kingkeld's Journal, 24 February 2014

Good morning!

Wow. I actually slept.

As a matter of fact, I slept a lot through yesterday too.

The band rehearsal was cancelled. I cancelled it, because I had absolutely zero energy. I had so many bad nights in a row, and I just couldn't muster up the will power to go. So we cancelled.

Instead, I took a complete off-day. I did absolutely nothing. Not even walks, workouts or biking. Nothing.

My fitbit says I had 4 active minutes in the day, and that is when I walked to a little store next door to buy dinner. That was literally all the exercise I did.


I made sure my food/calorie intake matched my (lack of) calorie burn. I came out of the day with a deficit of a couple of hundred calories. Not much, but better than nothing. I made no bad food choices, and I did well on all accounts.


We went to bed around 8:30 PM, and I slept all the way through to 7 AM. Still a LOT of restless sleep, but man can I tell a difference. I slept well, and I feel so much better today.


Yesterday, I was reading up on exercise. I was reading up on a lot of things, but something kept grinding my gears, and it still does.

It's about the cardo. It's about long time cardio sessions vs. HIIT.

I completely get it when some of the bloggers and "fitness experts" talk about wasting time on cadio.

This last week, I saw no real results from all my excess walking. All I got out of it was that I was physically drained, and hungry. The result of that was that I went into the candies a few times, and ended up with a weight gain.

Also, I spent a LOT of time doing a whole lot of walking, with really not much of a calorie burn impact.

And then yesterday, I had such an easy day. Sure, I only burnt 2200 calories according to Fitbit, but I only consumed 1900 calories, so there was still a fat loss. All my macros were met, and I couldn't be in a better spot. It was very very easy.

This made me ponder - again.

Is the many hours of walking worth it? When I do my daily walk, about an hour, I burn about 320 calories. Do I need that burn, or is it actually more of a benefit to just lower my intake by 300 calories and save the time and energy for other things?

Of course, there is the OTHER benefits from walking. I do get that. I have a heart that isn't doing exactly what it should be doing, and walking and exercise is good for it.

I'm not talking about NOT doing ANY cardio. I walk a lot already. I took over 110,000 steps last week - INCLUDING my lazy Sunday.

What would happen if I just go for 50,000? Or just wing it? Go when I can?

Wife and I don't own a car, so there will always be walking involved, and quite a bit of it.


Yesterday, my entire body was exhausted. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I was tired from not sleeping, and I was tired from excess walking.

I got out of bed with the best intentions of both walking and playing music, but I am really happy that I skipped it all. I feel like a completely different person today.


My conclusion, for right now at least, is that I don't need all that cardio. I don't need excessive walking. I have found myself walking quite a lot just to walk, just to up my calorie burn, just to do more, more, more, and I didn't like it. Not at all.

I like my morning walks. I like taking a nice, long walk, listening to my audio book, enjoying some alone time. I love that. But I don't love a forced walk to keep my calorie burn up to a certain level, just to create a deficit.

If this is the case, then I think it's much more beneficial to me to lower my intake for the day where I don't get to move as much.

It doesn't even have to be the same day. Everything I do is based on averages, and they even out over time.

The key to this is to not go so excessively high in calorie intake that it can't be caught up (which is what I've been doing, and thus gained weight) or so low in calorie burn that it becomes pointless, or impossible to reach my macros AND be in a calorie deficit at the same time.

I know what I'm doing here, I feel, and I think it makes a lot of sense.

I do so much walking, so much cardio this way, and it really isn't all that necessary if the rest of the cards are played right.


What I WILL do instead, is more HIIT. As much as it is TOUGH for me to do, I like the feel of it. I like the extra burn that it gives, and I like the feeling of accomplishment that I get from it.

In theory, I could do this every day that I don't do strength training.

I'm not sure I will, though. It is HARD work. Very, very hard.

I still can't believe that 6 tiny 30 second bursts can kill me like this. LOL. But boy, how they can kill me.

Doing it is fun though. It's a different thing to do, and it gets me out of the house, as I like to do them at the gym on the elliptical. This is where I feel that I get the most out of it.

Besides, I haven't really felt that I could bike a whole lot, because my legs have been so tired from all the walking. Maybe by walking less, I can shift some HIIT sessions to the bike at home. I did this a couple of times, and it was equally exhausting.

The thing that I could NOT do on the bike at home was the four minute cooldowns between the bursts, and this was simply because my legs were too tired.


Lots to ponder on today.


In a moment, I'm gonna go to the gym and do my workout. I'm really looking forward to it.

After that, I will probably do my walk.

See, it's not that I will completely skip my walks! :) I just don't want to do them "just to do them". I want to feel like doing them.

