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weight training
Weight lifting can become aerobic but why do that, it service no purpose. If you are doing that exercise long enough for it to transition to aerobic then you need heavier weights or a change of routine.
So really you don’t want aerobic respiration to be a part of the process with some exceptions of course. Not that I believe that is your case.

So why do your muscle feel fatigue when doing anaerobic?
A) Not enough foul in the muscle “glucose”.
B) To much accumulation of metabolites “waste” in muscle
C) Both A & B

Of course cardiovascular endurance benefits weight lifting, cardio strengthens you heart, increase red blood cells, and a lot of other thing the directly and indirectly help with weight lifting.
Am not insinuating that you are lifting weight incorrectly, because I think you are doing it correctly.

posted 08 Jan 2015, 13:17
weight training
chadlius88 wrote:
I do not want to start an argument here corifeo, but #3 and #4 are completely false."
"Where are you getting that information from? #3: Muscles don't consume oxygen?"

Basic biology....

There are two forms of cellular respiration Aerobic respiration, a process that uses oxygen, and anaerobic respiration, a process that doesn't use oxygen, those are the two forms of cellular respiration

Oxygen is required in the process of turning carbohydrates and fat into energy for the muscles to use, that's why the act of lifting weights causes increased heart rate and labored breathing just the same as a short sprint would.

Oxygen is only use for aerobic respiration not for anaerobic respiration, don’t worry a lot of people do not know this.

No you are confusing both physiological events, any physical event that only last less the 2 minutes is more likely than not an anaerobic event.

#4 go pick up a 10 lb barbell and lazily curl it 10 times. No significant increase in heart rate, no increase in breathing labor. Now pick up a 65 lb. barbell and curl it until you reach muscle failure, and add in 2-3 rest pause reps. Your heart will be pounding and you'll be gasping for air. Try to tell anybody that the calorie burn is the same for either case, go ahead.

Source study:

Increase Hart rate does not equal increase labor when doing anaerobic respiration it just indicate increase presser.
Example someone seeing scary movie will have an increased heart rate, someone driving very fast will have an increased heart rate. Another one of them will have an increased calories expenditure

Am not trying to offend you just inform you, you should not use a Hart rate monitor for something it was not intended for. It’s only going to give you the wrong result.

This is not an argument only two people having a conversation my intention is not to offend but to facilitate.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Respiration

BAHR, R., VAAGE, O., & SEJERSTED, O. (198Cool. Anaerobic capacity determined by maximal accumulated O2 deficit..

Can Heart Rate Monitors Measure Calories When Weight Lifting?
posted 08 Jan 2015, 11:25
weight training
Going to try and help out here...

1) Its important for you to know what aerobic and anaerobic refer to the presence and lack of oxygen, respectively.

2) Heart rate monitor measure oxygen consumption indirectly by monitor your heart rate your body has at the moment.

3) Weight lifting is an anaerobic exercise you cannot measure it by using a HRM because your muscles are not consuming oxygen. Heart rate monitor where never made for anaerobic exercise but for aerobic exercise “running”.

4) When weight lifting, increases intensity does not increases calories burn. Increases heart rate when doing an anaerobic exercise does not equal increases calories burn.
When doing anaerobic exercise you heart rate server more the function of a pressure valve.

5) The after burn in anaerobic exercise is just 5-10% of the total calories you have burned when in exercises.

posted 08 Jan 2015, 08:43
Fantastic article
Disgracefully there are always going to be people out there that will repeat these superstitious things about weight loss. There is just too much money to be made.

posted 07 Jan 2015, 13:37
new here- the only vegan to gain weight
You’re not the only vegan to gain weight so don’t worry.
With a restrictive diet you're going to have to be more concern about things you eat.

Protein is good for hunger control “Tempeh Quinoa, Nuts, Chickpeas, black beans and lasttofu”

posted 06 Jan 2015, 08:38
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