Koreen's Journal, 04 March 2016

updated my bio, since it's been 3 years!
on diet Koreen's own diet  

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Just read it. I can't believe you do what you're doing on the calories your logging. You are absolutely fine tuned. Since women naturally carry more fat then men, I'd have to get down to about 5% bf to match what you're doing. Yeah, that's not going to happen. I believe in my own fries when I binge. :D 
05 Mar 16 by member: northernmusician
Congrats! I'd say you accepted that doctor's challenge and surpassed it big time! 
05 Mar 16 by member: Draglist
I steal fries from the kids. Mom tax. And a few stolen fries here and there satisfy the craving, without feeling guilty. I rather binge on wine or margaritas.... oh wow, that sounds bad........  
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
Awesome - I sent you a buddy request. I am 60 years old and cannot do what you do - but my goals are build muscle, reduce bodyfat, build muscle! You could do BodyBuilding Shows with your physique - my trainer does "Natural" shows where the participants do no drugs to enhance their musculature. 
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Oh - it would be great if you started logging your current nutrition plan. I would bet lots of protein for muscle maintenance and complex carbs for the energy to workout two hours per day!  
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
HCB - I did a run down of what I eat in a comment to my last post. It's the same almost every day. I'll try to log here, my main fitness app is My Fitness Pal, but I can log here as well. I try to eat about 103 grams of protein a day, my carbs average about 130 grams, and fat... depends sometimes I eat avocados for days, so the fat is high, other times... it's very low. I don't necessarily fear fats, I just don't eat high fat foods often. I'm at about 1300 to 1500 calories a day. And my workout burns are about 1000 to 1300.  
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
Or you are a young with a super high metabolism - especially with muscle!!  
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
Impressive stuff, Koreen! I limit my foods to familiar favorites, too, it just makes meal planning a whole lot easier.  
05 Mar 16 by member: 1point21gigawatts
So so easy to eat the same thing. Chicken for daaaaays. I just change up the carb and veggie mix.  
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
I eat more pork than chicken, but like both. I keep a bone-in roasted pork shoulder in the fridge, it's my go-to protein most days, a couple of slices with hot sauce or soy sauce really kills hunger. I eat avocado almost daily, and some type of green; collard, turnip, mustard, spinach three or four times a week. Sardines are a new addition to my routine, but I've eaten three cans so far this week. Unbreaded (the only true way) hot wings are my favorite splurge, but even those stay within my macro counts and I haven't had any in about a month. Sticking with the same foods that I know work on my plan has made losing weight effortless. 
05 Mar 16 by member: 1point21gigawatts
I agree. And it's easy to shop and always know your grocery bill. I love avocados. And sweet potatoes. I must admit, last night I had ground beef hard shelled tacos. I haven't had those in YEARS, but we had left over meat because my kid wanted something else for dinner, and I didn't feel like waiting an hour to bake my chicken. .... it was so worth it.  
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen
I am sure you can burn off whatever you choose to eat with the metabolic muscle you carry and your exercise regimen! 
05 Mar 16 by member: HCB
I'm only really strict if I have a specific goal. Vacation, fb challenge, stuff like that. I know what I can get away with for what type of results I want. I think my basic eating plan is the way it is because I'm just not interested in anything else. (In other words, I'm too lazy to try and change it.) 
05 Mar 16 by member: Koreen


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