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22 September 2014

Today's the day of my interview. I'm getting nervous as it gets closer. I should have chosen a morning time, then I'd be done already, but I was thinking then I could have a short day instead. Silly me. I talked to my supervisor and he's supporting me in whatever I choose to do, which is nice. He understands the pay issue and if he could give me a raise I know he would. It will make that blow if I don't get the job so much easier to take knowing I have a great place to work already.

This morning I made myself a "green" smoothie, but it was more like a brown smoothie. Other than the repulsive color it was good. I think I need to add more spinach and kale and less berries to make it really green, not to mention I need a blender that can really liquify everything. I just have a single cup blender and it's on it's last leg I think. I'm going to keep trying to incorporate the smoothies though because they are such an easy way to get some fruits and veggies in. I'll have to find some other fruits and veggies to add too.

Exercise wise, I haven't done anything in like 2 weeks. We've been so busy after I get off work, that I just haven't had time or energy. This week will be a little better, so I should be able to get a workout in after work at least a few days. Something short is better than nothing, so I'm going to try to get going again and I need to restart my running program.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

19 September 2014

TGIF! I can't even say it enough, I'm going to be glad when this day is over. Not that I'll get much relief, I'll still be busy, but tomorrow if I need to take a nap I can! :)

I'm going in to talk to my boss today about my interview on Monday. He's been out of the office since I found out about the interview. Well, he was in for a bit yesterday, but I was super busy so I just didn't have time. I made an appointment with him today so I make sure to talk to him. He's going to be sad, so I'm not looking forward to it, but I know he'll understand. I think some of the stress of the interview will be off my shoulders once he knows. After I talk to him I'm going to talk to my co-workers about it. I didn't want to tell them until my boss knows because I don't want him to hear about anything second hand and I know the word would spread quickly. I'm nervous for the interview Monday, but ready to just get it done.

I'm going to try to go for a run on Sunday or at least a long walk. I need it and I know I'll feel good if I push myself a little. Next week will be super busy Monday, and at work, but other than that I should be able to get exercise done in the evenings and that will be nice. I don't think I'm nearly as stressed when I get my workouts in. I'm also in a challenge to eat healthier and less processed foods, so let's see if I can make that happen too!

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!! :)

17 September 2014

Well my eating yesterday did not go as planned, I pretty much just snacked here and there until dinner, so I don't even know how to record it, but I'm sure I was over my RDI. Tonight after working late I'm going to go help my mom clean her house to get ready to put it on the market and help her get some garage sale stuff ready. That will be my activity for the day, and if the house looks like how we left it after the move there is a lot to do and I'll be plenty active. :)

I have an interview on Monday for the other job and I'm telling myself what's meant to be will be. I will make the decision if I get offered the job and I can't feel guilty if I do get it. I have at least 30 years of working ahead of me, so if I have an opportunity to get a higher paying job with more possibility for advancement I'd be silly not to take it. Yes, I am still justifying the new job to myself.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

16 September 2014

16 September 2014

I'm here today and I'm going to try to stay positive and keep my eating under control this week because I don't forsee a whole lot of exercise in my future (at least this week). We've got games, practices, I'm helping my mom clean her old house up and get things ready for her garage sale, I have to work late a couple of nights, homework with the kids, and just everything that a parent deals with on a daily basis. Everyone knows because you all have busy lives too. :) This week just seems busier than most, but it's one week and I'll get through it. It does make me feel good though that I'll be able to help my mom, because not only does she need help because my dad won't do it, but I'm sure she needs someone to talk to about some of the issues they've been having with the move and sometimes just getting it out helps your sanity. That's why I journal here. :)

I took the test for the other job yesterday and it wasn't what I was expecting. It was one of those that in the beginning they tell you that there are no trick questions, but then you start the test and they all seem to be trick questions or just hard to answer anyway. I have no clue how I did, but I figure if I don't pass or don't get an interview based on that, then it wasn't meant to be anyway. I like my job so I'm not too worried if I don't get the other one.

I suppose I'd better get to work. I hope everyone has a great day!!

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