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04 January 2018

Weigh-in: 161.4 lb lost so far: 38.6 lb still to go: 11.4 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (12 comments) gaining 0.6 lb a week

14 December 2017

Weigh-in: 159.6 lb lost so far: 40.4 lb still to go: 9.6 lb Diet followed N/A
   (4 comments) losing 1.4 lb a week

01 December 2017

Thanksgiving with the neighbors was good, but tremendously unsatisfying. It's funny how comfort is found in Tradition. The meal and atmosphere were, for me, as untraditional as it gets. This past week, I have found myself petulant and seeking comfort. English muffin, fig Newtons, and worst of all, a Chinese buffet with all kinds of breaded, sweet-sauced items. I'm not sorry. I feel some better, at least mentally. I still stuck with OMAD, though.
BUT, I have been paying for it. 4 days of constipation, fluid retention, inflammation, and wonky sleep patterns. And a full kilo over my upper limit for splurges.
My work schedule is crazybusy right now, as it always is during the Holiday season, so cooking for myself is pretty low on the priority list.
Not excuses, just stating the facts, and accepting the consequences.
So to deal with the belly blockage, I had a bulletproof coffee with a big squirt of high-test MCT oil. Folks who have been following me for a while may remember that that usually has a major purging effect on me. Since I was off work yesterday, I figured it would be an ideal time to 'clean out the pipes'. It *didn't*! Nothing happened, and the blockage was getting very uncomfortable! So, this morning, in spite of a packed schedule at work, I repeated the MCT treatment.
WHUPS! This time, it worked, in spades! Needless to say, I had to excuse myself from my clients numerous times during the day. :/
It appears, at 6 PM, that I am mostly cleaned out, and my gut feels a whole lot better.
To fill the comfort aspect of Thanksgiving, I'm going to get a couple of turkey thighs tomorrow, and make myself a nice, Keto Thanksgiving dinner in MY tradition. After fasting all day today, it should get me back on track nicely.
Soldier on, FS buddies! It's the Holidays, there are landmines everywhere, and we get to choose how to navigate them. However we decide, let it be conscious, intentional, and with no regrets.
Happy December!
Weigh-in: 162.2 lb lost so far: 37.8 lb still to go: 12.2 lb Diet followed poorly
   (8 comments) gaining 4.0 lb a week

26 November 2017

I'm tempted to not record a food diary tonight.
A dear friend stopped by (a feat, since she lives 1.5 hours away, and the post-Thanksgiving traffic made it over 2 hours!), and brought me a trove of homemade jams and treats.
I haven't laughed as much, or as hard, in at least a year. She is half my age, but we are peers. I performed her marriage ceremony, and am Godmother to her son, who was born on the auspicious date of 11/11/11.
After her gifts to me, I returned the favor by gifting her a pint jar of my home canned corned beef and a jar of apple compote.
I had to sample her was muscadine jam (a local sweet grape), and the other was hibiscus flower jam. Both were amazing, but SO high in sugar. :( I will be throwing the rest away, as sugar is the devil in my world.
Being reminded that I have numerous jars of corned beef from 2016, I decided to have corned beef and cabbage for supper. It was SO good, but I was on a sugar high from the jams, so I followed the healthy supper with fig Newtons. Yes, I will deal with swollen ankles for a few days, yes I will see a bump up on the scales, and yes, I will regret the indulgence.
And yet, I will appreciate the kindness of my friend, the sweet flavors of her gifts, and the sweet embrace of her friendship. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is a new beginning on my journey. Be kind, friends. Every day is a new beginning.
Love to you all,

24 November 2017

Not bad after a Thanksgiving feast! I stayed true to my plan to eat lots of things on plan, and only a taste of things not on plan. The ham was glazed, so there were a few extra sugars there, and there were ribs drenched in BBQ sauce. But all in all, I think I did pretty well.
The cornbread dressing I made was surprisingly good. I probably won't make it that way again, but it was a fun experiment, and the host said he hadn't had dressing like that since his Nana died. That was a huge compliment coming from a guy who doesn't throw compliments around!
There were no pies, and I successfully stayed away from the cookies the hostess made. I did, however indulge in one slice of cranberry sauce. Never had it with ham, and it was really good!
Now I have to try to figure out how to log everything...LOL!
I hope you're all successful this weekend.
Weigh-in: 158.2 lb lost so far: 41.8 lb still to go: 8.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (8 comments) gaining 1.2 lb a week

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