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04 July 2018

03 July 2018

Still stuck at 200, and am doing pretty well on the diet, still TEMPTED to eat after dinner but am eating fruit...50 more pounds seems like a million pounds so the temptation creeps in.

My house guests have been VISIBLY loosing weight and the one who took high blood pressure medication is now off her medicine and her blood pressure is low normal due to the low sodium diet. Two of my cousins are off their medications as well for blood pressure and are following the low sodium diet.

Wow!!!! One of the older cousins said "she doesn't know what she is talking about" but his wife made him follow it anyway and now he says "Guess she DID know what she is talking about."

When I first started on the low sodium diet several years ago, food tasted awful, but I kept on finding ways to make my favorite foods without sodium (Frontier Spices has many NO sodium spices but now I make my own up for Tacos, pork sausage etc) but now I can have just about anything I want except for a few things like cheese and processed meats. (I will eat a slice of pizza once in a blue moon and as long as I don';t do it 2 days in a row my feet doesn't swell or get edema)

I just have to keep in mind that I have to burn 3500 calories more than I take in to lose a pound and it isn't going to happen over night...just one mouthful at a time. As long as I can keep that thought in my mind as I look inside the fridge or the plate or bowl, I can do what it takes.

28 June 2018

Weigh-in: 200.0 lb lost so far: 18.0 lb still to go: 50.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet LOWER SODIUM, LOWER CALORIE   losing 0.8 lb a week

15 June 2018

Feeling pretty good today..keeping diet balanced with low calories. Helping two friends also to lose weight onn low sodium diet. One lady, quite heavy is eating the low cal diet, and low sodium and the swelling in her legs (edema) is GONE. She is visibly losing weight and her blood pressure is way down as well (low sodium diet) Her son went from 311 to 302 yesterday when he weighed at the doctors office.

As a registered nurse practitioner I worked with others in my medical practice on sensible weight loss. I went on the low sodium diet for my own health and now take NO blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is VERY good.

Over the last 3 years I have gained 32 pounds from what I call "stress eating" (carbs act as an antidepressant) because I was caring for my elderly mother. Now I am back on track to lose the weight and determined to do so.

One "trick" I use is the not keep TEMPTATION in the house...sweets etc. but keep fruit and other more healthy snacks.

There are more items in stores now that are labeled "NO SALT ADDED" and these include potato chips, taco chips, canned veggies, etc. so I use those and cook mostly from scratch.

I generally have for breakfast STEEL CUT OATS, with a bit of brown sugar, some chopped apple and a half cup of goat milk. The oats digest VERY slowly and you don't feel hungry for hours after breakfast.

I also sometimes use the no sugar added INSTANT BREAKFAST drinks to make a smoothie for a quick and low cal lunch with a banana.

For dinner I eat 4 ounces or less of meat and veggies or a soup (homemade) and 10 crackers with no salted tops. I also try to drink more water as well.

I'm starting to get a "waist" again with just the 18 pounds I have lost. I try to focus on the positive and encourage both myself and my friends who are with me in losing weight. I love fatsecret!

10 June 2018

Well, yesterday I cheated after supper, pigged out on granola and milk after supper. This morning I had two smoothies made from skimmed milk, a banana and a package of the LOW CAL INSTANT BREAKFASTS, about 150 cal each for the instant breakfasts and 75 each for the frozen bananas, so about 450 cals for total for breakfast and lunch, tonight we are having sausage gravy and biscuits for supper.

So for the next couple of days I will try to keep cal at about 1000 instead of 1200, but not long enough to make my body go into "starvation" mode, but will help me average out the excess calories I took in last evening.

Have done pretty well on my restarted diet, this is the first time I have fallen off the wagon.

Being an advanced practice registered nurse, I KNOW what I should do, but sometimes I "stress" eat (carbs are calming) but now it is just making myself do what I know is right.

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