kingkeld's Journal, 02 January 2014

Good morning!

So, we're done with the food related hangovers from New Year, right? :)

For me, it was much more this than the alcohol. I had a few glasses of wine, but nothing much.

The weight - and the body fat percentage - is still a tad up - today it's 10.9%, but nothing worth panicking over. It'll come down as I do good the next days.

I'm already busy compensating, nice and easy. It's no big stress at all, I'm just going by the numbers that my calculations dictate for me.

I do see that I'm taking a hit of quite some calories. The intake is nudged down to the lowest allowed for the day, and will probably be like that for a little while, at least until my average calorie burn comes up a bit. I'm working on that.

My calorie burn average for the week is now over 3000. That's where I want it to be. The 28 days average is lower still, around 2750. All I need to do it keep up my activity level, and it'll come back up.

Right now, it takes effort. When I go back to my regular routines, it'll be a LOT easier. I am generally active, but the holidays - and the surgery of course - has me inactive a lot more than usual.

Still, I'm fixing it.

It's quite a change from the experimantal 3300 calories I did a few weeks ago. Yesterday, my RDI was 2400. I did 2300 of them, but was actually supposed to do them all to not take a muscle hit. It's ok. I doubt that that will do any significant change.

Whenever I change the RDI, I ALWAYS make sure that I still get my protein and fat. The big change lies in the carb intake.

What I'm doing still seems very very easy. All I need to do is focus on real food and not sugars and it all comes together without a hitch.

Today is a good example. I have planned my lunch, my dinner, my snacks. I actually still have 700 calories to go. I'm debating 2nd lunch. LOL. Does that make me kind of a hobbit? Since I don't do breakfast, I can't do 2nd breakfast. I can do 2nd lunch though. Does that count? :D


My weigh-in today is VERY close to yesterday's weigh-in. I weigh the same, and all numbers are within half a percent. There is no change, and nothing interesting going on.

Of course, I'd like my body fat percentage to go under 10 again soon. It ruins my averages. :) It'll go down in a moment if I keep doing right. And do right I will. New Year was the exception to the rule.

Again, when I do right I have no problem.


On New Year's Eve, I know exactly what I did "wrong". I could have gone through the day easily, but I ended up taking a massive calorie hit.

Wife and I went to the candy store, and picked the candy ourselves. That's the big, stupid mistake. I don't regret it, it was a great day, but it was a dumb move no matter what.

What I need to do in a case like that is to go to a store with pre-packaged stuff instead of the candy stores here, where you pick and choose from containers and fill a bag. Those bags are evil and seem empty until you have WAY too much in there. LOL.

But if I can just NOT do that, I'm golden.


Today is free of events. I'm up early sending Wife off to work, then writing my journal, then out for a walk, then go to hang out at the gym a little, and then... who knows?

My main goal is to get to burn my 3000 calories, and stay within RDI for the day, which is 2398 calories. I can easily do that.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Knowing that I'm doing well and that I have control.
- The outlook to a great 2014.
- Wife.
- Morning Coffee.
- Avenged Sevenfold on Youtube. :)

Have a great day, buddies! Rock on!

Life is good!
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Keld, I think second lunch might mean you are a hobbit. The big question is do you have hair on your toes... then you are a hobbit :) Back on the straight and narrow today for me... had a few to many chocolates and sweets the last two days :) 
02 Jan 14 by member: slacker36
Thanks, Keld! Watching you closely to see how much of the IIFYM I can do... still SO scared to do all the calories (protein or not). Do you see how I am cowering back here while you go froward onto the battlefield? LOL 
02 Jan 14 by member: Draglist
Bill, it might LOOK like I'm just leaping forward into the fire. Who seas I'm not terrified? :) Look at it this way - what might go bad can easily be undone just by going back to what you used to do. Nothing we do when we experiment can go worse than a minor setback. Best case scenario, we learn something new and awesome. That's what has happened on 90% of my "stray from the beaten path"-adventures. When I went for 3300 calories daily, I was TERRIFIED. This time, the number is lower, and I have SO many other numbers to back it up. I'm a lot more comfortable with it, and I think I will at least do no damage.  
02 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
I remember you saying you spent the day in bed ... Apart from going to the shop to get candy... LOL... Bad move, laying around AND eating candy. Still, it's only once a year and you are experienced enough, to pull yourself up and compensate .-) 
02 Jan 14 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
02 Jan 14 by member: kingkeld
Since becoming pregnant this time I no longer like cookies, pie or ice cream. And ice cream used to be the food I could eat everyday. My husband and I were talking about this last night and he gave me a very dirty look when I said I hope never like them again either. I am okay without the struggle. The only thing I have to combat as far as sweets are harder to obtain ones like peanut brittle and peanut clusters. I think he is worried if I never like this stuff again I will never make it again. Lol! I don't see any problems with this though do you? 
02 Jan 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Knowing you Keld...your already over it...I look forward to you doing well and letting us know...I love reading your journals....Have a great day...:O) 
02 Jan 14 by member: BHA
Yep - we should be food-celebration free until Valentines day :-) 
02 Jan 14 by member: FullaBella
So glad you are keeping my interest in all of this going! 
02 Jan 14 by member: Neptunebch
Way to move forward Keld. I love your attitude and watching your successes and experiments. Have a great day! 
02 Jan 14 by member: Lynn1958


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