kingkeld's Journal, 27 March 2013

Good morning! :)

Another night with plenty of sleep. Maybe this is becoming a habit? :) I sure wouldn't mind.

I wonder if this is related to me eating less? Would me being a little more exhausted at the end of the day be doing this?

It's not that I feel worn out or anything. I don't feel more tired, I don't feel that I have less energy at all. It's all good.

Today is my 4th day of 600 calories this round. Yesterday went without a hitch.

I had a slice of rye bread when I woke up, then went for a 5 kilometer walk - enjoying the most awesome (but cold) spring weather in years! - on my way to work.

At work I had a boiled egg for 2nd breakfast, and tomato soup (the pasta sauce from the day before) for lunch. Dinner was chicken soup. Super delish chicken soup.

The soup will be lunch today. It's nicely low in calories and this along with rye bread and egg like yesterday will make me able to have a good little pork chop for dinner - even at 600 cals a day. I'll be having it with carrots and green beans.


I now haven't had any kind of "bad" sugar (candy, chocolate, cake, etc.) for 10 days. I can't say I really miss it. The urge for chocolate pops up now and then, but at 600 calories per day there is CLEARLY no room for the bad stuff. It's not hard for me to resist at all, it's just a matter of manning up and not getting any of it.

The candies are still pouring in at work. All our work partners wants to treat us, and I appreciate that. I just don't touch it. I have a little pack of baby cucumbers at my work desk. Yesterday I had one. Full focus. :)


So, I'm down 1300 grams from the one kilo gain yesterday. Good progress. I am 300 grams over my lowest this time around, I hope to reach that one tomorrow. I think I can do that without any issues, unless of course fluctuations happen. I can't control those, but they don't really matter.

I see so many changes in my body these days. I can see me losing a LOT of fluid and fat. I can literally SEE that I am much skinnier than say, at week ago. It's wild.

That "skinny" feeling that I am talking about sometimes - it's back. I like that feeling a lot. I like the feeling that I have reached a goal, and that it how it makes me feel. Superb.

Still, going this low in calories day after day is not easy. It's a real challenge. Most of the time, goals are met because I plan things out meticuously, and this saves me. If I was to just wing it in any way, it would be next to impossible.

I am so tight on calories, that I see that just going over by 10 calories will sometimes save by butt. On occasion I do this, but not with more than just a tiny bit. I think the most that I have had was 650 cals. I still call that mission accomplished, hands down. :)


Today, my fat percentage is up a little, as expected when the weight goes down. Those two things are tied together.

Usually, when I gain a lot of weight from one day to the next (fluctuations), my fat percentage goes down significantly. This happened yesterday, reaching 5.8%. I still count these numbers. Sure, it's a fluctuation, but it's not a fluctuation I could have reached even two weeks ago, and it definitely show a progress - just like recording new lowest weigh-ins.

Some of the new lowest weigh-ins will obviously sometimes be due to low water in our bodies, but could we reach these lows when we started? Not a chance. So I record the lows every time, and consider them a new mark to beat.

So, today I am 86.5 kilos, fat% is 7.4. Not bad at all. Looking back just two days, I was 86.8 kilos, and my fat% was 10.6. That is a MASSIVE drop in fat on not even one pound weight difference. Not bad at all. :)


Today is an EASY day. I have NO interviews to do at work. I have one meeting, and that is essentially the gang getting together to wish everyone happy easter. Then we're off from work for five days. I can live with that.

Actually, to make the day feel a little shorter, I'm gonna bring a book on my tablet. I might have to dig into it to kill time.

I wish that I could just take a walk instead, but I am pretty sure bossman appreciates me staying on the premises. lol.

Of course, I have gym this morning. Daughter is on school break, so she is coming with me. AND my good friend, the one who visits me now and then and who had the gastric bypass, will be joining me. At least, so I think. Let's see if he gets his butt out of bed. If not, I will mock him and harrass him to make sure he'll be there friday! lol.

