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Smooth & Creamy Yoghurt (view info)

Tasty Bar B Cubes (view info)

Lowfat Cheddar or Colby Cheese (view info)

Bread Pudding (view info)

Coleslaw (view info)

French Aioli Sauce (view info)

Turkish Bread Roll (view info)

Corned Beef (Lean Only Eaten) (view info)
 thin slice

Lo Carb Protein Mini Bar (view info)

Meatless Vegetable Burger or Patty (view info)

Natural Bircher Muesli (view info)

Cooked Broccoli (from Fresh) (view info)
 cup, fresh, cut stalks

Cooked Cauliflower (from Fresh) (view info)
 cup, pieces

Mashed Potato (from Fresh) (view info)

Chicken Drumstick Meat and Skin (Broilers or Fryers, Roasted, Cooked) (view info)
 drumstick, bone removed

Roasted Broiled or Baked Chicken Thigh (Skin Eaten) (view info)
 medium thigh

Potato French Fries (view info)
 10 strips

Steamed Dumpling (Filled with Meat Poultry or Seafood) (view info)

Chicken Wing Meat (Broilers or Fryers, Roasted, Cooked) (view info)
 wing, bone and skin removed

Thickened Cream (view info)