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I LOVE my dogs, and they are with me every time I go walking or (try) running. This group is for anyone who also loves dogs and would like to reach a healthy weight with their doggies at their sides, especially if you live in Southern California!


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What Do You Do To Provide Fun For Your Dogs When You're Away At Work?
I put on a Book on Tape for my younger dog. Keeps him calm when I leave him in the house. Outside, he goes crazy no matter what toys or treats.
by ceciofal on 10 Jun 16 02:58 PM
New to the group
Hi, my name is Donna and I'm 51 years old and I have a Jack Russell named Koko and a cat named Lizzie. I'm looking to lose 30 lbs so all advice is welcomed.
by Donna pope on 23 Aug 15 06:17 PM
Jogging Partners
Tonka has definitely come around in the past month or so. He loves our jogs, and can go the distances.
by LoadGod on 06 Nov 13 03:27 PM
My boxer chews his feet
My dog, Sarge, chews his feet too...only the front and until they are raw. It's been on and off for over a year. The vet said it's most likely a little anxiety that turned into a habit. Sarge ...
by VeggieJunkie on 29 Aug 13 09:33 PM
Camping with your dogs
can you just put one of those expandable gates around your camping area? I have one of those (it is made up of separate light metal sections that fold up accordion style when not in use). I use to put ...
by JMA312 on 03 Aug 13 06:33 PM

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by Ashley clara
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Sarge enjoying the Fall sunshine...
by VeggieJunkie
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Sarge and Scrat Halloween
by VeggieJunkie
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Result of getting wrapped up in dogs' leashes while jogging.
by LoadGod
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buddies only
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