Thank you, LowKey!💞 I’m the same and cringe when people think it’s some sort of miracle answer for fat loss. I definitely have to restrain the outward snort of derision.😂 Thank you Wifey!💞 Thank you Carol! 💞 And I agree too. The skin sensation was weird. I did have a nerve damage mishap and had to undergo another procedure to fix it but that still wouldn’t have had me rethinking this. I’m quite pleased. Thank you Tina!💞 Yes, it’s a personal decision and following your heart is the best guide. You’re welcome Shrewdness! I try and be as candid as possible. 💞 I’ve heard too many people say it’s a weight loss surgery and some think that once they do the surgery that they can kick back and do whatever. It’s certainly not the case if you want to keep the results and build on them. Thank you Erq!💞 There are some who have an unrealistic vision of what the results will be and it’s not an easy road on recovering even free of mishaps. 
26 Sep 20 by member: BK2526
My father-in-law had the surgery after he lost 100+lbs. It was a long recovery for him but he was older and I'm sure that contributed to it. I think like you, it's an individual decision and good for you! Everyone has their own path to follow and I think it's a great thing. No judgement here! I do anti aging stuff and don't like when people say stuff about that either. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 
26 Sep 20 by member: Diana 1234
You are right, it’s all about your own experience and it needs to be well thought m. One thing I noticed tho, things like plastic (and aesthetic in general) surgery are more frequent in the US, people seem to be less “fearful” there compared to here. I wonder why. I hope you’ll scar well and get even better. 
26 Sep 20 by member: velvetee
Thanks for the reality check. So many don't mention all of the "after" you have to go through. Your after looks fantastic and definitely the right decision for you. 👍 
26 Sep 20 by member: Katsolo
Thank you Diana!💞 Yes, it probably is a tougher recovery the older we get. I’m 42 and it was a long process for me too. Thank you Vel!💞 I’m not sure why either. Perhaps it’s just more plastic surgery clinics and specialist around the US, in general? I mean, in my small town, there are 3 clinics. Lol. Next town over is about the same. Thank you Kat!💞 I believe part of the reason why most don’t give more updates after a few months is a fair few backslide. I have heard it over and over (and even though they don’t say it outright) is that they don’t need to workout because of the tummy tuck. Most don’t get that you have to exercise to maintain. So I venture that some get embarrassed or feel guilty that they let themselves down (and some feel guilty that they let people in their lives down.). It does take YOU being accountable but if you are in a relationship or have family who have helped you along the way with recovery then they are kinda on the ride too. My husband took time off work and so did his Aunt and Mom to watch and help with our littles while I was recovering.  
26 Sep 20 by member: BK2526


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