HerStrawberri's Journal, 09 November 2011

I'm sitting here thinking about the upcoming holidays. I'm making Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm a little worried about it. I'm so worried about gaining weight. At the same time, I don't want to worry about what i eat and go crazy with the food scale. I think I can make healhty choices and still enjoy myself. It's all about moderation, right? I've been experimenting with adding new foods into my eating plan. I will see I guess. It's NOT a big deal if i go up a few lbs...and I know this. I just keep having these nightmares that I weigh over 300 again. LOL.....yes, i do have nightmares about gaining weight. Obsess much???

I'm in a weird place right now. Not really sure why. I haven't been contributing to FS or really even MFP. The more I become involved in the sites, the more I realize how sad my life has become, in regards to having IRL friends. =(

I thought I made a new friend in my BIO class, but she keeps getting snappy with me. She tells me to shut up and stuff, and to be honest it hurts my feelings. I know this sounds terribly childish...and maybe it is.....but it is what it is. I think I'm prob just to sensitive. Like, she asked me about what I got on the last BIO test and I told her and was talking about she needed to do to study, as she hadn't taken the test yet, and she just flat out told me to shut up. maybe I was saying something wrong. IDK. Maybe I'm just a stupid girl and need to learn to speak up more and should have told her to NOT speak to me that way. I feel so out of it when it comes to social situations now. which is so freaking crazy because I used to be the life of the party. Funny and witty. now I'm this stupid lump of a girl that apparently can't even talk to people about test scores.


Like I said, I'm in a weird place. =(


You're going to do fine through Thanksgiving. It may help to do a little food research before hand so that you have a plan already in regard to what you can and probably should not eat. Prepare yourself for SUCCESS!!! You can do it! As far as the girl in class... you were trying to be helpful and she was straight up RUDE. Please don't let an insensitive person like that have an adverse affect on your sense of self-worth. That funny and witty young woman is still a part of who you are!!!! I hope you pass through this particular weird place very soon so you can get back to your happy place! My thoughts and prayers are with you! 
09 Nov 11 by member: Ayngel
Remember it's one meal. Eat a light protein packed breakfast. People don't get in trouble over one meal, it's the eating from Thanksgiving through New Years that's the problem, lol. Eat light the day before. Eat light the day after. Get in exercise. Go for a walk in the morning and again later in the day. You can do it and enjoy your day. 
09 Nov 11 by member: Suzi161
You think youre socially awkward? You could be like me. The first words out of my mouth would have been some exclaimation that wouldn't have been good at all. lol She was straight up rude and she's the one with the social issues not you. I totally get feeling alone though. It's so hard these days to make friends IRL. Seems like everyone is too busy or closed off to make friends anymore. So no there is nothing wrong with you. If I lived closer I would totally be your friend. As for thanksgiving.. think of it as a big experiment. There are plenty of healthy things you can make and love. New recipes you can try! I'm making a cranberry relish this year that I love and it's not unhealthy. It's a little gross and I'm the only one that loves it but oh well. A little orange peel never killed anyone.  
09 Nov 11 by member: liltatgirl
You'll be fine, as others have said just do your research on some healthy options for Thanksgiving foods and give them a try. I am doing Thanksgiving at my house this year and it will be the second time for me. Last year after cooking all day, I thought I'd pig out, but for one I was exhausted and for another I was so sick of looking at all of that food and smelling it that I didn't eat nearly as much as usual. Make sure you have containers and send leftovers and desserts home with other people so you aren't stuck with all of it. Also, don't worry about that girl as liltatgirl said, she's the one with the social issues. Who just tells a person to shut up? It's okay to be in a weird place sometimes, those weird places help us find out who we are. 
09 Nov 11 by member: mars2kids
awww Thanks so much everyone! I'm def going to research some healthier options for my dinner...no one needs to know they are 'healthy' versions. LOL. Liltatgirl~ It IS hard making new friends. Especially since I have basically closed myself off to everyone for the last 2 years. I'm trying though. I'm smiling at people in the halls and stuff. I sound like I'm in freakin high school. LOL.  
09 Nov 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I agree that girl was rude. Unless she was just kidding and you didn't realize it. Im worried about the holidays too. Im sure we all are. And I have a 5 day cruise coming up in December, so with Thanksgiving, the cruise and Christmas I am very worried. But as long as avoid alcohol I should be fine. It is ok to eat foods that are not great for you if you just watch your portions and don't eat them everyday. We are in this together!  
09 Nov 11 by member: serafano
So - for the holidays - you can decide what you want to eat. One day never made me over 300, and I'll bet it's the same with you!! And for IRL friends - it depends on the person. I have probably a couple of people I'd consider friends, and we might only see each other once a month... to be fair I have my hubby, and you have your GF. It's a significant relationship, and takes time and effort to maintain it. I've found that bitching about something that you mutually hate can bring two women close really fast! lol 
09 Nov 11 by member: BrandyRelaxing
I am also worried about Thanksgiving, I have two dinners to attend that weekend! I plan to try and stick to my diet during dinner as best as possible (which means turkey, veggies and cranberry as a fruit), but then plan to cheat with pie! I might put a little stuffing or potatoes on my plate, but I will avoid the bread (which will be hard). As everyone is saying, even if you gain a little bit, it's what you do the day after and the day after that that really matters...  
11 Nov 11 by member: HeatherKM
i totally agree Heather. I'm going to prob have a little potatoes or stuffing but mainly focus on the turkey and veggies. I'm going to also enjoy a little pie. I'm not going to deprive myself, because that will make me want something even more and i will eat a ton. Thank you so much for your comments everyone! We ARE in this together SERA!!!  
11 Nov 11 by member: HerStrawberri


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