kingkeld's Journal, 16 May 2012

It's an early morning at the king's mansion - which is in reality a nice apartment.

It's 3:45,and I decided to get up and get on the bike. I couldn't sleep any more, but not because of stress. I feel pretty rested and what was really on my mind when I woke up was my bike calling. I think I felt bad about skipping it yesterday, but my legs really appreciated the break.

I did an early weigh in, and it seems I gained 500 grams since yesterday. That's okay. I've lost several kgs since Friday, so it had to even out a little sooner or later. I still hope to reach the 77's by Saturday morning, but of course I'm now a little further away from that goal. I'll simply keep doing what I'm doing.

Yesterday, I ended up having consumed a total of 1000 calories. It's still a little too low, but I feel that I eat what my body wants and needs, I simply don't eat the snacks that I no longer have an urge for. I don't really want to eat things that my body doesn't feel like, just to add calories. I try to add tiny things, like a slice of cheese with my breakfast, but I don't feel that I need it, and then I don't really want it. I have no urge. I try to listen to what my body tells me that I need to eat, and I will eat accordingly. The food is in no way different from what we normally eat, but I can tell that I'm a little more specific when Wife is asking me if I want something in particular for dinner. Before, I'd mostly let it be up to her, but now I often express a wish for something to be incorporated, like carrots, vegetables, chicken or something else. Nothing weird so far, which I guess means that we're eating fairly balanced already.

Yesterday's snacks amounted to a whopping 5 calories. I had a quarter of the jello ii have sitting in the fridge. I could have skipped it without a hitch, but I felt like something sweet and flavorful, and it fully did the trick. I had most of it, but didn't finish my little portion.

The McKenna show suggests that you make it a habit to leave some food on your plate when you eat. The point to this is to "cancel your membership with The Clean Plate Club". When we reprogram ourselves to have healthier eating habits, we need to NOT obsess about finishing out meals. We need to simply eat until we are flu or satisfied, not until we're out of food. This makes perfect sense to me. I thinks it's also a way to signal to our inner caveman that we have plenty of food, enough to throw some away, and that there is no need to hold on to those extra kgs.

The first days it was a little hard to of this, to be honest. However, I remember to do this by far the most of the time, and it's actually a good feeling doing it. It gives a feeling of accomplishment, that you're in control. It shows that you're in control of your food and that nobody else can dictate how much you eat. Use it to your advantage.

I gotta say that I really, truly enjoy having entered the more psychological journey losing weight. In many, probably most, ways I'm not doing anything different. I'm eating well and I'm exercising. I'm counting calories. However, this part of my new journey really gives me confidence that there is hope for permanent maintenance, without counting calories. Without self help groups like Fatsecret. The ultimate goal has to be to simply live a normal life, in control, doing things right. Right?

Don't worry, I'm not about to leave Fatsecret. I just think that sooner or later I'll be NOT counting calories obsessively, but simply having a firm grip on my food intake. Simply doing right. These last days, I've simply had the portions of food that I wanted, without regards to how many calories were in them. Then, to remain in control, I have added them to my food diary. So what I see in there since Friday is a true representation of my food intake without regards to calories. I'm thinking, that if I end at 1000 calories on average per day, it should not be too hard to stay under the 2700 that I'm supposedly allowed during maintenance. Then I can basically stop counting calories, do good on my food choices, and weigh myself on a regular basis to keep myself in check. I can then refcos on Fatsecret and people in my local area and start paying it forward in terms of weight loss support.

It's given me great pride through this journey to realize that I can actually make a difference for people. That I can help someone losing weight, when just two years ago I had not been able to accomplish this. It's been a completely life changing experience to discover this, lose the weight and get the enjoyment of doing this. I love it.

It's something that I see myself doing for all future.

Anyways, it's time to get going. I hear wife getting up, and I'm done on the bike for now. I managed 45 minutes. I'd do the last 15, but my legs are kindly asking me not to. I'll let them rest, go shower and get going on this wonderful Wednesday.

Today I'm thankful for :
- four day weekend coming up!
- getting up early to exercise.
- a great, positive outlook on things.
- a shower in a minute, then breakfast with Wife.

Indeed, life is good!
173.1 lb Lost so far: 168.7 lb.    Still to go: 0 lb.    Diet followed 100%.

Diet Calendar Entries for 16 May 2012:
1307 kcal Fat: 48.69g | Prot: 92.63g | Carb: 118.88g.   Breakfast: Egg, Gouda Cheese, Sliced Ham (Extra Lean), Rye Bread. Lunch: Pork Chop, Carrots, Onions, White Potatoes (Flesh and Skin), Egg. Dinner: chicken breast, White Rice (Long-Grain, Cooked), eggs, oil, soy sauce. more...
2954 kcal Activities & Exercise: Bicycling (slow) - 11/mph - 50 minutes, Standing - 1 hour, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 20 minutes, Sleeping - 7 hours and 10 minutes, Sitting - 7 hours and 10 minutes, Desk Work - 7 hours and 30 minutes. more...
on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 7.7 lb a week


