DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 20 March 2013

The calander said Spring. It did.. really bold letters. Spring. But yesterday was a snow day and today I tried walking around the building at work. I got to the next door and went back in! I think I took 20 steps outside before the wind and cold had me wondering what I was doing outside. The sun lied! It looked warm but it isn't.

Since I chickened out driving into work yesterday we ran errands instead when everything thawed out. I almost bought strawberry plants then hubby talked me out of it and said it was too soon. Last year they never turned into plants so he said I got them too late. How do you turn the brown dead looking rooty thing into plants? When do I buy them? The black thumb of garden death wants to know so she can buy more plants and kill them again this year.

I have BIG plans for this summer. BIG BIG BIG. I have a three tier planter in mind for strawberries. I have a raised veggie garden idea for in back of the barn. I can even get free horse manure that is a few years old and all composted and stuff to fill the beds! I just have to figure out how to get the pile to the box.. which is about 20 miles down the road. I bought a sun garden box. It has dead looking bulby things in it for the barn sign planter I made last fall. I just have to fill the planter with dirt.. right now it has an old tire in it to keep the wind from blowing it over. We look fancy right dar! I also have to figure out what bulb to plant where.... I'm guessing I do them in order of height? Tall ones in the middle, small ones in the front? In rows maybe? Geez.. I hope the bags of bulby dead things are marked! Poop on a stick if they aren't.

Diet is going wellish.. except for those oreos for breakfast when I was putting myself through a mental breakdown trying to decide if I should take off or not. I knew why I ate them! And they were Goooooood. So what did I learn? I'm a big flat lander wimpy pants who likes oreos. I really need to figure out what the next step of identify why you're eating and stop it thinga mabob theory. At least I stayed below the calories I burned by about 500 calories. Baby steps.. teeny tiny baby steps.

I'm in size 8s today. I went from 16s boarding 18s if I wasn't so stubborn and didn't have a pair of pliers to 8s! Granted.. they're stretch slacks and not jeans but.. THEY'RE 8S! In 2 more lbs I will have to take the I lost 30 lbs pictures and try to figure out where it came off.

EDIT: If anyone is interesting in the BodyMedia Calorie Counter thingy that you wear on your arm and it tells you how many calories you burned, steps taken, time of moderate exercise.. the time.. and the extra display has a light to entertain tiny human beings in the grocery store checkout aisle... they're 20% off right now with free shipping. They do have a monthly fee for the service though. Just sayin.. if you like people giving you a triple take trying to figure out whats on your arm.. now may be the time to go for it.
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Spring bulbs should be planted in the fall. If you want to put fall bulbs in, this is the best time, and they'll bloom this coming fall, but if you want spring flowers you'll have to buy the plants, or hold onto your bulbs until next fall, plant them, and then get spring flowers next year. Rows of bulbs, to me, don't look that good, they look best in clusters, but generally you want your smaller ones on the outer edge of the bed, garden or pot. TOTAL congrats on getting into your 8's! I'm still in my 12's in stretchy jeans and 16's or bigger in everything else, so I am sharing your joy vicariously! I'm tickled pink for you! 
20 Mar 13 by member: CollyMP
If your dead bulby things are summer flowering plants, you should get them into dirt right away and they should make you happy in a couple, maybe three months. Gardening class over! Sorry! LOL! 
20 Mar 13 by member: CollyMP
Congratulation on the size 8's. You worked hard and you deserve it! But now, all this talk about spring planting is driving me nuts - you are such a tease. And what I wouldn't give for free horse manure?  
20 Mar 13 by member: BuffyBear
LOL... Okay I am going to have to make reading your entries a portion of my daily comedy diet. You are a trip. "Poop on a stick" Now if I can get "Pickles" and "Poop on a stick" into a conversation....  
20 Mar 13 by member: Rhodes1970
Awe thanks Rhodes! You can help monitor when it's finally time for me to be fitted for my straight jacket. :) 
20 Mar 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
I bought strawberries one year and they didn't do much, but the next year I got pounds of strawberries from like a 3 foot by 3 foot patch, so watch the ones you planted last year and they may still turn up. I can't wait to plant my garden, just to get out and do something outside. I'm sick of this un-spring like weather too. Congrats on the 8's!! Good for you!! 
20 Mar 13 by member: mars2kids
Yes, strawberries remain dormant the first year you plant them. After that first year you can continue to get strawberries every year so don't tear them out just yet. I planted mine last year, and all through summer picked off the tiny berries that formed on the plants... doing that ensures bigger strawberries the next year. I can't wait!! Congrats on the 8's, that's a huge accomplishment!! 
20 Mar 13 by member: shadowx1110
I was checking out the fitbit at verizon when I was getting my new phone Sunday... But with the money spent on the phone I need to see if anyone buys the busted one first. Then maybe... so much to do before vacation so trying to be good or I'd get one! I wanna see the size 8s!! Had my 4s on yesterday :-) 
20 Mar 13 by member: thynes
Sounds like you do have big plans. I got my strawberries a month back, planted them a few weeks ago in big pots on my back poarch. Wondering if the would grow, they are showing little shoots out of the root blob! YEAH. I am in Atlanta... It is never too early for the strawberries, just throw them in the ground or in a pot, they will perk up when the time is right. I got the everbearing ones, I should have two crops, then there are the one timers... Have fun. 
20 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Enjoy your planting season..I do not have a green thumb either..Congrats on the size 8's..the lowest I can get is a size 10..LOL about the Oreo's..my weakness is any chocolate..Have a great evening...:O) 
20 Mar 13 by member: BHA
Well done on the size 8s. So proud. You so lost me after BIG, BIG, BIG. I read the entry twice and thought it was in a different language. Understood strawberries. Yum. Love you agri types. I never know what you're talking about but I know it's AMAZING! Bless you, girl and Bren, and Gwen and all of you. 
21 Mar 13 by member: Helewis


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