CalorieKiller's Journal, 22 January 2008

Hey guys. Today is my official weigh-in day and I think maybe I've lost point something of a pound but we'll see after my "last chance" workout. Today I'm going to talk to my counselor about getting jump started and back on track.

Lately, I'm stressed. I am really uncomfortable about what is going on with the economy right now. I am so nervous and I've watched my 401K lose almost $10K in the past month. China has about $1.3T invested in US Dollar but many suspect they're getting twitchy about the delcine of the dollar. Meanwhile, the spending continues. I read an article that basically states that the Chinese workers have basically been propping up Americans for years to live beyond our means, while they defer things like plumbing, roads, and heating improvements in their own country. They are living below their wealth and we are living beyond long can it last? I can't wait until we get a President who will actually care about balancing the books. We are heading for catastrophe and all my savings are in jeopardy! I AM STRESSED! GWB IS NOT HELPING MY DIET!

All this and global warming too? Does anyone else feel like we are just a bunch of sitting ducks????
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Point something of a point would be better than nothing, and a lot better than a gain (like I had this week)! Hope it goes OK today. Well, it seems your fed has taken a bit of a radical step with that interest cut today. Won't do the value of the dollar any good, but might help avoid a recession. Bold or foolish move?? We'll see. Now, try to stay calm and regain your focus. You're doing brilliantly, I know you can get back on track! :) 
22 Jan 08 by member: Lucybell33
Thanks LB. I agree about the husband predicted it and our broker argued saying it would never go down three quarters..maybe half a point. My husband won that argument. Fortuantely we don't need to cash out of anything so we can ride it out. But we also don't have a ton of liquid sitting around to invest which would have been nice. I lost .8, so almost a pound. I've adjusted my calories, lowering them to 1200 a day. And I'm trying to stay very active despite the ultra frigid outdoor temps around here. Ta Ta for now! 
23 Jan 08 by member: CalorieKiller
I know what you mean - I keep consoling myself with that thought that my contributions are buying at a cheaper and cheaper price as I watch the reduction in the unit price of my stocks pretty much wipe out the impact of each month's contribution... Well done on the loss; that's fanastic for an "off" week! Good luck with that 1200 a day limit - that sounds pretty tough, especially when it's so cold!! :) 
23 Jan 08 by member: Lucybell33


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