I like your thinking King! Especially about giving up your card to the "clean plate club." Been working on that one myself. Another strategy that's been working for me is simply cooking smaller portions. I just make enough for me and my 2 young kids (they are toddlers and don't need much anyway) to fill our plates once. No going back for seconds if there are no seconds. And no nibbling on leftovers if there aren't any leftovers. It's better to eat "just enough" than having the temptation close by to eat "too much." I know you take leftovers to work sometimes, so that may not work in your household, but it sure seems to be working in mine. Have an awesome Wednesday!  
15 May 12 by member: MillaLite
I had a comment or question for each topic, but then reading on my thoughts shifted. I like the way you explain things. I think I've mastered the need to clean my plate, not sure. At breakfast and lunch I serve myself what I am going to eat. And eat it, no over servings, no leftovers. Dinner is difficult, since there is always more than enough to feed a fam of four seconds or more. lol Plus. I am a snacker, thats tough! but I've always been and its worked for me, I'll try the tapping! :) ...I don't want to get into you not eating enough calories, but I think its a fine line of thinking your body doesn't need it or want it. I think in maintainance it gets confusing, I joke that the way to maintain is to try to lose another 5 pounds. Its HARD. So I'd get confused as to adding the avocado or save the calories? Healthy good calories, or SAVE the calories. When we eat low cal for too long we start to hoard weight, right? I realized, when I let go and not stressed about the numbers anymore that I maintained WAY easier(as I explained in my journal). It was difficult. It required even more attention. There was a time too, that I never thought I'd stop counting cals. I did, I knew my portions size, I knew my serving and I listen to my body if I wanted seconds -like I said, I paid more attention. I think when you are ready you'll know. You are doing amazingly well, but again, I've been there were you just want to lose the friggin weight we just put back on! LOL! Its easy to make the wrong choice. I do like Paul Mckenna's advice, I'll try it. I just want you to focus on what calories your body really needs too. :)  
16 May 12 by member: cindyshine
I found yesterday that I was around 1050 kcal at the end of my day and I just decided to go to bed rather than snacking (I wasn't hungry). I find that being more "careful" with calories at breakfast and lunch has made all the difference in hitting my total daily calorie goal of 1200-1500/ day. Good for you, King! I love your posts! 
16 May 12 by member: Heidijoy
Cindyshine - I'm competely with you. Essentially, I don't NEED to lose anything any longer. I'm happy with my 78.5 kgs today (which, after another weigh-in after showering post bike-ride was only 78.3), but I FEEL better physically when I'm just a little bit lower. I can actually tell, that I'm a little heavier than I want to be. It's hard to explain. It's like my body has a unique comfort zone when I get under 77. At least, that's how it's felt the times I've been there. It might just be the pride of accomplishment, but to me right now it feels like it's where I want to be, permanently. So I strive for 77, and when I'm there I'll relax again. Finding the balance is definitely key. I think I have the tools for maintenance, also without counting calories. I just need to get a grip on them - they're brand new, and I'm still learning this part.  
16 May 12 by member: kingkeld
I like the - listen to your body and eat when it tells you it needs food. It really brought it home to me that, this is what I have been doing for the last 6 months or so. Not sure if this is a subliminal McKenna thing... Left from when used to listen to him.. As I have said before, I tend to record my food "after the event", mainly to make sure I am eating enough... Sometimes I have eaten much less than I realise, some times a little more - depends on how my body feels. It's a great tool..... our bodies, are much smarter at letting us know when it needs more, than we realise - but only if we tune in a listen. Glad you are getting on top of this snacking.... I was beginning to worry about you a bit :-) 
16 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
You have every reason to worry, Sk1nny. However, I do feel on top. I wanted snacks today, badly, but the tapping took care of it and I managed perfectly fine without them. Win! 
16 May 12 by member: kingkeld
was a little worried u were going to leave us.u would be is freeing to not have to think too hard about what and how much u should eat.i just KNOW what i should and shouldnt and its up to me.i am going to be eating like this and exercising for the rest of my more counting. 
16 May 12 by member: rockytu
Great stuff KingKeld.... I guess the trick is, to remember what to do to combat the eating and snacking and to keep it at the forefront of your mind. I imagine it is all too easy, to gradually start putting weight on again. It sneaks in there and before you know it, you are a stone heavier - then two etc, etc. 
16 May 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
I'm totally trying the tapping thing tonight if the snacking monster attacks like it did the last 2 nights.. Thanks, Keld and Pam! 
16 May 12 by member: erika2633
I can't wait to hear your experiences with the tapping. I'm still amazed that this works for me. It still doesn't make sense.  
16 May 12 by member: kingkeld
Then it ought to work for Erika! :D 
16 May 12 by member: DairyKing
Great work, man!! You're ever the inspiration that we can all meet/exceed our goal!! 
16 May 12 by member: ZippyDani
Thank you for this great post KingKeld! Inspired by you, I have really focused on calories in and out. My weight loss has been pretty slow and I used your diet calendar to get a reality check on where I should be calorie wise to make better progress. I also, just read this article in the New york Times: . The Body Weight Simulator linked in the article (and found here: is a very useful tool for figuring calories and weight loss over time. I check in with your journal each day to help myself stay focused. I so appreciate your commitment to "paying it forward" by sharing your experiences. I think you have a gift for coaching and inspiring. I was really struggling last week with cravings. I have used the McKenna technique you shared with tremendous success. Thanks a million times over. Have a fantastic day! 
17 May 12 by member: joyfulgirl
joyful - Happy to help! :) 
17 May 12 by member: kingkeld


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