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28 September 2018

Breaking the 200 weight was the hardest the evening after supper I get so hungry...probably "stress eating". I am sticking to my low sodium diet very well, it is almost second nature to me now.

Still using the steel cut oats for breakfast with a half chopped apple in them and/or 1 oz of walnuts. The oats digest so slowly that they keep the blood sugar up and decrease your hunger. Maybe I should eat them for supper instead of breakfast.

Also making shakes out of ice, 2% milk and a frozen banana or having a salad for lunch with a fairly low cal, lower sodium dressing (Honey mustard) or eating an apple chipped with the dressing as a dip.

Went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and weighed 187 on their scale (fully dressed) Which pleased me no end. The weight loss is veryyyyyy slow but hopefully I will not regain the weight like I previously did.

The down side of weight loss is increased wrinkles in my face. LOL
Weigh-in: 195.0 lb lost so far: 23.0 lb still to go: 45.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) on diet LOWER SODIUM, LOWER CALORIE   losing 0.9 lb a week

13 August 2018

Went to an ice cream social with my living history group and danged if I didn't not only eat a lot, I ate salt in my food that others cooked, soooo gained acouple of pounds as well as blew up like a balloon with water, so ended up taking a lasix (water pill) plus have been "stress" eating in the evenings.

Well back on the wagon this morning...steel cut oats for breakfast with 1 tsp brown sugar, half cup milk, table spoon of raw sunflower seeds keeps the blood sugar up (and not hungry) till well after noon as the steel cut oats digest more slowly than rolled oats and they also have a crunchy texture that rolled oats do not, also oats are good for cholosterol.

I had a complete cardiac check up and sonograms of my carotid arteries last week, and my arteries are clear even though I have high cholestrol (genetic) and ECHO of my heart which was good so this old gal (71) is doing fine except I need to loose weight (more)

Heat is lessening this last couple of weeks, it has been rainy, and HOT'er'N-Hail! so can't be outside and walk more than I have to.

So back on the wagon

13 August 2018

Weigh-in: 201.0 lb lost so far: 17.0 lb still to go: 51.0 lb Diet followed poorly
   add comment on diet LOWER SODIUM, LOWER CALORIE   gaining 1.2 lb a week

28 July 2018

26 July 2018

Weigh-in: 198.0 lb lost so far: 20.0 lb still to go: 48.0 lb Diet followed poorly
   add comment on diet LOWER SODIUM, LOWER CALORIE   losing 0.5 lb a week

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