Janelleas's Journal, 15 May 2016

My Story: My beloved husband died almost a year ago.. he was the love of my life. I still miss him. I didn't intentionally start a diet program, but being by myself now, I no longer cook what I call a "Man's meal". Being 5'2" I just can't eat the way a man eats.. It's more of a he was a big German Sheppard and I was a poodle.. a FAT poodle because I ate the same as he did. Now I eat proper portions, and I eat healthy foods. I have gone from a size 16 that was too tight, to a size 8 that is now starting to get too lose on me... maybe size 6 is coming along soon? I feel healthier and I can actually RUN!! I walk 5 miles a day... I am retired now and my birthday is just a few days away and I will be 69 yrs old. I think I'm following my families genetics' because no one thinks I'm that old. Runs in my family. I am feeling so much better about myself.
I am lonely, but I have some friends that try to keep me busy.
My advice to women is, don't eat like a man. You would not feed a poodle the same amount of food that you would give to a German Sheppard. think about it.

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Sorry about losing your husband - good luck. 
15 May 16 by member: HCB
So sorry for your loss. I understand the culture shock of cooking just for one person. I raised five kids and a few grandchildren and always cooked like an army was going to show up. Happy Birthday to You I am 70 and retired about three years ago. I was always on call and worked so many weird hours for 15 years, so I'm tickled to be able to stay home and enjoy my multitude of hobbies. Going from a 16 to an 8 is an amazing accomplishment. Be proud Honey. 
15 May 16 by member: RMSugarfoot
I'm so sorry about you losing your love...my heart breaks for you. But I am also so thankful to you for your words. My fiance outweighs me by over 100 lbs and when he is in town I cook for him. While I do eat smaller portions, it is still a lot of food that I wouldn't normally eat if it were just me. He loves lots of steak, ribs, potatoes, corn...I am more of a chicken, fish and veggie girl. So I get it. Thanks for the encouragement to eat for ME, the foods that I want, even when he is in town.  
15 May 16 by member: ImLaura
Yes sorry about your significant other a loss like that never goes away but now you have another family here at fat secret and we can be here for you . Good advice that you are giving out about eating... you sound like an incredible wonderful person and some one like that does not last long without a notice from other german shepperds. 
15 May 16 by member: fred4win
I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I remember you mentioning him in your posts. You always seemed to be so much in love and enjoying life. I am happy you are active and healthy and staying busy. Thanks for the advice. My man can eat, loves the sweets and is thin. I enjoy cooking for him but it tough with all those temptations right there. Happy Birthday. Keep in touch. 
16 May 16 by member: meonadiet
So true, my husband always thinks we should eat the same portions at meals. I tell him that I do very little physical work compared to him and men have different nutritional requirements. He feels bad if he thinks Im hungry so its up to me to not eat the same amount as him(fill up on veggies) because I can put it all away in my belly no problem and then boom out come the thighs and hips! 
16 May 16 by member: Lakeontario
Wise words.. 
21 May 16 by member: SassySister


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