kristyanne3's Journal, 28 July 2014

SO I hadn't been recording my food.. eating what I want when and if I want it. and I decided to put the last few days in to see where I am when I don't really watch and im below 1000 on most days (apparently) ... I bought some frozen fruit and have started making smoothies.. that will add a little bit, gonna try to have one at night instead on the small bowl of fruit I usually have. I was avoiding carbs but I can see that I should have a little... this healthy dieting thing is a lot of work!

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Tell me about it! But in the end it's worth it. If it was easy, everyone would do it right the first time. Lol! 
28 Jul 14 by member: Kathy Vanish
Chopping up the fruits and veggies takes time, especially if you are weighting them like me, but that's OK. Have a great night :-) 
28 Jul 14 by member: snezica
It is a lot of work!!! But the more time you spend on your health, the less time you'll spend in sickness, or at the hospital, or at the pharmacy. What's that saying, if you can't make time to exercise, you'll be sure to make time to be sick . And to be sick is costly, no fun, and just sucks big time.  
28 Jul 14 by member: NowIunderstand
Nowlunderstand Monique, you are so right. Since I lost weight, I don't even have to buy my pain meds for my headaches anymore. I still got some for just in case but it's great to just be healthy. 
28 Jul 14 by member: snezica
Nowlunderstand you are are very right! I never looked at it that way. it truly is easier for me to just go a day without eating than trying to balance whats healthy.. its a hard habit to break but im learning :) this morning I was down another pound and I shouldn't be. :(  
29 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
If you think you are down too far add a few more calories for the next couple of days and bring it up. I don't want to see :( faces. 1 pound here or there is not the end of the world. I fluctuate up to 5 pounds in a day. 
29 Jul 14 by member: Kathy Vanish
ive never attempted maintaining before and its REALLY hard. my problem is I stay dieting and just keep losing. I need to tell myself its ok to between two points and not freak out.. one side of my brain seems to be screaming at the other lol 
30 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
Did you set you RDI for maintaining? Just follow it and you'll see in a week, if you are gaining weight cut back 100 calories, if you are losing weight then add 100 cals more. It's a trial and error process. 
30 Jul 14 by member: snezica


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