One thing that I really found as a valuable lesson from yesterday was to see my calorie burn for a lazy day. I don't think I will have days with much less movement than what I had yesterday. Like I said, I only had a tiny walk to a stor that is literally across the parking lot behind the apartments I live in. That was all.

Well, I came out of the day with a calorie burn of 2100. Not all that bad, I'd say.

So, technically, if I just stay at around this number for my food intake, all exercise would be extra burn, and this more fat loss.

This is great info for me.


If I stay passive all day, I can consume 2000 calories with no real danger of fat gain.

If I am more active, I can either have a larger fat loss, or consume more.

If I have more activity than my body fat can handle (and I risk losing muscle mass), then I need to eat some of the calories back it.

It's really pretty simple.


Anyways, it's time for gym, and a walk.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- A nice cup of coffee, while writing my journal.
- My buddies. Again, I really appreciate hearing from you guys. I haven't still gotten back to everyone that inbox me, but I'm working my way through it.

Have an awesome week! I will make this one the best in a while! In the words of Dee Snider: "Never Let The Bastards Bring You Down!". :)

Life is good!

After finishing my journal entry, I went to read a little in the community forum. I came across THIS post, and it really made me think.

I feel that confirms a lot of my thoughts on exercise, but it also (re)opened my eyes to something.

We don't need to be standing on an elliptical, or riding a bike, or taking hour long walks to exercise.

What we NEED to do is to generally be active. We NEED to not sit slouched in the couch for hours upon hours every day. We NEED to not spend 20 minutes finding that parking spot closest to the entry to the mall, but just park wherever and walk the rest of the way.

This is what I will be working harder on. General activity. I will have time for it, when I don't waste that time on cardio. Go figure. :)
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Morning Keld. I have been looking into this exercise thing as well. I also like walking, but agree, it becomes tedious when one becomes forced to do it for calorie burn. I have tried HITT as well last week. Wow, I agree with you. Those 30 secs when you push it are insane. I am trying to work up to 6 x 4 minute periods of cycling (on an exercise bike), where I keep my heart rate betweeen 125 - 139 beats per min (a good area for fat burning at my age, or so my research tells me), and then of course the 30 sec push inbetween each 4 minute stint. So far I am only doing half of this, so 3 x 4 minute cycles with 3 30 second flat out cycling on the hardest tension. It hurts... alot, but I can't say that I actually have enjoyed exercise more than this. I will keep trying it. 
24 Feb 14 by member: slacker36
easy for you to say, you don't have a car (*lol*) if you had one you would also ride around in circles just like the rest of us ... no just kdding. I really believe in HIIT! I also am a very strong believer of change! maud 
24 Feb 14 by member: puhpine
Glad you finally got some good rest and are feeling like yourself today! I agree that HIIT is best for cardiovascular but walking is still better for your heart and mind. All things in moderation. :) 
24 Feb 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Iama, I think we're agreeing. :) 
24 Feb 14 by member: kingkeld
I am sitting here nodding my head to all you are discovering. If you can walk an hour a day, that is awesome! Staying busy, moving about and doing productive things will not only help you physically, but mentally as well. The feeling of accomplishing tasks and finishing up projects is so rewarding. Getting rid of the clutter in your life and mind is even more rewarding. I agree. Exchange the insane walking you are doing with working around the house, the garden, and doing things you enjoy doing. All these things burn calories. Have a great day! 
24 Feb 14 by member: Mom2Boxers
I am a walker. Anyway I can get it. I began my journey with the weight loss walking on the treadmill. As a result, lost 40lbs. It can get boring I suppose, but I have my music to keep me occupied. Lots of gyms have TV's, so that would help pass the time. HIIT. I loved it, but on the advice of the cardiologist he said to continue with my standard walks. One thing I have done to increase the enjoyment of walking is to up the incline. Didn't think I could do it, but I gradually over time got it up to 8% at 3.50. With time hope to get it up to 12%.  
24 Feb 14 by member: ClassicRocker
classicrocker, i always hit the incline at lesast 2%, doesn't it feel like you are floating on air when you come off it (*lol*) 
24 Feb 14 by member: puhpine
The first time I got off the walker without lowering the incline almost took a fall. It does feel strange. I also lower it to the original position and continue walking and it feels like I'm walking downhill until I get used to it.  
24 Feb 14 by member: ClassicRocker
Hi Kingkeld. Been away for 2 weeks and just catching up on all my buddies. Thank god for sleep - feels wonderful when you can get it!!! I agree with the HIIT. I still do my long bike rides and long walks, but can tell the difference in my muscle tone more with HIIT. Nice chatting, and it's so nice to hear that you are well. Cheers 
24 Feb 14 by member: Lynn1958


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