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Hi all out there. My name is Michelle and I am a 33 year old mother of 2 and have a wonderful "Thin" husband who has the metabolism of a freight train. We are both 6'2" and he is perfect at 210 lbs. Me, on the other hand am the wife who loves to cook great food for my family. Grew up on a farm in the country and that's just what a woman did was feed her family GOOD! Problem- gained 100 lbs with 1st child and 27 more with our 2nd! Have NO willpower whatsoever and love to bake, eat and enjoy!! As of today, my sister and I are starting Kimkins togeather. I was doing the six week body makeover and "IT WORKED" I lost 10.6 lbs in about a week and a half but it was hard because I felt like I had no variety, the same thing everyday every meal. I am glad to have some kind of support, my husband tries but the "Just start jogging" thing is a bit misunderstood by someone who doesn't have a weight problem. This morning as I fixed my family wonderful cheese and chicken southwestern omlettes, I cracked me open 3 eggs, seperated them and added the yolks to my childrens and I cooked me up 3 egg whites and two fried chicken tenderloins (from Albertson's meat dept. - they have a wonderful meat and fish dept.) seasoned with a bit of Johnny's and had my coffee, black today (this is hard, I am a creamer finatic - LOVE the new Bluberry Cream creamer:-() But, I am bound and determined to live longer for my babies and wonderful husband! I love the recipes I have found searching around the site and am incorp. a bit of the low carb Atkin's into my meal planning and a bit of my six week body makeover suggestions. I think the way to be successful is following all of the rules and guidelines to learn to change our eatting habits not just try only one. We will see! I am definetly one that needs the support by others who know what I am talking about. Will see ya'll Monday with new weight in!! Success to all for now.

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cals: 171kcal | fat: 7.72g | carbs: 4.35g | prot: 20.06g
Taco Meatballs
These meatballs are also delicious cold.
cals: 242kcal | fat: 17.18g | carbs: 2.03g | prot: 18.97g
You won't miss the bread crumbs in these tasty meatballs.
cals: 304kcal | fat: 12.43g | carbs: 6.55g | prot: 40.16g
Cheesy Beef Bake
A quick toss-together and bake meal that's great for hungry families.
cals: 417kcal | fat: 17.84g | carbs: 2.23g | prot: 58.73g
Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops
Pork chops with a flavorful parmesan coating.
cals: 201kcal | fat: 11.68g | carbs: 20.46g | prot: 7.93g
Chocolate Cheesecake
Rich chocolate cheesecake that's really yummy.
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Meatloaf the whole family loved, even me!
I made the Meatball recipe submitted by LittleMamaMickey but I put the mixture in muffins pans like I usually make my meatloaf, the kids like it better in the muffin shapes and it is soooo much quicker cooking time. They all loved it and so did I. Even reheated leftovers and put mustard on for next day lunch - fabulous recipe and it was great it was a meal I could fix for not only me but everyone! If you fill your muffin pans 3/4 of the way with the meat mixture, bake for about 15 min and then drain excess grease, then for everyone else at my home they like a mixture of ketchup and brown sugar on top put back in oven for about 5 min and wala, done! Mine I put a bit of mustard on - zero carb condiments, love em! Thank you for the great recipe!Very Happy
posted 28 Jun 2007, 00:03
Where's all the pictures?
I know you are totally right. My problem is that when I look at that picture I do not see myself and never looked at myself that way. I just got absolutely depressed when I took it and asked my sister if that is what I really look like. I really did not see myself as so (well considered morbidly obese) big. You are right we are all here togeather and I just wrote one gal who had her after picture with her standing in one leg of her pants telling her what an inspiration she is. I will put that picture of me up. I am 6'2" and today weighed in at 336, but I am no different than anyone else who is here, we are all here to get healthier and makeover our bodies. You won, thanks for the insiration! Michelle
posted 13 Jun 2007, 13:22
Swelling and fluid intake
Every since I was pregnant with my first child I began to swell like a balloon. I always thought it was all due to my sodium intake. I began the 6 week body makeover where you are watching all of your sodium intake and cutting it all out but have recently began to incorporate Kimkins Diet also. With the 6 week body makeover I was drinking 100 oz. of H2O a day and with Kimkins I am still drinking like a fish, water that is - well Crystal Light and unsweetended Lemon Lipton - and have noticed that my flavor of choice on all of the foods I am eatting is Johnny's Seasoning Salt and just salt and pepper - and I have not swelled for some time now! I am beginning to think that it is an overall combination of things I was eatting and not JUST the sodium intake. I am still limiting the sodium and eatting all proteins at this beginning stage of Kimins but I evidentally am doing something right with this change in my eatting behavior. Hey, am not going to complain about the no swelling but have to say, I don't think it was totally just the sodium intake. Eatting healthier and less packaged foods and preservatives I really do feel is the trick, really where do all of the preservatives in Twinkies go when you eat them?!!! Ahhhhh!
posted 13 Jun 2007, 13:11
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