DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 18 March 2013

Pickles! I did it again. I got down to 152.0 and then.. I couldn't stop eating yesterday. BUT.. I'm pretty sure I burned off everything I ate. Maybe.. I still need to add it all into the JM site to see. The worst is I may have eaten 500-600 more than I burned off. Not too bad. I burned that much and then some the day before. So why do I keep doing this? I read a weightloss article that said to ask yourself why you're eating when you do this. So I tried...

Why was I eating Jamocha Almond Crunch ice cream at 1:30? Because little man woke up from his nap and I wasn't done with mine yet. I was sooooo freakin tired, upset even. 8 yr old said oh don't worry I will watch him for you.. then proceeded to piss him off so he was screaming. Hubby snored right though the whole thing. Soo.. little man and I devoured ice cream. All 800 calories worth. So I know why I ate the ice cream.. but it didn't stop me.

Then there was the oreos.... why did I eat the oreos? Because I was upset with myself for eating the ice cream. lol This is where I started lying to myself. Well.. I read an article about giving myself a spike day to break through platues. Only problem with this theory.. I'm not at a freakin platue. I still tried to sell myself this theory while I stuffed a mega stuffed oreo in my pie hole. Next was the popcorn.. if I can't stop stuffing my pie hole then I might as well stuff my pie hole with something low cal!

So.. I have now over analyzed every reason for why I was eating. It didn't stop me from eating though! I must have missed the other half of this article in the back of the magazine or something.

The thing is.. I screwed up. I own the fact that I screwed up. I'm human. Humans screw things up. But.. I'm back on track. Persistance is the key! And today? Today I'm gonna make myself proud. I'm already proud I sqeezed into some size 8 slacks last friday. Now I need to focus on that and not the fact that my thighs and butt look a lot bigger than I remember the last time I was in size 8's. Then again.. I was 16 at the time. I'm sure everything looked smaller then.
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Yeah we all have done it! I din't over due but yes I ate fried clams, yes I ate 2 oreos, yes I drank too much jack, yes I ate pasta... it is what it is and as we know it's not the bad days, it's how you choose to recover. You got this, I have NO DOUBT! 
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
We do all have those moments!! I had one yesterday too. Well...I was stressing and felt like I needed to shake up my system and decided to proceed to have some nachos....I did not eat them all and probably had about 15 chips (but that is 15 more than I would typically have). Then we went to outback that night and I had some bloomin onion, a little bit of rib and FRENCH FRIES....and to top it off I had some of DH dessert....about half of his dessert. It was so good and I did not feel guilty but I do sit here and wonder what damage I have done and how hard I am going to have to work to reverse it. 
18 Mar 13 by member: jaime30024
Yes - PICKLES! Enjoy your efforts in cleaning up your language! Now good luck with the food - the Oreos after Ice Cream act could have been taken right from my play book.  
18 Mar 13 by member: BuffyBear
LOL, "Pickles!!!" Now I have to figure out how to work that into a conversation today..... The good news is that you can always reset. Everyone has to fall down once in a while and Jamocha Almond Crunch actually sounds like a really good way to do it.  
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Btw... for future reference... next time we are out keep me away from the fried pickles lol!  
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
You guys have fried pickles out here?!?! Where?!?! OMG.. I used to get BBY chicken and fried pickles all the time. They had this amazing sweet honey mustard sauce for the chicken and fried veggies with fried pickle slices. I think I'm drooling just thinking about it.. Alot of help I am. lol 
18 Mar 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
OH crap! Yeah I know a few places with reeeeealllly good one lol! But I also have a recipe for baked ones that are good. Not the same but... 
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
You guys are killing me. Ice cream, Blooming Onions, French Fries, Oreos and now fried pickles. Throw in a cheesecake and put me out of my misery.. LOL 
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
ARGH, I've gained 10 lbs just READING this journal!! And now I'm starving! Excuse me a moment while I gnaw on this couch arm a bit... LOL 
18 Mar 13 by member: RavenSoul69
Rhodes - coming from the guy that ate a LUBE BURGER!!! lol! Raven - yup and I'm chomping gum! 
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
Thynes, I ordered that burger because you commented on how good it was. Thanks for your support :)~ 
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Cheesecake? Cheesecake sounds yummy!!! I found sugar free cheesecake pudding from jello that isn't too bad. I may have to make a bowl and shove my face in it tonight. I've never had a lube burger but it reminded me of the smells from jiffy lube. Cravings cured. Now I have motor oil drenched food images dancing through my head.  
18 Mar 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
Rhodes - and you loved it! But if you recall I said split ir or ditch the bun. I'm sure you did neither and ate the yummy fries too lol! DFW - I've had that pudding, it's ok. Nice job with the jiffy, promise I'll never take you to Quaker Steak or nothing you do will work lol! 
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
Thynes, can't you just take a little blame just to make me feel better? 
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Thynes, can't you just take a little blame just to make me feel better? 
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Hell no!!! I have to take enough blame for the things I do to myself, I think you got this one. 
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
When you put it that way. I will randomly pick another member from there and blame them.., LOL 
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Not DFW, she did her fair share.... hmmmm...  
18 Mar 13 by member: thynes
I want a jack daniels burger and hot cocoa now.  
18 Mar 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
I am not going to pick a member I know. Just some other person.  
18 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970


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