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Original Potato Chips (view info)
 24 chips

Cheese Balls (view info)
 33 pieces

Cubed Ham (view info)
 2 oz

Diced Potatoes (view info)
 2/3 cup

Creamy Potato Soup Mix (view info)
 1 cup prepared

Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage (view info)
 1 link

Pasta Sides - Butter & Herb (view info)
 1 cup prepared

Lean Gourmet Meatloaf (view info)
 1 package

Cheese Heads Chipotle Cheddar (view info)
 1 piece

Turkey Snack Sticks (view info)
 1 stick

Smoked Turkey Snack Sticks (view info)
 3 sticks

New Orleans Style Jambalaya Rice (view info)
 1 cup

Chocolate Assortment Miniatures (view info)
 5 pieces

Beef Ravioli (view info)
 1 cup

Potato, Spinach & Feta Pierogies (view info)
 3 pierogies

Popcorn Chicken (view info)
 10 pieces

Cheesy Rice & Chicken (view info)
 1 meal

Smoked Turkey Snack Sticks (view info)
 3 sticks

Cream of Chicken Cup-A-Soup (view info)
 1 envelope

Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (view info)
 3 oz