ChrisComedy's Journal, 30 December 2014

Going to a general practitioner today to get a referral to a neurologist. I am looking for a cause of my weakness that absolves me of my imagined sins. In other words, if I had just lifted one more weight, watched one less hour of tv...

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Will be with you in thought. No need to be so hard on yourself. You did what you thought was the best for yourself.  
30 Dec 14 by member: ClassicRocker
hope they can find a reason for you. then a plan to improve your strength.  
30 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I will be thinking of you today. Neurologist are the experts these kind of stuff. It may take time to find the answers, however you on the right path. My husband seen several specialist's to help in his daily pain management,he knows what it like to deal with 24/7 pain. And I know what it's like to live with someone who has that kind of pain and not be able to help. It sucks on both spectrum's.  
30 Dec 14 by member: Jones Jennifer
I might be dense. But what are your malaises exactly? You find you have lack of strength?  
30 Dec 14 by member: NowIunderstand
Yes, NowIunderstand. It's progressive. 
30 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
ok, Now I Understand! lol  
30 Dec 14 by member: NowIunderstand
If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said cancer or diabetes were much more likely because of family history. Neurological disorder would have been a far less likely candidate. 
30 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
Am hoping you obtained your referral to a specialist.  
30 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
Do you take a vitamin every day? Vitamins may help for lots of physical problems.  
30 Dec 14 by member: Deb_N
The Vitamin Myth: Why We Think We Need Supplements Nutrition experts contend that all we need is what's typically found in a routine diet. Industry representatives, backed by a fascinating history, argue that foods don't contain enough, and we need supplements. Fortunately, many excellent studies have now resolved the issue. - The Atlantic 
31 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
The experts always contradict themselves. For every expert that argues a point, you'll find another that argues against it, with seemingly equal valid points. And when it's not the case, views that are upheld for years and years are debunked years later. I think the best is to experiment and see what seems to work for you.  
31 Dec 14 by member: NowIunderstand
They do contradict all the time. If you ate a perfect diet all the time maybe you would get a perfect mix of vitamins and minerals. I feel better taking my multivitamin, I need the extra magnesium and calcium to control migraines and the calcium for osteoporosis, if I don't takes lots of D's in the winter I simply hibernate and want to sleep, I do not take d in the summer when I'm outside a lot.  
31 Dec 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I'm on a Banting diet (like Paleo, very low carbs, high fat). Have lost 11 kg's but after 4 months have develped random muscle twitching - could this be a side effect of teh diet due to magnesium deficiency/ lower salt) 
31 Dec 14 by member: Chrisray777
And any suggestions for magnesium supplements? 
31 Dec 14 by member: Chrisray777
Vitamins are a necessary part of my life. Taking mine on the direction of a naturopath after labs and looking at symptoms. When in the hospital and not able to take them, I felt a difference and felt better once I restarted them. So everyone is different. I think it depends on the individual.  
31 Dec 14 by member: ClassicRocker
I have been using a service that delivers customized supplements to my door based on a short health assessment. I love the service and feel great. 
31 Dec 14 by member: VNB1980
Chris I am on a ketogenic diet that recommends magnesium malate. This is the one that is suggested The FB page is Optimal Ketogenic Living if you are interested in more info on their suggestions for supplements. High protein moderate fat low carb. Have a happy New Year. 
31 Dec 14 by member: kpoll19
With three new studies finding that a daily multivitamin won't help boost the average American's health, the experts behind the research are urging people to abandon use of the supplements. - WebMD 
31 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy
Next month the studies will say that supplements cause cancer...A month later they will say that they prevent cancer. "Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin' "  
31 Dec 14 by member: chadlius88
Experts disagree. The scientific consensus changes. If you're waiting for that to happen with the cause of, say, scurvy, good luck with that. 
31 Dec 14 by member: ChrisComedy


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