BuffyBear's Journal, 01 March 2016

ON BEING LAZY: The reason I have not been doing well lately is because I am lazy. There is no other way to put this.

Healthy meals do not magically appear. Menus must be made & shopping must be done. Time must be scheduled for longer prep and cooking times. And my butt must get out of bed earlier to pack something decent for lunch.

And I am the only one who can do anything about this.

Diet Calendar Entry for 01 March 2016:
1177 kcal Fat: 82.23g | Prot: 75.29g | Carb: 31.84g.   Breakfast: Coffee, Great Value Half & Half, Atkins Frozen Farmhouse-Style Sausage Scramble. Lunch: Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables, Newman's Own Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Kraft Natural Finely Shredded Cheddar Jack Mexican Style Shredded Cheese, Oscar Mayer Natural Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. Dinner: Butter, Zucchini (with Salt, Drained, Cooked, Boiled), Cooked Carrots (from Fresh), Cottage Cheese, Pork Chops (Top Loin, Boneless), Honey Mustard Dressing. Snacks/Other: Coffee, Land O'Lakes Traditional Half & Half. more...

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I think I have that too..... 
01 Mar 16 by member: foodfight-nomore
Tracy - I do not think of you as lazy!  
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
yep lazy is an epidemic.... I to would much rather sit and watch the idiot box with my hubby and kids! But I have seen that episode, or that movie or even that scene already so I will go count out carrots, or clean and cut celery or measure out the blue cheese dressing.... then go sit. Had to bargain with the cookies in the pantry, but I did prepare the stuff for 2 healthy meals so I won't run out for Wendy's on the corner! for doing all the right stuff I got a thin mint cookie. It is all in how you look at L A Z Y.... Let us All be zealous and Yen for our health! An acrostic poem for Lazy.... You are the only one, but you are not alone... we all struggle and stumble we all have moments, hours, days, weeks, months even when we fall off the path of better health. The important thing is you get up, dust yourself off and make your way back to where you want to be. Visualize it and then do it, and do it again, and then one more time. Do Not Stop. You will overcome, you will persevere, you WILL be Victorious! 
01 Mar 16 by member: wyolady
im pretty lazy my self LOL.. what pushes me tho is it would really make me feel bad if DH found out LOL .. so I put on a front and force myself to move my lazy ass everyday LOL I just reserve Sundays as my "do nothing day" . Its helps balance me out LOL .. hang in there . you will find your mojo soon.. sending you good vibes..  
01 Mar 16 by member: redgirl1974
I'm lazy too. I eat almost the same stuff everyday during the week.  
01 Mar 16 by member: jparlett
Wyolady - thanks for the encouragement. I like how you plan to sneak little tasks in. Keep up the good work. 
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
Redgirl - Good point (although I suspect my DH already knows - LOL).  
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
jparlett - There is no way you can convince me you are lazy!!! 
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
lol Redgirl I fully understand that feeling...I thought I was the only one! 
01 Mar 16 by member: foodfight-nomore
We all get a little demotivated from time to time, does not make us lazy - we are so hard on ourselves, cut yourself some slack:) refocus and try again. It's not our successes that define our character, it's our ability to pull ourselves back up after a perceived failure.....or something like that...lol 
01 Mar 16 by member: Tbaygirl
Motivation can be tricky. I skip lifting weights some days because I just can't be bothered, most days I go ahead and once you get started the forward momentum will make you question why you hesitated in the first place. Nike got it right; Just Do It! 
01 Mar 16 by member: 1point21gigawatts
Like Tbaygirl said, I don't believe a single one of us here is lazy. Sometimes it's tired, sometimes depressed, sometime just plain overwhelmed! Not to go all Pollyanna...but I sometimes have to look for a reason to get excited. Really WANTING to do something is 90% of the process for me.  
01 Mar 16 by member: Vickie 5966
Tbaygirl, phimck, & Vickie - Good points! And very much appreciated. 
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
I can't give you any advice because you and I both know what we need to do to get over the laziness. I love that poem Wyolady posted for you. Awesome! Here's my newest thing. You listened to me last year, and we both did well ... so, go and buy the book, "Always Hungry" by David Ludwig, MD, PhD. It is nothing we are not familiar with yet he gives us some structure and loads of motivation and tips and recipes. A new slant on an old, tried but true WOE. Even my old guru Dr. Michael Eades of Protein Power says to buy this book if starting on a new diet. Enough said ... check it out. We need to get out of our rut ... this might do it. 
01 Mar 16 by member: Mom2Boxers
I know for a fact that I am lazy. I make bad choices out of convenience and forgo exercise to have more time doing "fun" activities. It is very hard overcoming a lifetime of poor habits, but we're on FatSecret for a reason and that's a big step towards correcting behavior.  
01 Mar 16 by member: UltraAmbiguousID
Mom - Will check it out! 
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
UltraAmbiguous - "bad choices out of convenience" - well said! Best of luck in reaching your goals!  
01 Mar 16 by member: BuffyBear
It is definitely easier to keep on track if everything is easy to get to and the 'bad' stuff is not around to tempt you. Good luck. 
02 Mar 16 by member: Draglist


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