kingkeld's Journal, 01 February 2013


Good morning, Fatsecret.

It seems like those kilos just INSIST on sitting on me.

I gained almost three kilos since I weighed in 6 days ago. Now, I know I didn't consume 21,000 calories more than I burned. I think I would have noticed those 14 pizzas passing my lips. Wouldn't I? :)

I choose to record the weight to stay accountable, but I am in no way happy to see that number again. I was hoping to see something starting with an "8".

Maybe it's still soy sauce from the Mongolian BBQ the other day? Maybe it's water? Maybe it's something else? MAybe I DID consume 21,000 extra calories? Honestly, it doesn't matter.

I'll keep truckin', I'll keep tracking my food, I'll keep weighing in.

I'm gonna go back to daily weigh-ins though. I don't like NOT being in charge. If I could have done something about the 93.3 kilo weigh-in earlier, I would have liked to have gotten the chance to do so. So daily weigh-in it is.

Today is all planned out. It's a good day, food wise. And a VERY interesting day at work.

You see, we get a new Boss Man today. Technically, my department has been without a leader since I came back from surgery this summer. We have only had the law specialists to lean on. NO actual leader. But today, our new boss starts. We're meeting him in an hour or so. I'm curious how he is. I hope he's reasonably likable, and that he'll seem like a person I can work with. Fingers crossed.

Until then, I am prepping some cases for next week. No interviews today! It's an easy day.

Wife is prepping breakfast for the entire company. I opted to help her get breads for it this morning, but it was at the cost of me going to the gym. I wasn't able to do both, and I really wanted her to have a little help, so I will go to the gym this afternoon sometime. I brought my gym clothes so I can straight after work. I'm mentally prepped for it, and I won't back down.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- Seeing what I weigh - though it wasn't the best of experiences.
- Morning coffee.
- Meeting our new boss. I'm curious.

Happy Friday! Life is good!

EDIT: So, we went for the "meet the boss-man" meeting. Boss man wasn't here - he hit a deer on the way to work and totaled his car. He's okay though, but of course a little shaken and needs to take care of transport and all that. So we'll hopefully meet him Monday.
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Oh it's probably just muscle from the gym workouts. 
01 Feb 13 by member: Cthulhu
lol... I'm fairly sure I didn't gain 3 kilos of muscle in a week. :) But it makes me wonder - HOW MUCH is actually a realistic muscle weight gain? 
01 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. 
01 Feb 13 by member: Baxie
IMO- work out 5 days a week, rest 2. work different muscle groups every day, alternate cardio w weights...and muscle takes up less space in your body, not more space on the scale... 
01 Feb 13 by member: sarahduke
Maybe this is where the tape measure becomes your best friend, not the scale? 
01 Feb 13 by member: Earthlady
Karen, the tape measure is maybe a good thing, but it doesn't change the fact that I should be around 80 kilos when I see the doctor/surgeon in april. :/ I'm not TOO frustrated, though. I'll make it. :) 
01 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Crazy news about your new boss...or maybe he's just having second thoughts! I look forward to Monday's journal! :) 
01 Feb 13 by member: psylina
OMG... What a thing to happen, on your first day at a new job. Glad he is ok (but only if he is nice LOL). Hope he got that deer and put it in his freezer LOL. Hope you get to the gym ok :-) 
01 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Oh my, what a terrible first day for your boss. AND he missed your DW's breakfast. How does the company get such a treat anyway? It's funny about the different ways to react to not seeing the loss you want. My answer is to look at the scale less whereas yours is to look at it more. Remember the days when we would shake it up when we thought our bodies had gotten used to our routine? We DID it, Keld so we KNOW what to do. Maybe a look back through journals and food diaries? Hope you have a great weekend. 
01 Feb 13 by member: Helewis
I sure hope its not carma that the new boss man hit a deer! If it was, maybe he'll be a good boss now:-) Deer meat is nice and lean. And, you won't gain muscle fast enough to weigh it. As you know, muscle weighs more than fat (in contrast to what someone said)... So, you as a solid mass of muscle (can you imatgine it!!) would weigh more than you as a solid mass of fat. I can imagine those washboards as I type LOL.  
01 Feb 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Another day Keld, another opportunity to shine!!! 
01 Feb 13 by member: madaboutmoose
At that stinks about the weight AND boss man! About the muscle mass, though I'm not the best person to speak of this, I'll share what i have read without sources because I don't remember them haha. The gains from starting a new workout routine are not so much muscle mass, but the water weight that your muscles hold on to. When you start working them, they retain extra water to aid in muscle repair, so its not uncommon to gain a few lbs from that. I don't know how long that lasts, but I recall reading something like a few weeks maybe? I'm not sure about men, but women if seriously dedicated to an intense weight training routine can maybe gain 1-2 pounds a month of muscle mass if they are lucky, that's it. That # was suprisingly low to me. Not sure about men, since you have more of the muscle building hormones, I know it'd be more, but how much more I don't know. Might want to read into it a bit! 
01 Feb 13 by member: Bkeller1023
Hi Keld, you are really focused aren't you! Good for you. Boss Man must have been nervous to meet all of you too and hit the poor deer. Glad he is okay! Have a great weekend. 
01 Feb 13 by member: Neptunebch


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