Koreen's Journal, 04 March 2016

Wut Wut!!!
The other day, I finished the Master's Hammer and Chisel. I went from 137 pounds to 130.8. I'm down to 10.72% body fat. I worked that program HARD. I continued running almost every day. at around the 5 week mark, the scale stopped moving. I added in some Turbo Fire and Les Mils Combat to shock my body, and it worked. I already ate close to the plan that came with the program, just needed some tweaking. I'm so pleased with my results! I've already started Round 2!!!
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I feel like all of your twins know that Mommy means business.  
04 Mar 16 by member: kpwcalories
If only they did! Lol.  
04 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
04 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Great job! 
04 Mar 16 by member: warrenwinter
Wow. You are inspiring me, so thank you! 
04 Mar 16 by member: JoanneLM
Just read the reply to yesterdays question. You're an animal! 
05 Mar 16 by member: northernmusician
Very impressive!! Nice to see someone who really enjoys what cardio can do to help shape the body and shrink the fat. I know it's a pain, but it would be very cool and helpful if you could log just a few typical days of your current food and exercise, just curious on calories in/out and food choices, thnx!!  
05 Mar 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
Steven. I ran into a young woman in the Okanagan who was just getting into competing in natural body building. She was 4'10" tall and 120 pounds. She was eating 4700 calories a day. :O 
05 Mar 16 by member: northernmusician
Wow NM, she must be training hard!! I know two folks from our town, a couple, (145 & 168 pounds) who competed in the Ironman at Kona, they budgeted 7000 to 9500 cal for race day and trained at 4000 to 7000 cal/day. On a long, high effort ski day I think I'd only use +/- 5500. It isn't too surprising though as long, high effort training, no matter what type, should require body fuel. 
05 Mar 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
05 Mar 16 by member: John10251
Hey @Koreen, just looked over the Hammer & Chisel workout program, looks like a GREAT balanced approach...I'm presently doing more a "chiseled" program with light "hammering" as my current goal is to mainly to increase muscle endurance, not size or strength. Thanks for sharing your results, always good to learn new ways to better health and fitness!! 
05 Mar 16 by member: Steven Lloyd
Thanks everyone!!!! I use my fitness pal for logging, I'm very consistent with what I eat daily. 2 protein shakes (powder, cup of almond milk, cup of frozen fruit, one of them has 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds), for dinner: 1/2 cup quinoa or pinto beans, 4ish Oz of baked chicken, some sort of steamed or stir-fried veggie and like 3 cups of romaine lettuce with chopped egg and a drizzle of whatever dressing. Sometimes I add 1/4 cup of cheese to the salad, or melt it on the beans. Sometimes there's 2 Oz of avocado. I admit to stealing my kids' left over bread crust and goldfish crackers here and there. Red wine is almost always a staple, 300ish calories. I drink my coffee black, but once in a while have a latte with 4oz 2% milk, a splash of flavored creamer and 4oz of espresso. I eat between 1200 and 1500 calories a day. On days idgaf, I can eat 2700 to 3000, but those days are few and far between. For exercise, I like to burn 1000 a day. That's what I shoot for. I track with a jarv runbt hrm. I was using polar ft4, but it kept cutting out on me and I grew frustrated with it. I've been wearing a step tracker for about 4 years. Bodybugg and now fitbit charge hr. However, fit bit does not give an accurate calorie burn for anything but running, hence the chest strap hrm. I aim for 160k steps per week. I've mentioned my programs in my bio, but my favorites are Turbo Fire, Asylum and Max:30. I lived for running for years, insisting I didn't need anything else, til I tried a program with weight training. What a difference. You need all of it, cardio, weights. I will never diss running, as it is my first fitness love, but damn, it doesn't build muscle. And I'm not afraid to eat an entire bag of miniature peanut butter cups in a day. Aometimes, it's the only thing that gets me thru the day.... having 9000 kids, and all. Lol 
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
@Steven omg! Hammer and Chisel is amazing. It's so balanced with weights and cardio and works on balance and the core. The longest workout is like 42 mins, and goes by fast. I loved it so much, the day after I finished it, I started again. I followed the food plan, but it was really close to what I was already doing. I do have to admit, I cheat a lot when it comes to food. And I know abs are made in the kitchen and you can't out exercise a bad diet, but sometimes, I really want nachos. 
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
Ahhh - here is your nutrition plan! MFP for you. Thanks! I am older with much less muscle so I have to be strict with food to see fat loss. 
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Dang you're hardcore! Commendable achievement. :D 
05 Mar 16 by member: Bcoulal
BTW - are you using fat calipers to measure your bodyfat? Or one of those scales with the BF%? I have one of those scales, but I have my trainer use calipers every 60 days because it is more accurate for me. 
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Yes. Fat calipers. I have the fitbit scale, and set it on lean, or athletic, I'm not sure exactly how it's worded, and it says I'm 20%... I'm like, yeaaaah, that's not right. It doesn't know. How can it?! And I don't measure often. Just when I've finished a program that I've gone balls to the wall with. Last time I used it was about a year ago. I think I was 9.something%. I had joined a challenge on Facebook and REALLY worked and never cheated on the food part. When I did hammer and chisel, I indulged a few times.  
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
Fantastic! Very great work. 
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Thank you! 
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
Amazing, your profile pic and what you're doing....great job! 
05 Mar 16 by member: jmb3450


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