Actually, I have set up with him that we're gonna help each other through Easter without too much calorie/laziness damage.

We've agreed to to AT LEAST every other day at the gym, meeting when they open. Then afterwards, we're gonna go do that five kilometer walk to the beach and back. Of course, weather can get in the way, but the forecast hints that this shouldn't be an issue.

Those days where nothing much happens, and where we're just gonna be at home watching tv, I'm gonna break out the stationary bike. I think it misses me anyways. It's been neglected. It's just not that interesting to go on and on with the same thing any longer. I find it severely boring. But being on my mission, and this helping me to not just sit, I might be motivated to doing it.

If not, there are plenty of other activities around me.

I think my main scare is that I might want to snack throughout the days. I don't want to snack, and I don't want to end up feeling like a lion in a cage because I get restless and bored. This is my concern. I'll have to focus on my mission and tell myself that there is a point to me not having the goodies (or baddies, depending how one looks at it).

I'm glad I have already been detoxed from sugar already. Had I gone into this easter break with an Indulgence Day today, and having used it fully with sugars and all, then it would have been a lot more intimidating. A lot harder. But today I am not too scared of it. I think it'll be all good. I'm determined.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Going to the gym in 45!
- A good night's sleep again!
- Morning coffee!
- A good drop in weight! Next stop: NEW LOW (or so I hope).
- Focus!
- Last day at work before the break for Easter.

Have an awesome hump day! Life is good!
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I am sure the good sleep is related to low calories :) 
27 Mar 13 by member: Earthlady
Karen, are you experiencing the same? My great nights are (almost) worth the low calories alone. I don't want to end up starving myself long term though. Not even for sleep. But it definitely makes me consider a day or two like my "Rollercoaster diet", that I am working on. I hope to get moving on that next month. When I have reached my surgery goal, then this is next. :) 
27 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
I've never had real problems sleeping, Keld, but I think my sleep is more refreshing and I'm waking up way before the 6 a.m. alarm feeling ready for the day. 
27 Mar 13 by member: Earthlady
Amazing progress, Keld. Every time I get back to FS youve lost another 5 lbs. I'm not sure whether that's a statement about me or you, but it looks like you. I'm not away THAT much. Keep up the great work! 
27 Mar 13 by member: Helewis
Helewis, if I lose 5 lbs every time you check up on me, then PLEASE check up on me more often! LOL.  
27 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
Really doing well - love those baby cucumbers and so much better all around than forced chocolates :-) 
27 Mar 13 by member: FullaBella
That's so great that you're not missing the sweets and sugar! As far as the stationary bike goes - try switching things up a bit - do some higher speed "sprints" for 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off, etc.. then increase the resistance for a minute and then back it off.. Intervals like that should keep you interested - or just start gradually increasing the resistance to simulate a hill climb... stuff like that! :) 
27 Mar 13 by member: erika2633
That skinny feeling is amazing, isn't it? I just LOVE those days when it kicks in a little more :) Good luckw ith easter, it does pose quite the challenge being home for so many days. Difficult just like my weekends...but good that you are already off the sugars - you'll do just fine!!! 
27 Mar 13 by member: Bkeller1023
I'm gonna prep "emergency food" tonight for when I feel like eating something over easter. Doing it tonight so it's ready to go. A super low cal meal or two per day will help me making the rest of the meals and in between snacking (on fruits and vegetables) a l lot easier.  
27 Mar 13 by member: kingkeld
5 days for Easter is awesome. We get none. :( I am so happy for your success too! 
27 Mar 13 by member: Neptunebch
When food is around for a holiday, I don't allow myself to cheat. My motto is Just say NO to anything not on your plan. Maybe you can plan your snacks around what is around. If you feel like cheating, don't , if you plan your cheat then OK. Does that make sense LOL. Hope your buddy will go to the gym with you so you don't have to go in there and tickle him. haha.  
27 Mar 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Haha. Funny. 
28 Mar 13 by member: Helewis


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