kingkeld's Journal, 28 August 2013

Good morning!


I think now is maybe just not the time to start focusing on cutting out processed sugars. LOL.

I did even worse yesterday than I did Monday. Ice cream. Chocolate. Not even protein bars. :/

They day started off pretty well, though. I did everything I was supposed to do, and nothing that I wasn't supposed to do, until I got home from work. I got the munchies, and it went straight to hell from there.

The end result was that went over my RDI by a couple of hundred calories, no real damage there as I am in a 500 calorie deficit to drop the last few kilos, but I'm up 200g.

The 200g might just as well be from simply eating a lot of food, weight wise. I had a large (and sane) dinner, and along with the treats it'll all weigh me down.


I think what happened was simply my body reacting to the lack of sugar.

Maybe I just went a little TOO cold turkey on things? I'm not sure if there is such a thing.

Still, I'm gonna try again today. I will do my best to at least do okay.

I will probably have a couple of protein shakes. I am pretty sure they have processed sugar, though not a whole lot. These are a very reasonable 165 calories for a drink with 26g of protein. I don't think it can get much lower, not even if I make it myself.

I have pork chops - breaded and fried in butter! - for lunch. It's all calculated, and it will help me get more protein in. It's all good. Besides, I do need to fairly large amount of calories.


I am SO tempted to lower my calorie intake for a couple of days. I am slightly annoyed that I am sitting at 84 kilos. I would prefer to be a little closer to 80, which is my new goal weight. It's been too long being this heavy and I would like to stop it.

At the same time, I have promised myself to not change a whole lot around for a couple of weeks to see how things settle. I am afraid that things will settle at 84 kilos, though. I don't want that.

So many things, so many factors, to consider.


Today, I don't have dinner planned yet. Wife and I were SO tired this morning, so we just didn't get to talk about anything, and didn't plan anything. I am in charge of shopping, so I will make sure we get something reasonable today.

I will also make sure to only buy what I'm supposed to. :)

If I want anything "bad" tonight, it'll be a protein bar. At least I get something "healthy" out of it for later use.


As I said, it was a rough morning. It was SO hard to get out of bed. Both Wife and I were so tired, like if something had been sitting on top of us all night. We were dragging our feet like it rarely happens.

I was supposed to go walk at 5:45AM to make it to the gym at 6:45AM and then be at work at 8AM.

However, as I started walking, I kinda felt like it was a good time to go hit the gym already. I sent a text to the girl who is opening this morning, and let her know that I'd be going in early and to expect me there. I was in the machines at 6:10, done at 6:40, out the door at 7, and at work at 8. Not bad for a lazy, sleepy morning.

...and the best thing: Now I feel GREAT! I feel energized, I am much happier and I am ready to take on the day! Awesome!

And then, as I walked the last couple of hundred meters to work, my Fitbit Flex vibrated, letting me know that I had hit my goal, my 10,000 steps mark.

So, today's stats so far looks like this:

A few hundred extra steps even snuck in there!

So, all in all a great morning, even if I had a slow start.


It's been a couple of rough weeks. I think this might also affect me when it comes to the sugars. I think I have committed to a few too many things. I didn't get ANY kind of break last weekend, and only last night and tonight will be days off this week.

I was gonna work all of Saturday, and play music Sunday. I'm so glad that I managed to arrange that I am NOT doing either.

Wife and I are going to visit friends on Friday, and we're gonna stay there until Saturday, where we will go to Copenhagen for a nice day out, just the two of us. It will be relaxing, but of course not a "be-at-home-and-not-be-moving-a-muscle"-day. I will do this Sunday. :)

I am SO looking forward to the weekend, and it'll be here before we know it.


Today is an easy day at work again. I still have some catching up that I want to do, and today is a great day to be doing it. I have a meeting out-of-house at 10AM, so I even get to take a little walk. Nice!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- The stubborn belief that I will do better today than yesterday.
- Morning Coffee.
- Getting going on a very tired morning.
- Wife.
- Having the key to the gym. :)
- Coworkers!

I have now planned my food for the day. I have deliberately made sure that my dinner will be very satisfying - BBQ Ribs and a baked potato. This could hopefully help me stay on track all day. Also, I went to the store and bought a mixed bag of fresh fruit for my office. This way I have a little over everything, with no significant amount of calories, if I want a snack. I also bought fruit for home. I think I'm settled.
If I end up in panic mode, I have a protein bar for tonight. That'll do just fine. :)
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Glad you feel more energized. I admire that you are still hanging in there, not doing some low cal days, waiting for things to settle down. I would be in panic mode for sure. But then you are in maintenance mode now, not weight loss mode, so it's a different mind set. Sounds like your day is planned out just fine. There is sugar in so many different things, in many different forms, so difficult to always suss it out. If you can get one good day under your belt, ie little to no sugar, you will feel better and can build on that. But you know all this :) Glad you got that work out in and that it made you feel better.  
28 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum
new avatar/pic. :) 
28 Aug 13 by member: sarahsmum
Sarahsmum, nobody said I am not in panic mode?!? LOL. There is indeed sugar in so many things. I think my initial approach to this is to basically limit the PROCESSED stuff, as I know I've been going way too high on these things. I basically want to nudge myself back to vegetables found in "whole form" at the supermarket, meats that aren't mixed with anything I can't pronounce, good ol' home cooked foods. Snacks should mainly be fruits. This will definitely limit the PROCESSED sugar. Sure, there is still sugar in fruits and there are carbs in things like potatoes, but I'm not aiming for low carb (not that you said that or anything, just sayin'), so this isn't really my focus. Focus is more to weed out the junk. The next thing is of course the protein bars. The once I have are reasonably good quality, so I am not too concerned about them - but obviously they WILL have processed sugar in them, as they come in "candy bar" form. Still, gotta have my protein for my training and general well-being. I can go more for protein shakes, but the bars are so damn convenient (and tasty to boot!). 
28 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Still haven't finished your last 3 journals but after I started my "off sugar week" I ate more sugar that I have in 6 months. sigh 
28 Aug 13 by member: Neptunebch
Keld, the dignified way you maintain control over what your body tells you it wants (even if strained at times) is always an inspiration to me! I come to read your journals to remember what it is all about. Thank you! 
28 Aug 13 by member: Rob.c.weiss
Neptunebch - that sounds familiar. It's weird, isn't it? :/ 
28 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Rob - It's often hard for me to see that it's a "dignified way I maintain control over what my body tells me it wants". LOL. I try my best though, and I think a constant attempt at least keeps some of the demons at bay. If I completely let go, I'd be a LOT worse off than I am these days, and I am very happy and thankful that I can find this restraint. The problem is that it doesn't always happen when I want it to, but most times it happens when I NEED it to. There are few days where I find myself deep in trouble, and there are few days where I find that it's a walk in the part. I'm usually finding myself somewhere inbetween - and that is probably where I SHOULD be. It doesn't have to be perfect, and that is something that I need to learn. Maybe that should be the next project. NOT being perfect. :) I appreciate your kind words.  
28 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
Once you get all the processed crap outa your system your pallet changes- you crave junk less and enjoy REAL food more! Its a long process and worth the effort in the long run! keep up the good fight! 
28 Aug 13 by member: sarahduke


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