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273.0 lb
Lost so far: 78.2 lb

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194.8 lb
Performance: losing 0.4 lb a week

Goal Weight
150.0 lb
Still to go: 44.8 lb
Hi I'm Sharon - I live in sunny California.

I reached 273 about 6 years ago (I'm writing this bio in 2016) and I initially did Atkins to lose 65lbs but regained TWICE as cheating days got closer and closer together.

The lowest I've ever reached was 208 and I have NEVER seen "one"derland in my entire adult life. I don't even remember what that's even like and being "small" even scares me some times.

I'm tired of the yo-yoing and denial. I can be a huge perfectionist and have a history of going hard core for a few months dropping weight like crazy but then I'll fall off the wagon because it's just not a sustainable lifestyle...I'm trying to find my "happy place" this time around so it will be sustainable and a life long habit. I am currently "going hard" to get back down to 208 - I was very very happy there...but what's most important this time around is maintaining my loss once I get there.

I'm currently going Atkins/keto style - keeping carbs at 20 and also trying to keep calories low as well.

I want to lose 20lbs by summer and 30lbs by October 2018 - wish me luck!

Good luck everyone and best wishes to you all :)

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Long Term Permannent success is Possible
spacey48 wrote:
Sharons Victory wrote:
Spacey you're awesome for remaining peaceful with these people's attitudes...I don't know if I could do as well lol.

you know I have seen disordered behaviour many times and I have worked with people with mental health and behavioural problems so it doesnt faze me in the slightest...LOL

as soon as someone starts focusing on things being so black and white and demonising certain things i.e.types of food etc to fit in with their world view you know they are coming from a skewed mental viewpoint.

the fact that someone can ONLY relate to food as Fuel and not see the pleasure in it is both SAD and slightly scary wow I mean really I'm not a freakin car that needs petrol to get from place to place im a human being that wants to enjoy the fruits of this world

FOOD and the celebration of fOOD is central to the cultures of so many people all over the world and I want to be a part of that.

what is nicer than going out with friends or family for dinner, discovering new dishes and flavours its one of life's pleasures

Part of my issue and what I feel has prevented me from long-term success is my unhealthy relationship with food. I understand where that angry person is coming from...I used to try and view food like that and I also resented hunger and eating and feared that I'm learning food isn't the enemy and I can enjoy it life feels so much happier
posted 15 Jul 2016, 15:45
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
Spacey you're awesome for remaining peaceful with these people's attitudes...I don't know if I could do as well lol.
posted 15 Jul 2016, 15:25
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
hahahaha YEAH - y'all sound "hangry" hahahahahaha
posted 15 Jul 2016, 15:09
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
Let's all encourage each other and not be hateful. Thank you again Spacey for your words of encouragement...I think the most important thing I gathered from your post is that this is a lifestyle change and MUST be sustainable.

I am a person that has food triggers and if I try to eat moderate amounts of sugar something in me "snaps" and I binge...but to each their own.

Her point was made...try to not deny yourself too much and enjoy eating because that's the only way you'll succeed long term.

For me, I have done Atkins for over 6 years and maintained and when I tried to go off of it because I was becoming bored, I gained a lot...but now I'm starting to add back in only fruit and I'm so happy and learning to not beat myself up if I have a bite of cupcake once in a great while...really having to learn that consistency matters more than perfection and I'm fully convinced that's the only way I can do this and finally maintain.
posted 15 Jul 2016, 14:42
Long Term Permannent success is Possible
thanks for posting this Smile I get so scared about working hard and then just gaining it all back and it's nice to hear there's hope to maintain Smile
posted 11 Jul 2016, 12:51
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