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Just about to hit tha big 4-0 and that really doesn't bother me because I don't look it, but, i want to reach it at a weight I am happy at. Somehow, in my mind if I can just do that, and not celebrate my birthday being overweight, then the following years will be fine, as opposed to me reaching it heavier than I want to. Guess that won't make a whole lot of sense to anyone but me.

I'm married to the greatest guy in the world, a hunky head-turner and I guess I am kind of wary of that too, always wondering what thinner, prettier girl is going to turn his head. Has a lot to do with my obsession I guess. Good thing is I know he loves me, and loves his son and the home we've made, if only I could get that through to my fat center!

We live in Houston, TX where I used to love life, but now dream of a lakeside home on some tropical island :). We have one son and a bevy of pets.

My interests include computers - and I think that has been to my detriment - it used to be dancing, which kept me in shape. Now I can sit here all day and night, and would be happy.

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Kind of a gross question, but...
I think that most people tend to think that (and therefore the haevy use of laxatives), but I remember reading somewhere that it is not so. WIll try to search for thh article and will post.

Speaking of which though, I saw an ad while at the mechanic's today for eomething called like Colon Ease or something like that which is purported to help with regularizing (is that a word?) both diarreah and constipation. Normally I think, 'ugh, another product' but it sounded like kind of the real thing and I meant to google it but I can't remember the exact name Smile.
posted 22 Mar 2010, 19:23
Blood pressure continues to drop
Good, no, Great Going!
posted 21 Mar 2010, 19:19
KetoStix (Ketosis) Question
Thanks shoeless, the more I hear, the more I think you're right. I visited the Atkins site today and while I guess the wording confused me or what I remembered of it 'you can eat up to 20 carbs" i thought that meant IF you want to, not you have to eat veggies on induction. Thought it was super-simple. No carbs/induction. Add carbs back slowly end of story, now I'm so confused. In any case I have hubby trying to find me what I've heard is the "right" copy of the book, the '2002' version.
posted 20 Mar 2010, 22:16
Lots of Questions in One Post
Hi Everyone!

First, a big all-around THANK YOU to everyone who has been so kind and giving with their experiences, knowledge, thoughts and suggestions! I have a few remaining nagging questions and thought I would post in one so as to not start several threads/topics.

1. Regarding Atkins, I am more confused now than when I started on March 4th. A few years ago I read the first book and could have sworn it mentioned 'up to' 20 carbs on induction, but I took it to mean "up to" meaning if you just HAD to have carbs not to go over 20. Yet on another board they tout a book written in 2002 and say that in both books it says you NEED to have veggies as long as they stay under 20 carbs, on the induction phase. I've never been a great fan of veggies, although I do like broccoli, but that said, do I HAVE to have veggies on induction or extended induction for this to work?

Next, high fat. Although believe me, that has never been a problem, I keep hearing that we must make this a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Again, I thought it was pretty much no carbs on induction and low carbs on maintenance (in a nutshell). What is the truth about this and do I now need to start watching my fat too?

Third … vitamin supplements. I’m pretty terrible about taking them. Can anyone recommend a good do-it-all vitamin supplement?

Water (biggest thing for me). Plastic water bottles a no-no, so are any good water filters within reasonable budget dollars? I don’t know why, but I seriously distrust my water supply and have this nagging feeling that even with a filter I still may be getting ‘yuck deposits’. Thoughts?

SLEEP. Another big one for me. How important is sleep in regard to proper weight control? My sleep patterns are terrible …and I have caught glimpses of articles and posts about it, but never wanted to delve too deeply into knowing I had to go to bed earlier – lol. Any first hand experiences with how true or not this is?

Sorry for the long post and thanks again everyone!!!
posted 20 Mar 2010, 13:20
Just cannot drink enough water
So, general consensus is a water filter and steel water bottles? Does anyone have those "water stop" places where they live, where you take a water bottle and fill it up? I have one a couple of miles away but have never tried it as I am unsure of how they filter it, etc., but each time I pass by I see people filling up there. Any thoughts?

P.S. mariahgem, I agree for the most part. In fact I try to get friends still into regular sodas to try diet ones, and think that the step-down method is better than no method at all, but that said, as much as I would LOVE a cold (oops shouldn't make it that appetizing Wink) Diet Pepsi which is the only kind of 'pop' I ever drank if I ever drank a pop at all, that would be a step back in that I do think it has hidden sugars. I tend to think the same way of CL, and just can't risk it. A long time ago my ex BF used to make me 'low-carb Margaritas' using Crystal Light. He'd put crushed ice, vodka (or rum or tequila depending on the CL flavor he was using) in a blender and - it was awesome. I may go back to CL when done with gettong rid of these last few nasty pounds which seem to not want to let go.
posted 20 Mar 2010, 12:52
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