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15 December 2017

Thanks to those who responded to my journal from yesterday. Some good reminders to take time to enjoy for myself and that I don't have to please everyone. It's hard for someone like me, who always wants everyone else to be happy, but then ends up just feeling frustrated. Guilt trips from family are hard on me, but we're all old enough to know that not everyone may be happy with all of the plans, but we just have to deal with it and move on.

Tonight my husband and I are going out for our anniversary, which was yesterday, so that will be fun, but not good on the calories I'm sure. He wants to go to a place we've never been, and from what I've heard, it's mostly fried foods. I'm still going to try to find something decent calorie-wise and enjoy our time out. This weekend my plan is to exercise some stress away, which will be good because my kids and I are baking some cookies. I'm only baking what they really want and I'm going to package some to take to work and maybe package some for the kids to give to their friends. I can't believe Christmas is so close!

I don't think I'm alone in saying, TGIF!! I'm ready for the weekend. Have a great Friday and a spectacular weekend!

14 December 2017

My leg is feeling better today, still swollen, but no pain. I won't get a workout in today, so it will be another day of rest. Hopefully I can keep my eating in check to keep myself feeling good.

I've been stressing about the holidays, I'm sure there are many people in the same boat. I'm going to have a long rant now, just to get my thoughts out. My husband's family is all coming to our house the 22nd and through the 24th. There are six siblings and then spouses, families, and a couple of others that aren't blood related, but they're family, so we're going to have a house full and it will be noisy and busy. I stress because they never have a plan for anything until they get here, then I become the babysitter or have to tell the kids "no" because their parents get to our house and just let them run wild. We usually do his family Christmas over New Year's weekend because that's usually what works best, this year it's different. So, my family wants to get together on Christmas day, which is fine, but my brother refuses to be around my dad, so then we have to find time to spend with him. It's driving me crazy to try to do 2 Christmases with most of the same people. We're going to be so busy that weekend, and I work the day after Christmas, so I really don't want to run around all day. I'd like to spend some quiet time at home with my husband and kids. My dad had a stroke a few years ago, and I just don't think it's fair for him to sit home alone, with no one around for the holiday. I wish my brother would just take an hour and suck it up, so it's not such a pain. I keep telling myself though that if I suck it up for an hour and just go with my family to see my dad, then I'd be fine. Family drama! It all comes out at the holidays and I'm always in the middle, so it stresses me out. I'm really going to have to try hard to keep eating under control, and do workouts. I think the workouts will help with the stress. I also feel like at some point I'm going to explode at everyone, my brother probably taking the brunt, then because he holds a grudge, I'd never see him or his family again. So, I have to learn to hold my tongue and de-stress before that happens.

Anyway, de-stressing that's the plan. I know food won't help me, so I need to keep from eating the Christmas goodies that show up at the office, or at home, and do a workout. Kick stresses butt!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!

13 December 2017

Last night and this morning I'm having a pain in the back of my leg. Looking online, which I know I probably shouldn't do, it looks like a Baker's Cyst. I've got swelling and pain that seem to match that, so I'm trying to decide now what to do. I think I'm going to take it easy, because it could also be a pulled muscle. I can still do some exercise, but I'm going to be careful with what I do, we'll see how I'm feeling this evening. If I'm in more pain tomorrow I'll call the doctor.

I'm going to stay positive. Even if I can't exercise I can still eat healthy. I may be able to do some exercises that are different and maybe I'll like it. We'll see how this comes out, but I am going to do my best to keep myself from getting discouraged.

Time to power through my day. Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

12 December 2017

I haven't been recording my weight here, I had a big gain after Thanksgiving, but I have lost 2 lbs. in the last couple of weeks since I really made the commitment to eat healthier and exercise. I really thought about what that loss meant to me this morning and I don't care so much about my weight, but I feel less bloated, I feel like I have more energy, and just an overall better attitude. Those feelings are so much better to me than the number on the scale. I would love to see some muscle someday and a little less of me, but I still won't care about the number, any losses are just a reminder of the work I'm putting in.

Now, I'm going to ramble a bit about the last couple of days. I had my allergy test yesterday and got my list of allergies. They are going to give me shots, the first few I'll do at the office, then the rest I'll give myself. These shots last for 3 years, but I don't have to take them every day, they're only a few weeks at a time, so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm so ready to try something to keep my sinuses from getting so bad. My insurance pays for this 100%, so I'm going to try it and if it doesn't work, then I'm not out anything, but I'll know it's not allergies.

Over the weekend I didn't do too bad with my eating, but I felt terrible so other than my normal daily chores I didn't exercise. Yesterday I didn't wake up early to workout either because I was still not feeling well, and after the allergy test I grabbed something to eat on my way to work. I should have prepped something instead, but I didn't snack during the day. Then I did okay for dinner, but we had cake for dessert because it was my daughter's birthday. Double chocolate cake, I just couldn't resist and I only had a small piece. So, today it's back on track. Workout this morning, even though I still felt gross, then packed good food for the day. Dinner I know won't be the best, but I am going to try to make decent choices and keep my snacking to a minimum.

Happy Tuesday!!

08 December 2017

This morning my motivation was lacking. I managed to talk myself into getting up early to do my workout, but I'm just feeling tired today. I think I'm just ready for the weekend. My to-do list is piling up, so I'm going to try to tackle that this weekend and maybe that will help too. My ears being plugged don't help me either. I will make the best of it and try to keep positive.

Monday I have an allergy test to see if something is causing all of my sinus issues. I'm really hoping that if I do have an allergy that they can give me something that will help me or at least give me some tips on what I can do to prevent feeling so miserable with my sinuses and ears a lot of the time.

I'm going to try to keep myself from giving into any comfort foods when I'm not feeling 100%. I've packed healthy foods, and we've got a plan for dinner, so I should be okay. I'm just going to keep telling myself, I feel healthy, I feel healthy, I feel healthy...

Have a great Friday!!

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