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by worldturners on diet worldturners's own diet, gaining 5.6 lb a week Up
by larilyn on diet larilyn's own diet, losing 9.8 lb a week Down
by 16vvelvet on diet 16vvelvet's own diet, losing 7.7 lb a week Down

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Lemon Pepper Seared Steak with Stir Fry Veg and Homemade Coleslaw Dinner tonight - tasty, healthy, and yummy.
by funnygarm01 on 07 Jun 20 04:50 AM
Unsure how to log two recipes?
Highly highly recommend it! Re: the braising liquid, so I just wouldn't count the beer, then?
by slip-hayes on 06 Jun 20 05:18 PM
good news, that was fixed and now I connected my Fitbit. Tip for others delete Google fit from connected apps bedore you chose Fitbit, that way it becomes default. If you don't you will have to press ...
by Dino2627 on 06 Jun 20 07:07 AM
800 calories
Hi I'm on that diet too if you read the book he mentions losing weight the first week and then not the second but says longer term the weight will start coming off again so if you're patient that ...
by harryro on 05 Jun 20 03:37 PM
im scared
joining the site was a good step that may help. you can do it!
by teachingmommy on 05 Jun 20 09:45 AM
Changing the goal weight
in my diet
by teachingmommy on 04 Jun 20 04:10 PM
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