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29 August 2014

I'm realizing that I'm going to be super busy now that school has started. Last night I helped my daughter study for 2 tests and we were studying for a good 2 hours. I thought I was done with homework! :)

I'm working on my plan of attack for my workouts. I want to start doing them early in the mornings again, that seems to work best when the kids are in school. I think what I'm going to do is write them on the family calendar, that way they are written down, they are there for everyone to see, and if I don't get it done in the morning, then they can all tell me I need to get it done and it will be staring me in the face. I know I can get a 30 minute workout in, or even a short walk or run, but excuses are so much easier than exercising and eating right. My hubby right now wants to eat better, so I am also going to work on finding some good healthy options for dinner and plan out the week each Sunday.

I'm feeling motivated today. Maybe it's because it's Friday, maybe it's because I ate a good breakfast, maybe I'm just going crazy, whatever it is I'm hoping the motivation sticks around and the plan works. Hopefully I don't blow it. :)

Have a great weekend!!

28 August 2014

I got a workout in last night, so that was good, but I ate way too much. Hopefully I can get back on track with my eating. If I pay attention and record it, hopefully I'll stop myself from eating so much junk. I've had heartburn lately too and that has to be from eating junk because I normally don't get it. Time to reevaluate, get back in the saddle, and take charge of my eating instead of letting it take charge of me.

Today I'm supposed to do a 1 mile walk, so I think I'll get that in while I'm waiting for my daughter to get done with practice. Maybe I can even go a little further. I'm doing a Nike coaching app that builds up your running and you walk and cross train between running days, so hopefully I'll be back up to running before it starts getting cold. I really want to keep up with my running until I can't get outside to do it anymore.

My son went to school today, we'll see if he makes it the whole day. I think he's excited to go back and see all the other kids, but I hope he doesn't push himself too hard at recess. I'm actually feeling a little better today so maybe the workouts are helping. I'm also trying to eat more fruit again so that could be helping too. I think we're both finally on the mend.

Have a great Thurday!!

27 August 2014

I haven't been on here for a while, so it's time to get back. I've been sick, busy, and had a sick kid the last few weeks, so I haven't been good in the eating and exercise departments. It took me a couple of weeks to shake my illness, and now I feel like it's coming back, but if I'm still feeling any worse over the weekend I'll call the doc. My son has pneumonia, so he's been out of school all week this week so far, but he's starting to feel better and he may be able to go back tomorrow. Poor kid, 3 weeks into school and already sick.

I went for a 1.5 mile run yesterday while I was waiting on my daughter to get out of volleyball practice. It felt good to get out and run and to work up a sweat. Tonight I'm going to have my hubby go pick her up so I can do a quick workout when I get home. I'm hoping if I start exercising I can kick the bug out of my system and keep from feeling so crumby. We'll see how it goes.

I'm going to start recording my calories again tomorrow morning. I have not been paying much attention to what I've been eating, so I'm sure it will be hard to get back to a healthy eating routine. I wish healthy eating was as easy for me to get back into and get excited about as exercise. I enjoy my food, and have a horrible sweet tooth, so I have a hard time with my eating especially when I'm stressed or not feeling well. I'm hoping that getting back on here will help me find my motivation again.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

08 August 2014

Yesterday I participated in an active shooter drill at an old run down mall. It was pretty interesting. I was chosen to be a woman whose husband/BF/or whoever is shot next to her and she runs and screams, and we were the first people the officer encounters. So all that screaming made my throat sore today, but it was fun. And as a bonus I got to do it during work, so I was paid, and I got a little more activity in than I normally would at work.

Today I've got a 3 mile run ahead of me after work, so I'm hoping the rain that's in the forecast either holds off until I'm done, or is just a sprinkle. I did get a workout in last night, and I really want to stick with my coaching program on the Nike app. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 4 mile run, with some walking, and I'm going to try to get that done in the a.m. because my hubby and I leave for our trip out of town about noon.

Speaking of our trip. My hubby sold his little fishing boat yesterday, so now we have to haul our trailer with us on the 3 hour trip because he wants to buy a new boat. Ugh. So, now I figured out the real reason he wanted to go on this trip. I don't want to deal with getting the stupid little boat mostly because the kids will be getting back Sunday and I want to be there when they get back, not have them wait on us for a few hours because of the boat. My hubby isn't bothered by that, because he's got his one track mind going. He gets obsessed with things and can't focus on anything except for that obsession until he's got it. It drives me nuts! I need to find something really obnoxious that I enjoy and make him do it with me, and somehow sucker him into it with the guise of a vacation. See how he likes it. :) Just kidding, I'll deal with it, but it is annoying.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!!

06 August 2014

Yesterday I felt like I was doing pretty good until the end of the day, then I started getting a horrible headache. This morning I can still feel it hanging on, but it's not as bad. I'm hoping that if I take some migraine meds it will stay just a little headache and not turn into a full blown migraine, which is what it was feeling like last night. I was feeling nauseated and just crumby all night so I didn't get much accomplished other than watching the movie "The Life of Pi", which I would reccomend to anyone who hasn't seen it.

So, today will be a struggle if my headache doesn't go away and my stomach is not feeling well either. I made myself a PB&J today for lunch because that's the only thing that sounded good. I think my stomach is the scar tissue pain acting up because that's where the pain is. I'm hoping by the end of the day I feel marvelous and ready to work out because I'm supposed to do a DVD today. We'll see what happens, I'm just going to take it as it comes.

Well, I'm off to take some meds and hopefully feel better! Have a great Wednesday!!

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